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Review Roundup: Drona 2010

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No surprises here, Shaji Kailas’ recent track record is intact. Do the actors read script before they commit? comments:

They say, without a striking clincher, the spectacular build up simply isn’t worth much. Shaji Kailas’ Drona talks a lot about what is to take place, and much to our chagrin, not a thing happens.

It has to be accepted that Drona is one of the best attempts by Shaji Kailas in recent times. This is unlikely to work in the film’s favor though, because the last few of his cinematic outings have been anything but comparable. But the director who had flashed those sparks of brilliance some years back, and who had since disappeared into the shadows is out again in Drona. The film accentuates that all is not lost and the man still has got it in him. comments:

When a film’s title is chosen based on some weird superstition; what more can we say about it? It is believed that the makers of the Malayalam film Drona 2010 added the numerals to the title because a film with the same name had failed in other languages.

The movie directed by Shaji Kailas, written by Sajan A K and starring Mammootty, is supposed to be a spook fest but is anything but.

As for the story, it is about two wealthy families involved in a feud for generations. One side is always trying to get even all the time but fails. You get a sense of déjà vu as you have seen at least half a dozen films with the same premise every year.

IndiaGlitz reviews:

Even after an array of flops, it seems that director Shaji Kailas has not yet figured that style and substance alone cannot make a good, commercial potboiler. What essentially needed is a promising story that can make the viewers sing-to its tunes and wonder at its narratives. Shaji’s latest product ‘Drona 2010’ also seems to a confused product, which hardly will appeal too much of the masses.

The highlight of the movie is definitely its lead star Mammootty, this time in twin roles as the young Kunjunni and his brother Pattazhy Madhavan. Kunjunni, the younger Mammootty is basically an atheist who lives a flamboyant life. Not believing much in the stories about the ghosts in Nelloore Mana, he comes up to buy the ancestral house. But inside the Mana he gets the real taste of the unusual and even after a tough fight to escape, he fails. And now arrives Patatzhi Madhavan, his elder brother who lives like a sanyasi, to clear off the mystery that is surrounding the house of horror. He succeeds in driving out the screaming ghost from the house but there was much more which intrigued him and make him realise that the whole revenge story happening there is dated back to generations.

One Comment

  1. Just done with this torture. Shaji Kailas has lost it,completely.
    Was Kaniha paid much more than her usual rates? Why else did she act ,act and overact in every scene?

    Some guy selling wigs have made a killing. Too many ill fitting wigs.
    What was that ugly song in between? What a misfit. Plus,why that show of Shakeela-esque ‘tyre’? Like, WHY?

    This is yet another mash-up of similar movies. An attempt at horror?, you kidding me Shaji Kailas.

    Mammootty blurting out 100 words non-stop with much Sanskrit in it not just intimidates the viewer but reminds of those more-than-life Lalettan movies.

    Saving grace is the younger Mammootty’s humor laced dialogues in the beginning and Suraj Venjaramood’s attempts at humor. (I am *not* a fan of Suraj, but with nothing else worth mentioning in Drona2010, I have to say Suraj was good)
    Oh ya, people were levitating to glory during every stunt scene. Konjam gravity is there Shaji sir. Don’t forget.

    Shaji Kailas, you have completely lost it. Good luck with your non cinema ventures(I seriously hope you stop making movies and do something else).

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