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Mohanlal’s hypocrisy


Looks like Mohanlal was reading our post on the imbecilic move to restrict film producers. Very correctly Mohanlal has said that it is producers and producers alone who should decide how much to spend on a movie. Very correctly he has said that it is he alone who should decide how much to charge for a movie.

Then he also made this comment:

However there should be some restriction for other language films being screened in several theaters when Malayalam films were being released, he added.

Why? Why shouldn’t theater owners have the freedom that Mohanlal wants for himself and the producers? Why are theater owners lesser people in this food chain? Who is he to set such artificial restrictions on others?

PS: Let’s see how faithful Mohanlal will be to these comments when he has his own theaters.


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  2. A laissez-faire system should be put in place for this business for all parties.

  3. Mohanlal want collections to Ividam swargamaanu to improve, in Sreevisakh 3 idots attract more youth than his film, Avatr also take lot of money, thats why he ask a ban on other films when his produced films are relased.
    Stop Globalisation only Malayalam film should run in Kerala seems to be his motto, he is more worried when his production is released.
    He is not admitting that the story of the film Ividam swargamanu is a copy of Ghosla ka Kohsla.

  4. It was shocking to hear Mohanlal make these comments. 🙁

  5. Varnachitram,
    Agreed that Mohanlal and Ashirvad Cinemas are here to mint money.
    But,think like this. In Trivandrum, had a Vettaikaran not been running in 2(or was that 3) theaters ,

    > a Paleri Manikyam could have been played in one of the decent theaters and not in that Aathira(or one of those SL )with a screen slightly bigger than the 21inch TV screen.

    > One more theatre could have been spared for a Chattambi Naad or Ividam Swargam Aan. CN-was bad. Swargam-could easily get more money had there been one more place screening it.

    >Neelathamara was in Sree, then in Kairali. Some random Tamil movie with an actress familiar as a sidekick in Malayalam was being shown in the Sree/Kairali(one of them).

    We can’t delay the release of a 3idiots or Avatar. We can have more theaters. Christmas/New Year Malayalam releases can’t be delayed. So, the only solution is having more theaters.
    What say?


    PS: IFFK did add to the Trivandrum denizen’s backlog of Malayalam movies.

  6. Its funny when someone starts seeing competition as a cause for concern. If they were half as bothered about their own scripts, it could perhaps have made some difference.

  7. Amidst the arguments,I saw the movie "evidam swargamanu".Though you cannot call it Roshan Andrews's best,it still is a really good movie.The movie really showcases the power of real estate mafia in modern kerala.It had some good performances from mohanlal,Thilakan etc and a surprisingly majestic performance from Lalu Alex.The movie has 3 heroines and surprisingly no songs.Each one had their own roles and were good enough.The thing i wanted to pointed out was that when i saw it from Ernakulam Kavitha theater the show wasn't house full;its a bit surprising for a good movie like that and considering the fact that it was released not more than 10 days.
    Forgive me if i am wrong;but personally i feel that if this film doesn't atleast become an average hit then i would only blame our viewers for it.Please don't consider me as a Mohanlal fan,i just told a fact watching a good movie with 20% empty chairs in the theater.

  8. It may look like his hypocrisy, but he is speaking for the whole Malayalam film industry. We have seen Punjabi and Marathi film industries vanishing because of Hindi films. No Punjabi film was screened in the past few years, if I am not wrong. Regarding competition, since we have a small market, Malayalam films can't afford to compete with a film made with a budget of dollars equivalent to Rs.1500 crores or a Hindi film with a Rs.100 crore budget. They have upper hand in technicalities and marketing due to this high budget. Script-wise Avatar is nothing new (or incompetent), it's only graphics that pulls people in. If we don't put some restrictions on other language films (as Karnataka, TN and other states did), we will see Malayalam films disappearing without leaving a trace.

  9. Lal and Mammootty might last for another 5-6 years. The essence of what lal said will be relevant only after that. Our young actors won't get theatres to portray their talent or they hve to be content with 3rd class ones.

    Please understand that the audience that we hve is very small and they wld want to watch one movie every festival… Obviously they wld prefer the gloss of an avatar to that of Paleri or a Swargam…..Our 4-5 crore movies can never fight to a 40 or a 1200 crore movie. Let us give preference to our movies if we want this art to sustain after the Big M's.

    Finally it is true that lal said all this because his 'IS' is not getting crowds (Sad because it certainly is genuinly good with a nice message). But if we don't take positives out of this, I fear for our movies…….

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  11. Its funny when someone starts seeing competition as a cause for concern. If they were half as bothered about their own scripts, it could perhaps have made some difference.

  12. Mohanlal is right..Malayalees nees to be a littile more concerned about their own films.Here, people criticise mohanlal and call it hypocrisy just to show that they are more open minded and all..But, if we do not take an effort to control other language craps, its damn sure that Malayalam movies will vanish without trace in no time…Only after everything is gone, we will realise what we have been has backfired on us…Tamilians and Telgites have bigger markets and nothing will happen to their movies even if Kerala market is not there…But, Malayalam has no where in the world to go other than our small state, Kerala..Malayalees pls understand, its not a shame to be abit more concerned about what we have of our own..Pls do it rather than thinking accepting outiside state craps is so ‘cool’ and ‘stylish’…

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