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Kudos to Renjith


One of the sub 3.5 crore movies released recently called Uttara Swayamvaram starred Jayasurya and Roma.

If you had thought that the ‘poor boy meets rich girl, sparks fly at an odd hour’ kind of stories are a thing of the past, think again. Debutant director Ramakanth Sarju’s Utharaswayamvaram talks about such a tale which obviously looks outdated and perhaps like one of those boring, mushy serials on the small screen! [Utharaswayamvaram]

Now if such a movie flops, the only person who can be blamed is the producer. He took a risk, a stupid one, and made a loss. No amount of laws passed by AMMA and various organizations can make a hit out of this.

Instead of imposing artificial financial restrictions on producers, the “band-aid” folks should have asked Ranjith what should be done to revive Malayalam cinema. He would have said two things: (1) show people something new and (2) switch to literature.

Kerala Cafe, a film by ten film makers, ten camera men, ten music directors, is a step in that direction. There is a novelty to it and there is a curiousness to it. It is the boldest experiment in Malayalam cinema in a long time by a person who was bold enough to think different.

Another movie directed by Ranjith is getting released this week, Paleri Manikyam which is based on TP Rajeevan’s novel, Paleri Manikyam – Oru Pathirakkolapathakathinte Katha. It is “a remarkable Malayalam work of recent times.

Paleri Manikyam too has its own share of novelties. 40, yes forty, new artists are being introduced in this movie. That because Renjith feels that there is a need for fresh faces in Malayalam cinema. These 40 actors were selected from theater and were benefited from acting workshop held at Kozhikkode, arranged by Renjith before the shooting commenced.  Leading Malayalam actors and directors took classes in the workshop.

With these 2 movies – Kerala Cafe and Paleri Manikyam, Renjith achieves what AMMA, FEPKA and various other alphabet soups can only dream – that is to make a difference.  Something brilliant which is not pretentious, but sufficiently entertaining to attract viewers, imaginative thinking in place of restrictive policies. It is bold experiments like these which will sustain Malayalam film industry, not an artificial limit of 3.5 crore on film making.

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  2. interstingly shaji kailas and renjith are worked together after a long time

  3. I saw Paleri Manikyam yesterday. A story that handled with care by Renjith. Some expiriments in narration – Haridas himself narrates the story in some occasions – were pretty good. On the banks of the river, where Haridas stands when two boats – one leaves and the other reaches – in the background; that was a woderful shot. Charactors chosen are also nice, but when it comes to dubbing, some faces and voices doesnt match; especially of the Policemen including Mohandas, but hos face matche the character perfectly. The background score could have been better. The craft of the Director and the boldness to work with fresh faces are something to be welcomed. Some of them, Othenan, Chandamman, Narayanan, K P, Kumaran all of them are to good. The make up for Srinivasan and Mammootty (the 3rd character-Ahmad Haji’s son)should have been made more care and attention. Anyhow, Ahamed Haji was perfect.

    Apart from all these minute negatives, the film as awhole is good and Renjith once again proved himself a man with craft. Thanks to Renjith… I home we meet once.

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