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Pazhassi Raja and box office


Recently a 27 crore movie was made in Malayalam. Anyone would agree that this movie cannot be made for less than 3.5 crore. According to the latest reports, HBO is in talks to buy this movie for 18 crore. Already this movie has made 16 crores  plus business from Kerala. The Hindi and Tamil version data is not out yet. Also we have not added the money paid by Moser Baer for DVD/Blue Ray rights.

So think of the profits, the producer of the movie is going to make. Think of how many movies he could make in the future.Forget the money made for a moment. Do you think the story of this great Malayali would have been told, if our myopic associations had their way? Do you think international audience would know about Pazhassi Raja.

Instead of repeating the arguments, let us ask a few questions. Now that the producer has made so much money, he might want to make a few big budget movies as well to differentiate his movies from a TV serial. Our associations won’t let him do it. So he has to make a Tamil or Telugu movie. That is a loss for Malayalam Cinema.  Even at the risk of repeating ad nauseum – If he is making a Tamil or Telugu movie, guess who will get employment?.


  1. Hi…

    Obviously a dated article… It was great that Malayalam cinema was exploring new avenues… However, in the end, the movie made 20 cr. at the box office (all languages combined), another 2.6 crore for TV rights, and another 62 lakhs for the home video rights (Moser Baer)…

    Considering the total budget of the movie was 27 crores… we still see a staggering 6.8 crores loss… DESPITE the movie receiving positive reviews and breaking all records for Malayalam movie collections…

    Simply put, the movie was too expensive for our audience. We don’t have as wide a coverage as the Telugu or Tamil blockbusters… I guess we need to stick to small budget family movies we are good at. 🙁

    • this 20cr collection was got in just 21day at that time(year 2009).the total collection was near 5ocr incl all incomes from malayalam only along with that its total run in tamil nadu made a collection of is officialy declared by the producer gokulam gopalan.thats why new flick of 40cr is planned (casting MAMMOOTTY and PRITVIRAJ as lead role).

  2. Pazhassi Raja was produced at a cost of INR27 crore (US$4.91 million) and is considered the costliest film ever made in Malayalam. Originally filmed in Malayalam, Pazhassi Raja was dubbed in Tamil. The film released on 16 October 2009 across Kerala with 150 prints.[4] Upon release, it enjoyed critical acclaim and huge box-office success collecting INR 1.53 crore on its opening day.[5] The film grossed INR50 crore (US$9.1 million) totally and is currently the highest grossing Malayalam film of all time.[3]

  3. If Pazhassiraja was higgest grosser in malayalam industry, then why mathrubhumi reported Drishyam broke all records and crossed the record collection of highest grosser-Twenty Twenty in malayalam industry.

  4. Drishyam didnt boken record set by pazhasi raja…its an advertising technique by aashirvad cinemas…antony perumbavoor usaullly says in all mohanlalfilms…
    Actually its difficult to breake pazhassi raja if combined all the languages…it collected more than 50 cr

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