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Congratulations Lt. Col. Mohanlal


10 years back Pakistani terrorists and Army encroached into India and captured land in the Kargil area. It was not an easy battle; the terrorists blended into the surroundings and were hard to spot. An Indian Air Force plane on a reconnaissance mission was shot down by stinger missile. At this time, Israel sent the Heron and Searcher UAVs which provided much necessary information needed to destroy the enemy.

Last November, a bunch of Pakistani terrorists casually landed in Mumbai and caused a carnage from which we have not emotionally recovered. We have various internal forces trying to destroy the nation. Maoists control a large number of districts and kill at will. Recently Kerala police received an e-mail from a group  “which is headqurtered in Karachi with a branch office in Sharjah, has the support of the ISI, Lashkar-e-Toiba and Dawood Ibrahim” and wanted to carve a separate state for Muslims from four Northern states of Kerala.

Given this context, it is commendable that Mohanlal has joined the Territorial Army. The TA was raised by C Rajagopalachari on Oct 9, 1949.

Army chief General Deepak Kapoor said the Territorial Army has proved its merit both during war and peacetime. Men of the TA help maintain essential services during strikes and the force has contributed immensely in counter-terrorism operations in Jammu & Kashmir and the North-East. TA personnel are fully capable to undertake responsibilities in running essential services and the TA departmental units has six Regiments trained in Railways, seven Regiments to run General Hospital services, one for Oil & Natural Gas, one for Refineries and Pipelines, one for Marketing Battalion of Army Supply Corps and an infantry battalion for Ecological Task Force which has undertaken several aforestation drives across the country.[MPs, young and elderly alike, keen to join territorial army]

The middle aged Mohanlal, whether you like it or not, is still a youth icon and we hope this move will inspire the youth of Kerala to serve the country.


  1. VC,
    For a moment I thought you are unhappy with Lalettan being a Lt.Col, soon I figured it is otherwise.
    Yes,he is still a youth icon and can for sure inspire a lot of Malayalee youth to join the defence services.
    Good that he is still a youth icon, thanks to his own capabilities and achievements and that there is no one in the industry worth looking forward to.(Dileep is crass,Prithviraj is just show,Jayaram,Suresh Gopi etc failed to make a mark.Prithviraj can never do a Lalettan 🙂 )


  2. mohanlal is lt.colonel territorial is a long way since his highly noticed appearence in fazil’s manjilvirinjapookkal as the shy villain.over the years mohanlal has donned several roles most of them became popular.he should be grateful to the malayali audiences and to the pantheon of directors and writers who were also instrumental in his icon 2004 or so he completed 25 years in films and an event was organised in trivandrum to mark the occasion.except for prominent directors like adoor and almost all major directors have utilised his talent.mohanlal and mammootty have come to a stage when malayalam poular films are unthinkable without them.added to all these mohanlal essayed many stageshows…all these are appreciable.but the rub comes joining the T.A i am not clear about the message he is trying to send across to his fans.this act is just after his war films mainly by major ravi.will anyone enlighten me on this?

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