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Attacking Women: Nam Tamizhar style


Imagine your wife is alone at home. It is dark. A bunch of goondas come and throw stones at the window. She is terrified. They damage the car and set the sofa on fire. You don’t know what  they will do next. This is what Parvati faced the other day in Chennai, when goondas belonging to Tamil director Seeman’s Nam Tamizhar group attacked their house when Jayaram was not there.

At this moment we should pause and say Jayaram is an insensitive idiot. When asked if he was attracted to his maid, he replied, “My maid is a dark, fat buffalo — like Tamil woman. How can I be attracted to her?”. Sure. It is not funny. It is insensitive, derogatory and highly offensive. Just think if this is what someone told about Parvati.

That said, we got a glimpse of what Nam Tamizhar stood for. Fight against derogatory comments against a woman by attacking a woman when her husband is not around. Classy stuff. We would have quoted some Thirukkural verse here if we knew Tamil. We have to appreciate the Tamil actor Thyagarajan who said that the attack on Jayaram’s house was wrong.

Jayaram has apologized, in fact he was very prolific at that. Karunanidhi has said forgive and forget. Now only if the somebody explained Nam Tamizhar what they were doing…


  1. Excited idiotic actions are nothing new to Indian men, leave aside Nam Tamizhar group. Both Jayaram and that group acted stupidly.

    I’m sure a bunch of idiotic malayalam film fans would have wreaked havoc had someone from the other side of any of Kerala’s border had described leading Malayalam heros(M&M+SureshG+Jayaram+Dileep) as “fat old buffalos”. What happened in Bangalore, when young educated men ragged women late in the night? Is that what youth in India stand for? OR are you going to say those Kannadiga youths are all like that? Grouping will never help.

    Mob mentality is not individual to some group. It’s there everywhere in India. That said, derogatory comments are not made by just one or the other. Tamil directors ridiculously portray Malayalee women in a derogatory manner. All Nair men are tea stall owners in Tamil films. On the other side, Mohanlal, who married a Tamilnadu woman and quoted himself as “son in law of Tamilnadu”, turns down Tamils in his films for claps.

    Problem is larger than what is written in this article. On a finishing note, I doubt that a mob would care if the man of the house was in there or not, if they wanted to carry through their intention. How many Indian men, including those that write these type of articles, watch and ignore all the injustice that happen to Indian women on the roads, in the buses, in the office?

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  3. I agree what Nam Thamizhar did was wrong, but what about Jayaram’s statement? That is something that gentlemen won’t make even in their sleep. I think there is enough grounds for both the maid and NT to sue Jayaram, had it not been for the apology. But then, apologies don’t reveal your true colours, impulsive statements do. Thanks to his heroics, now we know who Jayaram is for real.

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