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FAQ : Drona 2010


After the release of Drona 2010 we were inundated with questions and comments about this movie, it’s name, it’s fate and what not. Hence we decided to publish a FAQ on Drona 2010.

Q: Many movies with the name Drona have been released. They have all flopped. So what did the producers and Director decided to do to break the jinx?
A: Add 2010 at the end of the movie name.

Q: How does that help if the movie is lame?
A: People will say, hey this movie has 2010 in the name and the year is 2010. That similarity is supposed to unlock some brain enzymes and make people flock to theatres.

Q: Any other marketing techniques?
A: Yes, release it in the middle of the week.

Q: How does all this help.
A: Numerologist says it will help and he probably charged  Rs. 2010 for this valuable info.

Q:Finally what happened?
A: The movie tanked after the first matinee.

Q:Any scientific explanation?
A: In reality, the phrase Drona 2010 had opposite effect for the viewers.  Protein kinase C (PKC) got released , an enzyme located inside brain cells, which may play a critical role in neuropsychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia, Tourette syndrome, movement disorders and dementia.

Q: So it does not matter Mammootty is there in the movie?
A: No.

Q: Does it matter that the script was bad?
A: Yes, but somehow the number 2010 was supposed to offset it.

Q: What should be the plan for the next A K Sajan/Shaji Kailas movie?
A: Find a luckier number than 2010.


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