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RIP Casanova – A Massage wasted


We are planning to write a script for a malayalam movie based on the above series of events. We are sure that it will be a sub 3.5 crore movie as we need only a bunch of guest actors as people walk in and out. No, we don’t plan to include Roshan’s foreign trips in the script.

PS:  Do not think for a moment that we are in a Mohanlal bashing spree. Dileep and Suresh Gopi’s movies are bombing in monotonous regularity. Prithvi continues the cycle of  – falls, gets up, falls .  Mammootty acts in 4 good movies and 4 bad movies every year.  Mohanlal and Producers are the  only ones bowling full tosses.


  1. A stupid post to say the least , intended on nothing but pure bashing of the actor, which this site has been consistently been doing for quite somtime now (please don't try to put dust-in-the-reader's-eyes by giving a meaningless P.S ). What's your problem with the makers taking their own time in fixing a movie ?!! Roshan Andrews is a director who has already proved that he is a great future asset for malayalam cinema.He seems to be a perfectionist who want his movie to excel in every department. So give him the fredom to select his choice of location or anything else.

  2. And how ignorant you seem not even understanding that in the mean time, the same crew you have mentioned have already completed and released a relatively low-budget 'Ividam swargamanu' which is a well appreciated film by all,as well. Now don't worry this hell lot over 'casnv'. They will complete as per when they want it and it doesn't bother me,as a viewer, at all when they will release it or how long it will take. The only thing that is supposed to concern a viewer is if the end product ,whatever it is,turns out good or not ?
    Anyway the team has already announced its shooting to start in Jan itself . You're posts recently has been trying to pick up every stone that can be aimed at Lal, ie even personally, while one can hardly see anything that is put against Mamooty which itself is ample evidence of your bias.
    I don't know if you would even bother to post this comment. Hopefully you take it in the right sense and provide us with better posts.

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