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What happened to Rajasenan?


We saw a movie which was made for less than 3.5 crore the other day called Romeo. It was directed by one of our favorite directors, Rajasenan, starring one of our favourite comedy actors, Dileep and written by the successful duo, Rafi-Mecartin.

In this movie Dileep plays Manu Krishnan, a male nurse. That itself is supposed to be comedy. He is on edee, podeee terms with Vimala Raman, a doctor so pretty that you won’t mind staying in a hospital forever. Vimala has a thing for him, but he does not have a thing for her. His thing is for Samvrita Sunil, a candidate on a reality show.

So far so good. Manu’s mother, played by Prithviraj’s real life mother, is a judge on the reality show. Manu’s father, played by Cochin Haneefa, then borrows money from Samvritha’s father played by Bheeman Raghu as a bribe for making Samvritha the winner. Few complications arise, such as Bheeman Raghu wanting to kill Dileep etc, resulting in Dileep ending up in an agraharam looking after a mentallyilla Risabawa. There is a subtle statement here that the characters we met so far were mentally stable.

There is a girl in the agraharam who falls in love with Dileep. But there is another guy, played by Asokan, who is in love with the agraharam girl. Then there is some multiple identity issues as well, with Dileep taking on names of other people. I should re-write that sentence. But what for?

At the end guess where they all end up? In an Ayurvedic resort. We don’t know why this venue was chosen as any place would have been apt – from ISRO to Oolanpara. With that said, then all of them sit on your brain and take it out neuron by neuron that your whole body becomes a phantom limb.

So what happened to the guy who directed Ayalathe Addeham and Melepparambil Aanveedu? What happened to the guys who wrote Punjabi House? What happened to the actor who made us laugh in Meesha Madhavan and Chanthupottu?

Forget the inane story. Forget the casting. Forget the direction. Just look the the characters. The writers are not sure if Bheeman Raghu should be a villain or a comedian or both. It is OK to have a villain who is part comedian, but this falls flat.

The reason it falls flat is because there are others competing for the confused character award. The ayurvedic resort is run by Vimala Raman’s father, who is serious one moment, beating up people the othermoment and trying to act funny some other times. Looks like each minute of script was written by a different person.

There is another irritating thing. Making faces. There are too many reaction shots of people frowning, expressing shock etc. Remember how the camera used to capture the expressions of various characters in the TV serial Mahabharata when one of the cast members made a profound statement. Rajasenan sticks to that level of maturity with the difference that Mahabharata was absorbing even with all the deficiencies in film making.

At the end of it one can’t help but feel sorry for Dileep. Such movies are his forte and Rajasenan/Rafi-Mecartin have an established track record.

But Rajasenan has been on a decline for sometime. He made one terrible movie called Immini Nalloral and this one seems to be in the same genre. Since Rajasenan always has been a less than 3.5 crore guy, we hope he spends more time with the script when he ventures out next time.

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  1. “some time” would be an understatement I suppose to describe the time since Rajasenan’s decline started. 🙂 I don’t remember a single movie in the last 10 years matching up to his heydays. But then, so have other wonderful directors of yore been losing their touch; major examples being Sibi Malayil, Balachandra Menon (For Menon to have stooped to the levels of movies like De Ingottu Nokkiye is criminal IMO!) etc. Rather unfortunate for Malayalam movies this. Only solace is people like Ranjith, Lal Jose etc and some of the new gen directors. Wonder if you happened to see Pakal Nakshathrangal. Well-directed, though the story line is not that great. Try watching it some time.
    Newyz, good review. 🙂

  2. I am really happy that some one has some good words for the movie “Pakal Nakshatrangal”.It was a really good movie.It was a great script by the actor Anoop Menon(Thirakkatha fame).

  3. @Visakh: In fact there is an upcoming Hindi movie by the same team, titled Anubhav. Dunno if u happened to hear about it.

  4. I have to disagree on this one. I might not know Rajasenan earilier works by heart. Since Dileep has been trying to be action Hero I skipped alot of his films , many which were flops (July 4 , Colors etc). I actually had overlooked this film cause of that. When I saw I was suprised made me laugh in a logn time, yea it was probably rehash of other works , but compared to his recent works and other comedy movies it still made me laugh.

    The scene were when Ashokan hears that the new “home nurse” his dad hired is taking a shower, and he tries to jump in and ecounters Dileep was so hillarious.

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  6. I’m a fan of Rajasenan’s movies! He is a very good director.Now-a-days Malayalam film industry faces the lack of good scripts.We should give more opportunities to the new come writers.Because,I’m a writer too.I tried a lot to come in to front.But I never get any opportunity ever.I feel the same to every one who comes first!That’s Cinema world.


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