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National awards and fireworks

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When Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s Oru Pennum Randanum got the Best Film award from Kerala State, T V Chandran was upset. You can read that saga here. At that time we proposed the following.

Both these two are great directors and it becomes a problem when both have movies together. To resolve this, we should change laws so that they alternate each year. When Adoor makes a movie, TV Chandran takes a break and vice versa. If they don’t listen, we think, whatever movie Vinayan makes that year should be given the best picture award. That should teach everyone a lesson.

We wrote that tongue-in-cheek. But such a situation has come. Both T V Chandran and Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s movies were candidates for this years National Awards and Shaji Karun was the chairman. Guess who won the award? You can check our comprehensive list of Malayalam award winners for 2009 National Awards.

And if you think with Adoor and TV Chandran not getting award, things are hunky dory, read this.

Anyways, Giving the award to Bala, Shaji said:

“Bala is unique in many ways. The way he changed Tamil cinema’s character was commendable. Awards are not just reflections on the cinematic qualities but also the ability to change other filmmakers’ thoughts and actions,” says top Malayalam director Shaji N Karun, who headed the 2008 National Awards panel.

Shaji, usually reticent, was effusive on Bala. “Tamil was always rich in literature and music,” he added. “But its cinema always mostly meant only for entertainment. There were many who tried for a change. Among the new generation of filmmakers, Bala leads the pack in bringing a change in Tamil cinema’s outlook and approach. He is trying hard to give a new thought to Tamil cinema. That is a remarkable achievement itself.”

But we are really pissed at Shaji for this statement: “Frankly, I never expected a film like Naan Kadavul from Tamil.” For this any Tamilian can say, we never expected a movie like Black Stallion from Malayalam.

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  1. Naan Kadavul was a great film. In fact it even opened me up to the philosophies of Adi Shankara. Even though Tamil cinema is known for its mainstream masala films, a lot of good films have been coming out as well.

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