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Review roundup: Pazhassi Raja


Wait was worth! For Malayalam cinema, it’s history in making – literally. The forgotten story of a prince, barely mentioned in our history books comes alive through the brilliant writing of MT, the majestic acting of Mammotty and direction of Hariharan. We hope that the producer recovers his investment.

Nikhil writes:

The movie portrays some of the revolts which the Company collectively called the Pychy(Pazhassi/Cotiote) Revolts. These revolts were against the unscrupulous and commercial administration of the company. The siege and the loot of Pazhassi Kovilakom by the company threw Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja(Mammootty)and his wife into a life in exile. Pazhassi Rajah’s ability to mobilize Kurichyar (tribals) and Muslims against the company goes on in the background. Every scene is so meticulously shot and the flow so smooth that you would fail to realize that the movie is 200 minute long.We should be thankful to Venu and Ramanath Shetty  for the gifting a visual treat. The battle scenes look stunning and captivates your eyes,ears and mind. Resul Pookkutty’s sound recording makes you ask if an SDM can get him an Oscar,what will he win for PR? 🙂

Mammootty does not portray a larger than life character but handles the character soberly,with finesse and perfection. More than Mammooty,I liked Sharat Kumar in the movie. He was very much apt for the role of Edachena Kungan,the army commander. His physique and histrionic skills leave him hand in glove with the role. It was his influence that brought in Thalakkal Chanthu(Leader of the Kurichyar tribe)(Manoj K Jayan)and the tribals into Pazhassi’s fold. The guerrilla war scenes involving Neeli(Padmapriya)(Chanthu’s fiancee), Thalakkal Chanthu are splendidly executed.

Ratheesh Comments:

Leading a period film like Pazhassi Raja, on a vast canvas with numerous stars and supporting cast and technicians, might have been an extremely strenuous task; I suppose Pazhassi Raja might have required much more project management skills from director Hariharan than any other Malayalam movie made before. And he has to be appreciated for the end product. Frames of Pazhassi Raja are a beauty to watch. There is a scene in the film where we see the interior walls of a palace with beautiful murals painted on it (I guess they were made specially for the movie), and the sunlight reflecting from a small pond creating interesting patterns on the walls. The British have come to capture Pazhassi Raja from his palace, and we know the scene is not going to be a very peaceful one; but it is the beauty of the visuals that attracted my attention even in scenes like this. Hariharan, along with his art director and photographer, has taken great pains to make this visual splendor consistent throughout the movie. Another area to worth mention is the appearance and performances of all the lead actors. It was amazing to see Mammootty, who might be in his mid fifties, playing the main role and looking just like the warrior prince of our imagination, as if coming straight out of a painting in almost every scene. says:

Hariharan and MT Vasudevan Nair have proved their brilliance when they team up several times before and once again, they underline their eminence, with a genuine effort. The technical aspects like Ramanath Shetty’s cinematography, Ravi Dewan’s action, Resul Pookkutty’s sound and Sreekar Prasad’s editing have also succeeded in taking to a different level.

Yes, there are aspects which one feels could have been better,like Ilayaraja’s music but the film as a whole is good enough that makes us forget those flaws. Critics might say that the film has taken some cinematic liberties and in fact it does but on the whole it is engaging and entertaining.

Gems like these happen only once in a while and when it does, never give it a miss. Two big thumbs up for this masterpiece of our times!

Rediff comments:

M T Vasudevan Nair’s script has lots of cinematic moments that give scope to use Mamootty’s megastar image to good use as a person who uses the capability of people from different sections of society to fight the foreign intruders.

Pazhassi who has been termed as revolutionary by the British uses techniques of guerrilla warfare against them. For this he avails the expertise of tribals lead by Thalakkal Chanthu (Manoj K Jayan). There are other people also who unflinchingly support him like Edachena Kunkan (Sarath Kumar), who is his commander-in-chief.

This film is technically several notches above the standard fare offered in Malayalam cinema. It would not be an exaggeration if we say that it is comparable to the best in Indian cinema.

The camera work by Venu and Ramanath Shetty give the film a sleek look. The action sequences remind us of the internationally acclaimed Chinese martial art movies of recent times like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero.

Mamootty may be the hero of this film but, he does not hog the limelight. There is ample scope for other stars like Sarath Kumar and even Manoj K Jayan to exhibit their histrionic skills and use their star aura.

berlytharangal says

According to

Hariharan’s film is truly a masterpiece in that it has the manner, matter and mood of a monumental epic, in the finest sense of the word. This is no ordinary film that tells the story of a hero; rather, it’s a stellar celluloid piece that vividly recaptures every moment in history, never for a moment losing out on the human drama, never compromising on its immense scope or scale, never ever letting go of its elaborate craft and detail.

The film is full of invigorating battle sequences that literally involve a mammoth cast of hundreds and hundreds of people. Magnificently staged, they feel real, and mounted on a giant-scale entertainment canvas, this is perhaps the first time ever that a Malayalam film awes you on account of its visual brilliance. There are any number of spectacular sequences here that would surprise you on account of their visceral energy.

The PFC review says:

Mammootty proves that he is indeed a director’s delight. He plays the Raja, who is supposed be in his fifties, with such gait and maturity that we are astounded at the resourcefulness of this actor. There are very few moments where he gets emotionally disturbed, very few words he speaks. Strikingly different from what we expect out of such an actor, who delivers fireworks most of the time. That, in fact, is why we love this medium, isn’t it? When such creative geniuses turning the table, and setting their own terms of engagement with the audience. A shot where Pazhassi watches from atop a hill, far away from the site of the battle, as the British barricades fortress explodes in the midst of dense green forest. Yes, Mammootty, MT and Hariharan declare, this is our interpretation of Pazhassi, leave yours at home.

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  1. Now Review

    Pazhassi Raja Review Cast: Mammootty, Sarath Kumar, Thilakan, Nedumudi Venu, … Director: Hariharan

    By VN Sat, 17 Oct 2009 ‘Pazhassi Raja’ is a sweeping historical epic about the legendary hero of Kottayam Padinjare Kovilakam who rallied Kurichiyar natives for a guerilla war against the British rule.

    It’s a stirring and majestic film that serves as a brilliant tribute to an age when a bunch of gallant men and women fought a valiant battle to guard their honor; to each one of those blessed souls laid down in a long winding, bloody war determined to liberate a country from the shackles of tyranny and oppression.

    The story commences at a far more unhurried pace than what follows, introducing the viewers to Pazhassi being ousted out of his palace by the British army, on the behest of his own uncle. Taking refuge in the mountainous terrains of Wynad, Pazhassi unleashes a tough battle against the Queen that marked the beginning of a resistance movement against the British rule in the state.

    Hariharan’s film is truly a masterpiece in that it has the manner, matter and mood of a monumental epic, in the finest sense of the word. This is no ordinary film that tells the story of a hero; rather, it’s a stellar celluloid piece that vividly recaptures every moment in history, never for a moment losing out on the human drama, never compromising on its immense scope or scale, never ever letting go of its elaborate craft and detail.

    The film is full of invigorating battle sequences that literally involve a mammoth cast of hundreds and hundreds of people. Magnificently staged, they feel real, and mounted on a giant-scale entertainment canvas, this is perhaps the first time ever that a Malayalam film awes you on account of its visual brilliance. There are any number of spectacular sequences here that would surprise you on account of their visceral energy.

    ‘Pazhassi Raja’ has a running time of nearly three hours and twenty minutes, but M.T’s script has enough compelling momentum to keep the viewers focused on the film. While the bloodshed is raw, so is the passion and the film packs quite a punch, as a war legend that combines the most powerful principles of traditional storytelling with state-of-the-art technical supplements.

    Ramnath Shetty comes up with sheer poetry and achieves a picturesque fineness with the imagery, as his camera pans the enormous landscapes, mountains and caverns, dense jungles and rivers. As the dazzling visuals gently blend in with the heavenly background score by Ilayaraja, the outcome is pure, blissful harmony. Resul Pookkutty who has worked up wonders aplenty with the exceptional sound direction, Sreekar Prasad who has remarkably edited this magnum opus and Ravi Diwan who has impressively choreographed the overwhelming action sequences deserve a special mention as well.

    Mammooty’s central performance is as sturdy as it gets, and his Warrior King inspires, in both his messianic passion and his steadfast valor. Sarath Kumar as Edachena Kunkan, delivers an exhilarating act that should be the best in his career as yet. Manoj K Jayan and Suresh Krishna, along with Padmapriya and Kaniha, come up with outstandingly impressive feats and make this historical film a treasure house of fine performances.

    A breathtaking film that demands repeated screenings, ‘Pazhassi Raja’ might very well be the best you get to see for a very long while. An exotic chronicle that stuns us with its fascinating tale, this is the stuff that tours de force are made of.

  2. Here’s the review in PFC –

    Movie reviews in such blogs by passionate enthusiasts are always far far better than the stuff you get from portals like rediff and sify.

    Nowrunning is better though.

  3. Let us also as a duty make sure we let authorities know if any one is pirating this movie….. that would be a service to the Malayalam Film Industry and encourge future magnum opuses

  4. I hated the movie to say the least – purely for the way it was taken. Technically inapt, flawed direction and inappropriate songs, comedy and romantic scenes destroyed the historic value of the movie. One of the worst I have ever seen!

  5. thanks for the reviews…

  6. Sujith

    Got to read your ‘review’ of the film.
    On second thoughts, was it?

    Of all the negatives that you found of the film, the one on Kaniha was took the cake.

    “She hardly had any dialogues to speak in the film!”

    I wish MT had realised that there were vexed viewers like you out there who were on the lookout for precious utterings to fall out of the heroine’s mouth. And would lament the fact that she didnt take up cudgels and swords in the film.

    After all, who is bothered of history? After all, who cares who Kaitheri Makkam was?!

    She better juggle in an item number, if shes there in a film.

    Great judgement. Great views. I am sure several of us would live with your idiocy, but I simply wish you wouldnt flaunt it.

  7. I have never seen so much hyped film in my life. This hype will stop after few days and after that only we can get the true reviews of this film.

  8. Pazhassi Raja is indeed a Superb flick, but after reading most of the reviews above, I would like to re-assert one fact, i.e. In order to give an honest review of a movie, one must keep aside the regional patriotism or hero worship aside. At the same time one shouldnt turn cynical and say that the movie was an utter waste before even mentioning the pros and cons of the same.

    I admired the movie for

    1. The excellent Cinematography by venu and ramnath shetty.
    2. The kind of perfection achieved by the production team despite of the torturing fact that they had to shoot in a jungle. Even as they show a lot of arial shots, none of the modern era reps. Like mobile towers are showing up. Great work.
    4. Excellent performance by Sarat kumar.
    5. enchanting sound reproduction by resul pookkutty. Especially, the resonance effects in the sword fighting scenes were like never before.

    Well… I also should say that i didnt like this movie for,

    1. The weak script. The dialogs lack conviction. Especially those of mammootty. The english dialogs rendered by the british are demeaning. Come on, they can be a little less melodramatic..
    2. The dialog delivery of some characters such as padmapriya, could have been better.
    3. The fight seqences could have been better. The flying up scenes are more of a cliche.
    4. The fate of some characters like padma priya, jagadeesh lack continuity towards the climax.
    5. Our colonial attachment and submissive pride is again visible when the director made pazhassi raja render punch dialogs in english. That was truly unnecessary.
    6. The character of the collector’s wife also should have been avoided.

    These are a few i could remember, i a, going to watch it once more because it was a lengthy tale to remember.

    Dont get offended when i say this lacks conviction. I am trying put the movie in the same league as that of lagaan, jodha akbar etc. I mean, the way they portrayed british life style in lagaan was much more concincing.

    Apart from these flaws, every one should applaud for such a brave effort from Hariharan and especially from Gokulam Gopalan for making their dreams real… Cheers…

  9. I think every movie has mistakes….some people were blaming the accent of padmapriya so kaniha had dialogoues people would have said she sucks……actress was bad. Please enjoy the movie rather than finding mistakes. I am a fan of malayalam cinema and hopefully this movies leads to other big budgeted movies…

  10. Pazhassi Raja the ever great Malayalam Movie….. We can proud on the world…..

    But the posters and cutout needs more attention. The good scenes from movie can be used for both..

  11. The movie is technically very good. I read some bad reviews above and its so sad.. The one by Sujit is just stupid. i dont know what comedy he is talking about… Yeah but Manoj K Jayan needs to be a little professional… He cant even grow his own beard for such a historic movie by legends of malayalam films.. Such a shame on him.. These people gotto learn a lot. When people like MT and hariharan call him for a movie, he should have the minimum sense to atleast grow his own beard. i dont know what was his problem.. as if he has hell lot of movies to act without beard..

  12. In my opinion the movie wasn’t the one which could generate a sort of patriotism, the dialogs were weak, I was expecting some strong dialogs from Mammootty like the movie “The King” but I was disappointed. But as babu ramachandran told, the other facts were too good, the background score, the sceneries etc were beautiful and Sarat kumar was superb infact he and Manoj K Jayan had the bigger roles.

    I heard a news that Sarat Kumar’s role was earlier planned to be given to Suresh Gopi (well I can’t even imagine that NOM )

    Whatever it is , this movie is worth to be watched and that too in theatres only.

  13. Please leave these kind of silly mistakes……If it is a good moview irespective of whoever is acting Mammootty or Mohanlal ,plz try to give true comments….Plz don’t try to hurt great personalities like MT,Hariharan etc…..

  14. Just saw the movie today… Was good… Let us not compare it with OVVG from the same team… (For that matter, OVVG was much much more better than this)…

    Few points that I mention below, if the team had taken care then this would have been the best…

    First and foremost, the English actors were pathetic… They single handedly bring down the classic value of the movie… Their acting is plastic and emotion-less… The person who did the role of the collector, Thomas Harvey Babar, was totally unconvincing, both physically and at the emotional front… A foreigner junkie from the streets of Mumbai, might have been better than this pencil thin guy… C’mon use cinematic liberties, when U are showing the main opponent of the film’s protagonist, show a person worthy of that… I dont even want to comment abt the lady who played Thomas’s fiancee..

    The fate of Padmapriya’s character Neeli is not clear… The last we see her fighting some Company’s soldiers… Was the ending of that fight chopped off at the Editor’s table or by the theater guys??

    The climax of this grandeur movie was a bit lame… It would have been better if the last battle was shown in the forest or for that matter any other place…

    Now for the positives, the technical side of the movie was nothing short of brilliant… I doubt if it could be made any more better… Mammootty was personna dignified as Pazhassi Raja… But the real stars who gain mileage out of this movie are Sarath kumar, Manoj K Jayan and Padmapriya… They literally stole the show… Of the lot, the Tamil actor Sarath kumar has played the role of Idechenna Kungan Nair to perfection… Doubt if anyone else can have played this character with more elan, pomp and grandeur… Manoj has excelled in this once-in-a-lifetime character and opportunity… Padmapriya’s excellent acting skills is a well known fact, but in this movie she has done some mind blowing action sequences… She is so agile in those action sequences and has performed wonderfully as Neeli..

    Over all, though there are departments where the movie was a bit lacking, on the whole, it is so exhilirating, that it is worth the money we spend to see it…

  15. The Film is really superb. For this 20+Crore this is more than enough perfection. This film is much better than Bollywood films for sure… and make the ppl a good feeling of having fought against the british. It gives us a good understanding of what has happened to our local rulers at that time.. So i give a Full Thumbs Up to the film and all the people who have worked in the film…

  16. Well… I saw the movie & very much liked it…the first thing you should do is not to compare this movie with OVVG..’cause that was pure fiction and had ample scope for dialogues…this is based on history…MT had taken some liberties, but it is acceptable… SO YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE WITH A CLAN SLATE OF MIND… Cudos to mammootty for not interfering in other’s characters so that it only helped the movie to rise to such magnitude…especially, that of Sharat kumar’s character….SHARAT ROCKS MAAN… Ayaalkku Tamizhil polum ithra nalla character kitti kaanilla….

  17. I saw the movie last friday when it was finally released in Pune(first day first show:). Expectations were sky high and the Multiplex in which i went was packed with Malayalalis. First of all let me admit that movie is one of the most technically brilliant malayalam movies of all times. Cinematography and sound effects were really good.But even though its from legendary M.T i must confess that the script was weak, even direction is at flaw at many places. Mammooty looks very convincing as Pazhassi raja, but nothing more than that. There isnt much moments for him to show his acting latent or dialogue delivery skill. The persons who steal the show are the supporting cast. Sharathkumar rocks as Edachena kungan- his best performance – more of substanc than the kind of movie which he does in Tamil.Manoj K jayan steals the show with one of the best roles of his acting career and he has done that too perfection. Also is Padma priya – she does a cake walk of her character Neeeli. I cant imagine any other actress instead of her. Kaniha has nothing much to do other than looking elegant as Pazhassi’s Wife and which she does.

    I believe 3 hr 20 min running time is another flaw of this movie.

  18. Pazhassi raja is definitely a good movie
    Stunning visuals , excellent sound effects
    However we cannot compare the movie with oru vadakkan veeragatha
    First of all the movie is too long at 3.5 hours
    Other defects are Overacting by british people
    mammotty has done his best to portray his character but somehow there is no ideology for his character , he keeps changing his decisions and looks confused through out the Movie
    Hariharan and MT has just given an average movie to malayalees
    The major highlight of the movie is sarathkumar , he rocks
    Watch pazhassi raja for sarathkumar , visuals and sound effects

  19. A very good movie in evertime malayalam film industry
    Great film and a real history of a Gentleman

  20. I support Unnikrishnan Nair and Rakesh’s views. Technically the movie is excellent. Visualisation and locations are stunning.Kudos to the cinematographer. Also I would like to mention about the sound mixing. Kudos to Rasool also.. Also the fighting scenes are fantastic.
    Mammootty looks elegant. But Kaniha had nothing to do. The actual heroine of the movie is Padmapriya.. She has played the role wonderfully. The real heroes of the movie are Sarath Kumar and Manoj K Jayan. They has played respective roles fantastically. But they haven’t given necessary importance. I think it may overshadow the character and importance of mammotty. In fact Edachena Kungan and Thalakkal Chandu are two of the excellent roles they have played in their career. The physique, the power of their voice ,their movements and even their looks are extremely suitable to their roles.. HATS OFF…. SARATH KUMAR and MANOJ K. JAYAN..
    But there are so many flaws in the movie. First of all the acting of the Britishers are pathetic. There is a lack of clarity in introducing those characters . Many people could not understand who are those characters actually.. The character of the collector’s wife was truly unnecessary.Also M T destroyed the whole movie by the artificial dialogues. There is no convincing or strong dialogues in the movie. Also the forts appears too ancient in those days also. It is the failure of the director. He could have taken it more carefully and beautifully. In that viewpoint it is an average movie. But technical perfection excells in the movie….

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  22. I watched the movie yesterday and I should say that it was a big disappointment for me.
    – Most of the action scenes were pathetic. The use of wires were so evident. Even the worst English film will have better stunt scenes.
    – Mammooty’s acting was not up to the mark. There was hardly any expression on his face.
    – The movie flow was not at all smooth. It was kind of watching different independent episodes.
    – The movie length was too much – 3.5 hrs!
    Finally I hoped to get Pazhassi killed some how 🙂

    But there were lot of good aspects also.
    – Sarath Kumar was awesome. His acting, physique and fight scenes.
    – Very good scenery.
    – English actors were good.

  23. When I watching the movie I did’nt feel any thing ,
    After I left theater the movie is haunting me ,

    especially Manoj K . Jayan Character and Padama Priya’s Character

    Climax is poor

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  25. Guys..if u r planning not to go this too and then decide about Pazhassi Raja

  26. First of all the length of the movie would have been cut by at least by 30min.Two songs, one with Cap.Raju and the other of Kaniha are actually against the real flow of story.The ‘Gap’ between King and Queen even in their private scenes are really horrible and the director failed to fill this gap also. Mammootty has done only an average performance of his career.The convent educated ‘malyalam’ of Neeli also is pathetic.Even the hero uses contemporary ‘hindi-malayalam’ when he says “Shailasree” in place of “Sailasree” in connection with his expected daughter…
    At the same time there are some positive facts also. The movie is a real audio-visual bonanza and there the sound perfection depends on theatre quality also.Unlike Raja , MT’s character creation is at its maximum in the straight forward,loyal,patriotic and courageous team leader Edachena Kunkan.I think in India only Sarathkumar can do the matured and strong role of Kunkan.Really he has done an outstanding performance…

  27. Bad movie. This movie was replaced just after two weeks of release, in most of the releasing centers. Only good thing in the movie is the initial prologue by the Universal Star ‘Mohan Lal’. I wish Mohan Lal should have done the role of Pazahssiraja, and instead of Hariharan, ‘Priyadarshan’ should have directed this. Then it might be a different success story. I was just sleeping in the the theater. Mammooty has to retire from acting. He is aged, and his body seems to be very bulky and does not fit to that of a king like Pazhassiraja. For this, Mohanlal is more apt.Songs are very bad. Sound mixing is very bad only. It feels like watching a 3rd class drama. Overall, this movie can be rated 0 out of 100. Poor!!!

  28. Keerthi Varman says –

    Pazhassi Raja – Man Brave; Movie Bore

    Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja fought very hard to drive the British out of India, but in vain. However, he succeeded easily in driving almost half the audience out of the cinema halls very early before the movie could get over. The remaining half of the audience was actually sleeping inside the cinema hall.

    The story of Pazhassi Raja has to be told, and retold and passed on through generations with pride, but not in such a slow paced and lengthy format. Though the intentions behind making this movie are genuine and respectable, the manner in which it has been presented to the public is tad too tiresome and mind numbing.

    Mammoty, as always with his dignified and distinguished presence, an understated and underplayed role essayed brilliantly. Supremo Sarath kumar with his six pack, steals the scenes just with his majestic make-up and magnificent built-up. The surprise package and the clear winner amongst the whole movie is none other than Padmapriya, fighting all the way through with bows and arrows, and sickle and sticks. Lady luck keeps to be smiling all the time on this MBA management consultant, who has been landing up all the plum roles that offer a lot of diversity (remember Mirugam, Satham Podathey, Thavamaai Thavam inrudhu, Pokkisham). On the other hand, it is just a sulk, weep and cry show by Kaniha, who does nothing much in the movie.

    The movie is a visual treat, with scenic locales of exotic beaches, breathtaking backwaters, lush green mountains, all captured stunningly by Ramanath Shetty. The authenticity behind the period costumes, jewels, furniture and utensils add a lot of royal grace and regal grandeur to the movie.

    Everybody knows what would happen to kings who face the British – that they would eventually die fighting. So when there is nothing new to offer in the story department, steps should have been taken in developing an interesting and innovative screenplay, which is totally missing in this movie.

    This multilingual biopic magnum opus is a mega serial on the big screen. The Malayalees might have a lot patience to sit through this movie and even appreciate it, but for the others, it is a sheer endurance and tolerance test to keep our sanity intact without dozing off. Salute the freedom fighter, but stay away from the film.

    – says Keerthi Varman

  29. Great movie and every Malayalee should watch it.
    My only concern is some scenes of violence such as the hanging scenes and “body penetrating” sword attacks where an intelligent director could have used his brains to bring out the effect witout actually showing the violent and graphic images as it is.
    These scenes make it inapropriate for a children to watch.


  30. The movie did not live up to the hype. The sound and the visuals were really good, but the director could have taken to avoid too many closeup shots where the make up is clearly visible interms of artificaial beard.

    Also fight scenes where ropes were used , the landing and movement of actors was so unreal.
    Padmapriya’s could hve had some better dubbing.
    the dialogues were not convincing and did not invoke any patriotic emotion
    Illayaraja s music score is also not that great…………….as compared to Rahmans lagaan or Jodha akbar

    overall , the movie could have been made better for the collosal amount spend

  31. I saw the movie today. The story is good , but the way its bee portraited is not well said. This movie doesnt makes a touch of patriotism. This movie can be well directed. Director Hariharan was not up to the mark.I think this is not his kind of genre. We could’nt see a class acting from the mega star. He is utterly failed in the fight sequence. The last fight was so terible. Sarath kumar did his job nicely.The fight between sarth and suman is watchable.The bloods were looking like red water color. Hanging scene of manoj k jayan was a comedy scence for us to watch.

    The gorilla attack shown is also not eyecatchy. They could have take this movie more filmy to shown the fight sequence real. resul had done his job neatly.

    Nothing great in this much awaited movie of the year of malayalam.

    My verdict: 2 out of 5 *Huge flopp*

  32. who told tht mobile towers r not showing??? plz review the film once more and revert back
    even we can see clearly tht manoj.k jayan weared paragon hawai chappals also…

  33. Kettiyitta Vaasuvineyum Hariyeyum indaasu kaanichu Gopaalan alari:

    ‘Pazhe pole nalla padam aakkikkalayaamennu vichaaram venda! Kaashonnerinjaa enikku patthu thirichethanam. Illel randum unda vizhungi chaakum!’ Indaas randindem vaayil kondu.

    Onnumariyaatha paavam janam poyikkandu, kondu, kaashu koduthu….

    Aadariyunno angaadivaanibham!


  35. @Jayesh Sweden
    I know it might be a bit rude: but this is for your benefit in the future (Please try not to make this mistake again)
    Gorilla: Largest anthropoid ape; terrestrial and vegetarian; of forests of central west Africa
    Guerilla: A member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment

    So it’s ‘Guerilla’ warfare and not ‘Gorilla’ war.

  36. It is not an “epic film” as some says. MT dont know a stuff about making good movies. But he thinks that he is!

  37. @Joy Thomas- Absolutely agree. Panchagni, Nakhakshathangal, Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha, Nirmalyam, Oppol, Perumthachan, Anubandham… All fluke.

  38. I have to agree with Joy Thomas here. PR had a lot of flaws. This time my problem isn’t with the script, but the direction. Some one else was needed to do this film. The previous films Hariharan did with MT were more drama centric. Even OVVG was really a drama film set in the past.

    PR is a historical epic film just like Ben-Hur or a Gladiator. Technically there were flaws. Mammootty’s acting was lacklustre at best. Of course the main blame for this is the budget limits of Malayalam films and the shooting schedule as well. The fight scenes look unnatural, its like their trying to copy the wuxia genre.

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