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Shaji’s problem


Till now we had a bunch of alphabet soup organizations trying to cut down the branch they are sitting on. Now, if Shaji Karun is to be believed, one organization, whose job is to promote arts, is also in the market to destroy good cinema.

According to Shaji Karun, some folks are out to give bad publicity to his new movie Kutty Sranku. The people who did the bad publicity are members of the Kerala Chalachitra Academy. See the irony.

Now we don’t know the truth behind this. We don’t if Shaji Karun is settling some scores or the members of the Academy are. But what we know is that this is the sad state of affairs in Malayalam Cinema now. The politics and ego issues are bigger than cinema itself. People are willing to spend money just to tarnish the medium which feeds them.

It is a miracle that we get few award winning films and 5 main stream hits each year.

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