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Review roundup: Chattambinaadu


Looks like the story  of Chattambinadu didn’t stray away too much from the usual formulaic potboilers we have seen in the near past.  But looks like the main protagonist, done by Mammootty, holds up the movie.

Berly comments:

RainMaker says the movie is Strictly Average:

The saving grace of the whole affair is Mammotty who is once again superb in using diction and dialect to perfection. Even though the ‘RajaManikyam’ hangover is obvious, Mammotty lifts an ordinary role to a notable one with his use of the diction and flexibility in presentation. The rest of the cast is ho-hum except for Suraj and Salim Kumar. Suraj’s antics are worth a few chuckles and Salim Kumar though looks jaded, manages to hold on with some one liners.

Direction is below par except for the handling of Mammootty’s character. Lekshmi Rai and Maithili are wasted while Vinu Mohan tries hard to replace Rehman in the RajaManikyam format. Music doesn’t have much to write about either.

NowRunning is not impressed:

Shafi has been a lucky director all this while. He has had it all, Megastar dates, rollicking scripts, and mostly super duper hits, except a sour Lollypop perhaps. But this time I would say he has stretched his chances beyond limits and blown it up into bits. For his latest Chattambinaadu, is nothing more than witless banter, cashing in on star power and little caring for anything else.

A Chattambi from Karnataka, Veerendra Mallayya (Mammootty) lands up in Chattambinaadu to buy a mansion, caring two hoots for the threats issued by Kattupalli Nagendran (Siddiq). The scuffle that ensues between the two is no ordinary one, since both of them have been the uncrowned kings of their respective provinces for long.

The winter entertainment needs you to keep your eyes far off the story though. The source material that it banks on cannot be attributed to any one particular film of the past. Rather, it’s a thorough mishmash of several potboilers that have had their day long back.

IndiaGlitz reviews:

For this Christmas, once again you have a movie plotted at a remote Tamil Nadu border, with all that colorful camera friendly costume worn dumb village people, two strong families at war for more than two decades, the entry of the hero to settle the war with some mysterious personal interests, the loud mouthed villain with that big moustache and another hundreds of regular features that you come across in almost all the hits of decade. Yes, this is an overall idea of ‘Chattambinaadu’- the new Mammootty movie in theatres, strictly made on the formula stuff with that very old wine story in another new bottle. What really makes a difference is the megastar adorning another sharply different look and slang for his protagonist character, who amuse, confuse and impress the viewers with dialogues that are more Kannada than Malayalam.

n a potpourri of recent hits from Rajamanickayam, to Madambi and Mayavi, the racy narratives and fast cuts has managed to hold the movie without any big harm atleast till interval. But the final hour becomes increasingly predictable, with not much fresh surprises in store. But it is the one-man show of Mammootty, the megastar who really shows how he can hold a movie with a regular lame storyline with his charismatic performances. Even with a regular singular white pajama- kurtha dress code, he is eminently handsome throughout, with his acting credentials once again coming to the fore. Watch out for the two sentimental scenes where he manages to impress everyone, even with heavy Kannada dialogues. Vinu Mohan as his trusted aide Murugan, is in another role that the youngster can treasure. Lakshmi Rai and Mythili manages through the characters they are in while others from Vijayaraghavan, Manoj K Jayan, Siddhique, Janardhanan and Co are all in their regular roles. reviews:

If your idea of a movie is some mindless entertainment at the cinemas and your favourite hero is Mammootty, then chances are that you may like this film.
Director Shafi has narrated a story which is a potpourri of films like Rajamanikyam, Prajapathi, Thommanum Makkalum and a few others of the similar kind, but certainly without much of the charm of any of these films, in the absence of a credible storyline!

How many times have we been taken to some curious land in the Tamil Nadu border, where the hero is the God for the rather dumb natives and he has a past that will be revealed only during the second half? Amidst confusions galore, the hero will have the whole village ready to die for him, except for the villain and his cronies who will pose some problems until the climax, some minutes before the end credits start rolling.

Mammootty looks eminently handsome in his trimmed moustache and neatly cut stubble. He wears a white kurta- pyjama, white shoes, dark sunglasses and a red tilak on his forehead that makes him quite an imposing figure. He talks in a peculiar accent and the actor has taken some nice efforts to give the character some real difference.


  1. Theatre was housefull, And about the movie,.. a complete family entertainer for this Xmas. nice comedy…. can laugh till the end…. story not that new… but camera work, action and direction makes the movie diff:, welcome comeback for Shafi as an hitmaker after the utter flop Lolipop.. Suraj and Salim does their job well. Hats off to Mammukka

  2. i saw this movie from tvm – ajantha..

    i say it will be an average film.. family entertainer
    suraaj and salim performed their comedy well. villian(siddique) is good…
    already seened story..its a mix up of rajamanikam,thommanum makkalum,mayavi.. lakshmi rai is totally waste in this movie..mammooty’s dialog is totally suckss ..he cant do any thing…
    introduction scene is super..and the dialog for the first is too..the kannada mix is not worked for shafii.. try to generate another rajamanikam.. but this time itz out…lakshmi rai , vinumohan are awaited for acting for this movie., we can see it from initial.. they r really not needed..fights ,camera workss too good.. its just upto the expectation..
    i will rate it as 6/10

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  4. Average film.
    Not a new story.
    Direction is very good.
    Good comedy.
    Mammootty doing one man show and has no good dialoges.

    Some people are trying to compare this film with
    RAJAMANIKYAM, which was a super hit. This film will be 6/10 comparing to that.

    Score can be 5/10.

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