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The Rise of Prithviraj


If you have seen the trailer of Twenty-20, one of the teasers say, “All superstars in one screen.” This is followed by visuals of Mammotty, Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi, Jayaram and Dileep. Prithviraj is clubbed with Jayasurya, Kunchako Boban (remember him?), and few unknowns. But give us a break? Jayaram and Dileep are superstars? In which galaxy?

Prithviraj had to face many odds during the initial days of his career. People were sent to boo at his movies. Most of his movies did not do well; when one movie – Classmates – was a huge hit, it was attributed to an ensemble cast and not him.

Finally with Puthiya Mugham, he has found his niche. This movie was solely an action movie which was carried by Prithviraj. This movie, which was stylishly filmed, was a box office hit. Also with this movie, Prithvi has stepped into a space, which neither Jayaram nor Dileep can do: an action hero. When Prithviraj beats up villains in Puthiya Mugham it is convincing. When a beaten up Dileep attacks Manoj K Jayan in Crazy Gopalan it is hilarious. Jayaram, to his credit, has stopped doing such things.
Now early reports say that Prithviraj’s next movie, Robinhood is doing well financially as well.

Prithviraj’s Joshy directed Robinhood has taken a fantastic opening in nearly 70 screens across Kerala, though it carries mixed reports. It is the clear number one and has netted Rs 4.31 lakh in its first four days at Padma Theatre (Ernakulam), a 100 per cent opening! How big it will turn out to be will depend on whether it will be able to hold on in the coming days.

Another interesting movie in the pipeline for Prithviraj is Mani Ratnam’s Raavan. With this movie, he becomes the third actor, besides Mammotty and Mohanlal to portray a major character in a Mani Ratnam movie. (Manoj K Jayan has played a minor role in Dalapathi).

From the looks of it, looks like his career is on a rise. And hopefully, unlike in the early phase of his career, he would have better judgement while choosing a movie.


  1. Actually its a good point. He is indeed the rising star. He even won the state award for best actor which neither dileep or jayaram could do. He definitely has more range than these two actors and probably suresh gopi too. We can say prithviraj could be the nxt mammooty. its too early since prithviraj need to do more art films. But defintely its good for malayalam film industry.

  2. Asianet did a special interview month ago on the rise of Privithraj as a superstar now , post Puthiya Mugham. It was a personal upfront interview him talking direct to camera, He had talked about being in the cinema field, his fan club, and his rise to stardom and he goes back to visit the school where he grew up.

    I felt though he was a little cocky as though he is a full blown superstar now and talked so much about his fan association , didnt sense humblness you see with Mohanlal in person. He also mentioned how he heard stories of many priors actor like Sreenivasan / Vikram who had to work their way up the field from assistants , to small roles, to finally stars. He mentions how he didnt have that and was already lead Hero even from his first movie onwards cause his great fortune/luck. What he fails to mention is that this was due to being the son of an already established actor Sukumaran in the Malayalam field. He mentions also he didnt need to fall on acting as he had visa from his degree to go work in IT field in foreign location and make money.

  3. Far as I have read, he completed just 1 year of higher studies.

    What is this issue with ‘humility’, a requirement that a person be humble(of course, each person’s distorted view thrown in on the meaning of this) that you people have? An actor who rises to fame has to give credit to some bogus workless losers who go about screaming in theatres and call themselves fans. If not, the actor is not celebrated. A person who achieves has to sound humble for him to be genuine? For him to be worthy of his work. Not just with Prithvi, but you hear this all the time. How humble the Ms, and Dileep/Jayaram etc are. People either say what they think you want to hear, or what they want to say. Prithviraj is the latter.

    He started at 19 years of age and made it quite big for a young malayalee guy. He didn’t give into pressures and worked without bending to others’ will. If that sets him apart and gives everyone else an inferiority complex, fine. Regardless of his last name, he has done fine enough. I see a handful of young Malayalam actors who came with big names, but weren’t able to establish themselves.

    Frankly, in the current scenario, no actor is going to run without a decent product. Not even Mohanlal or Mammootty. On the other hand, Prithviraj has done some excellent films that didn’t run. Good movies may not necessarily be box office hits. He definitely sounds arrogant. At least, we can think of either as him stating facts or being arrogant. Whichever suits us. But he has certainly gained success which is admirable. But what is more admirable is that he has stood against the tide, and got to where he is…which must be why most malayalee men dislike him.

  4. prithvirraj i think is someone with balls..atleast he dnt pretend fake humility in front of camera and durin interviews..he is indeed a promising actor and all the best to him…

  5. Anyone who is complaining about the cockiness of Prithviraj should watch any – i mean any – interview with Mammotty. The answers are an insult to the questioner. But that is his personality. He has been like that always and still does it. So if Prithviraj is like that, so what? He is not running for the position of the Pope.

  6. How come you write that Dileep is not a superstar..can u ever imagine Prithviraj making 7 superhits in a row like what Dileep did ( from Ee parakkum thalika to Kalyanaraman)…At that time Big M’s too was trying hard to held there career…

  7. How do you define a superstar? An actor who brings continouus hits to film industry? Or an actor who does memorable characters despite of the movies’ financial success? I would say,the latter.Stardom is just a fantasy,in fact given by media and fans association.If you think about the characters portrayed by Thilakan,Nedumudi Venu and late Murali,can’t be they be considered as super stars? Prithvi has done a lot of good characters,though the movies were not ‘HIT'(if you are just looking at the financial benefit).Pakal,Vasthavam,Thalappavu,Daivanamathil are notable among those.An actor who shows his potential should be honoured whether he is a senior actor or a lead role.This is one of the major issues in Malayalam film industry.Look at Hollywood and Bollywood.They never go behind the hero to judge the best actor.Nana Patekar,Nasuredeen Shah,Om Puri,Anupam Kher are the best actors when compared to all the heroes we have in Bollywood now.In Hollywood,there are many!Just see,what leaves a character in your mind when you leave the theatre rather than judging a movie with its gross collection reports.

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