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Review roundup: Bodyguard


Fazil is known as minimum guarantee director, even if you ignore atrocities like the one he made with his son. Then he wrote a movie for Dileep and even the mice and cat went into hiding. Lal Jose has given blockbusters like Meesha Madhavan with Dileep, then he made Mulla. Siddique similarly is the man with the golden touch. He never had a flop in his life. Then he wrote a movie for Dileep. Even though the movie is terrible according to the reviewers, Siddique’s magic is working both in Malayalam market and the remake market.

NowRunning writes

It’s quite early in the year and the turkey has gobbled. Siddiq’s Bodyguard is bafflingly boring and could best be enjoyed with a blindfold on. Keep a real sturdy bullet proof vest with special trauma pads tucked in handy to confront the several misfires that this Bodyguard lets off.

According to Rediff

Dileep too seems to be lost after the initial burst of energy. His characterisation is half baked and though he tries hard, we’re just not interested. Nayanthara’s famed comeback to Malayalam films is lacklustre. Agreed, she looks chic but the supposed meaty part she had conjured up is not happening. The script leaves no scope for any of the other actors to get noticed.

IndiaGlitz says

Bodyguard is the hit machine Siddhique’s ninth go into the Mollywood Box Office and this time too, he doesn’t falter much in creating a good drama. Though in a not much inspiring storylines, he had managed to shape it as a decent entertainer, which may click with the masses, if promoted with grandeur


  1. It’s high time we rated reviewers. Instead of taking a balanced stand for an above average movie, they just give poor ratings. Indiaglitz and Sify reviews usually reflect(or predict?) the boxoffice results, while Nowrunning and Rediff appear to be very biased.

  2. The movie definitely was more than watchable.It was Dileep’s one of the best roles in the past 5 years or so.The first half hour of the movie was not that great but from there on it takes off well enough.This film may not be among Siddique’s best best isn’t that bad either.It is for the first time i think that actress Nayan Tara gets a role where she could act.And she has done justice to her role too.As for the cons the comedy of the movie isn’t that great when you compare it to the directors past classics(Godfather,Hitler,In Hariharnagar etc).

  3. The guy at nowrunning is now running to grab the latest vocabulary book, so that he can read it in theatres instead of watching movie. And in Paresh’s reviews of rediff, you will C only PaaLichaas.

  4. Its high time we rated brains of fans as well. A balanced stand for an above average film? Has the man who has posted the comment above actually seen this stupid film? I am sure he hasn’t or else he would not even have dared to come up with an idiotic comment as this.

    Indiaglitz and Sify reflect Box office results? What is this man even talking about? Reviewing is not about predicting what is going to happen at the box office. If somebody writes according to the box office chances of the film, disregarding the actual quality of the film, that is what is called BIASED. Not the other way round.

    Nowrunning and Rediff call a spade a spade. While the other two just write according to the fans’ whims and fancies.

  5. The reviews at NowRunning are much better than most of the other reviews posted around. They are balanced and well written.

  6. The NowRunning reviewer appears sincere. Others are like paid reviews. Part of Producer’s advertisement campaign.

  7. It is very unfair to blame the reviewers, especially for a film like ‘Bodyguard’. It has become a fashion to blame the reviewers if their views happen to question those of these so called fan bases. Every time Raja Sen posts a review on Rediff, this happens.

    Personally, I read the reviews at nowrunning and I think they offer the best reviews that are impartial. There is no chamchagiri at all in the reviews on that site.

  8. Body Guard is not a bad movie at all. There are some good jokes, but it lacks a good climax.

    I think, the poor performance of this film was due to the long-delay in its making, the same thing was happened to Johny Sagarika’s earlier movie, ‘Mouse and Cat’ (directed by Fazil). As ‘Mouse and Cat’, this film also is an entertainer till the interval, but lags after that. The reason for the delay may be the date-clashes or somewhat else. Normally, Fazil and Sidheeque are famous for making a film within two months. Sidheeque has utilized the value of Nayanthara at a maximum for the film, which Fazil couldn’t do with the newcomer, Ashwathy (she is more gorgeous than Nayanthara) last year. The producer has given good marketing for this film (Mouse N Cat ad was published on the newspapers only on the releasing day, and there were no promotions on TV and railway stations even after its release, and no wall posters were affixed on streets for that film. Body Guard is lucky in its marketing side).

    Anyway, Johny Sagarika should learn some production and marketing techniques from these two experiments.

  9. no..nowrunning reviews are very biased to certain actors…for example they rate lacklusture perfomance of prithvi in kangaroo and oneway ticket as above average…they r grossly biassed …. and i felt bodyguard as an above average movie definitely better than he above two….but they get more ratings …….

  10. Nowrunning is certainly hundered times better than Sify and Indiaglitz. They just sing support to the stars and do nothing else. Whereas Nowrunning gives a more accurate analysis of the film.

  11. Worth watching and a good movie.
    Keep it up Siddique.

  12. Bodyguard is a worthwatching movie. Though the initial half is boring with under rated comedies and poor performance by the comedians which was never expected in a Siddique movie, the second half takes off well enough with a good love story.Also Nayantara finally got a chance to perform on her acting skills and she fairly did it well and of course in the second half her character drives the movie.There was nothing new from Dileep and the script did not give any importance to other characters.

    The film is not that bad and there are some good moments in the second half where we can feel the love they tried to explain.The climax was fine and avoided any dramatic scenes.

    Its a one time watch..!!!

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