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RIP: Gireesh Puthenchery


There is a song in Krishnagudiyil oru Pranayakalathu called Pinneyum Pinneyum aaro kinaavathu. Vidyasagar had set the tune and they were not able to get the proper lyrics. One day while Vidyasagar and Gireesh Puthenchery were walking in the evening and then the lines came to him. A song which we will never forget. We think he told this story in one episode of Idea Star Singer.

Here is an interview with him which we posted few years back

There would be no clear answer when someone is asked when he started growing moustache. Writing is similar. It was always a part of my life and I grew up in an environment which encouraged it. My mother knew Carnatic Music and father, Sanskrit. I was always an admirer of both music and poetry from afar. Naturally I wanted to be a writer and I perfected my art through rigorous practice.

Girish Puthenchery’s childhood was not easy. His father was paralyzed and the family fell into poverty. To get out of dark continent called Puthenchery to come into light took a lot of effort. That era was also different. Now if you have some talent, people are there to encourage you. It was not like that during my times. I worked as a associate script writer for Renjith, who has helped me a lot.

The man who wrote such beautiful songs is no more. Gireesh Puthenchery died at the age of 49 due to cererbal haemorrhage.Gireesh Puthenchery has won Kerala state award for best lyricist 7 times.

He said, he can die listening to a song in Abheri. Now he has gone away, but will remain immortal. Here are some of our favorite songs in no particular order.

What are your favourite Gireesh Puthenchery songs? Please post it in the comments section.


  1. Big loss, indeed. One of the best ever has gone.

  2. Can’t sink to the truth he is no more.All his lyrics are
    noteworthy.A BIG LOSS INDEED.

  3. Sad that he is no more, Sometimes GOD is also cruel.

  4. big lost for malayalam film music………..,

  5. We will miss this noted and well appreciated personality in malayalam cinema……

  6. he has gone…”tomorrow,to freshwoods and pastures new”…no compensation to this great loss..

  7. big loss no one in this world can replace such a great personality….very very bad to believe that he is gone from this world..but still he is there to spread his songs

  8. GIRISH SIR’s exceptional ability to summarize the range of HUMAN EMOTIONS in simple yet profoundly eloquent vErSe is perhaps the greatest reason for his enduring popularity. If yOu cannot find words to express how yOu feel about nAtUrE,lOvE,vEdAnTa,MuSiC,TrAdItIoN…., HE can speak for yOu. No LYRICIST in KERALA has penned more BELOVED VERSES….

  9. I love girish puthancherry

  10. The best malayalam lyricist is lost

  11. Iam a great fan of mr puthanchery

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