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  1. VC,
    A place holder? Or am I missing something?

  2. It is a list of all the awards Malayalam cinema won this year.

  3. Didn’t the movie Bioscope win an award.?

  4. The National Awards are a joke! I don’t even know why they are coveted. I mean, do we really want an award from a jury that gives Bollywood idiots like Priyanka chopra, Kangana Raunat, and (the worst) Arjun Rampal National awards?!?!? Also, the whole timeline of eligibility makes no sense. The National Award for best film should have went to Jodhaa Akbar, best actor should have went to Surya for Varanam Aayiram, best actress should have went to Shweta Menon for Paradesi, and best supporting actor should have went to Jagathy Sreekumar for Paradesi…not entirely sure about the others……National Awards=bull****.

  5. @Filmbuff Iam sure there are some backscene drama in national film awards;have heard before that once the best actor award was not given to thilakan and was instead gone to Ashok kumar according to some political recommendation and many other instances(including MGR getting a best actor award fro Rickshawkaran).But just could not agree with you regarding priyanka chopra,Kangana,Arjun Rampal things.I saw the films fashion and Rock on and honestly it was really some performance from them.Cannot say there is anything wrong in giving Arjun Rampal best supporting actor award;He did carry out that role really well.
    The other point you said was correct like when it comes to comparisons with jagathy and sweta in paradesi its really tough.And also the jury’s impartiality is also in doubt;but that doesn’t mean the others who performed were bad.There are many stupid films in Bollywood but films like fashion and rock on were really one of their kind and good ones.You cannot call the whole bollywood and its actors idiotic for that.
    Dont take me for a blind supported or Bollywood;bcos its malayalam films which i watch more.

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