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Mammootty through 3 decades – change we need?


We thought it would be interesting to take a look at Mammootty’s movies across 3 decades. Apart from reflecting audience’s taste, such an analysis would also provide us an insight on actor’s choice of roles. We were specifically looking at movies released in years 1989,1999 and 2008/2009. While Mammootty didn’t act in a single comedy role in 1989 and 1999 such roles made up more than 60% of movies released in 2008/09.  It’s up in the air if the actor was adapting to changing tastes of audience or thought such roles would guarantee box office success. Another startling find is the number and quality of movies released in 1989.  There were no big hits in 1999, a period in which his career was at its nadir. This leads us to believe that he changed tack and in the last few years  and found success via comedy roles.  We’ll see how other actors changed/adapted and see if Mammootty was an isolated case or part of the trend.

# of Movies 1989 1999 2008/09
1 Mrigaya Ethirum Puthirum Daddy Cool
2 Mahayanam Ezhupunna Tharakan Ee Pattanathil Bhootham
3 Nair Saab Megham Love in Singapore
4 Jagratha Pallavur Devanarayanan Twenty:20
5 Artham Prempujari (Guest Role) Maya Bazar
6 Carnival Stalin Sivadas Parunthu
7 Adharvam Thachiledathu Chundan Annan Thambi
8 Utharam The Godman Roudram
9 Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha
10 Adikkurippu
11 Mudra
12 Mounam Sammadham
13 Charithram

PS: Movies marked in green were either hits or won critical acclaim


  1. Charitram in 1999. I think its a goof up. It should be on the 89 list.. And Mudra I guess, is a hit..

  2. Vinod, thanks for pointing out the mistake.

  3. The Golden era of Malayalam ended by mid 90’s. From then on, most of the talented film-makers of the 80’s became outdated or out of ideas. So all actors who started out in the 80’s like Mammootty wud have gone through this career transformation /degradation..

  4. agree with magnum. mohanlal got typecast into the moustache twirling roles, and suresh gopi into the cop roles. jayaram and dileep were offering a breath of fresh air, but jayaram first and dileep a bit later also got typecast later.

  5. i thought carnival was hit? anyway the movie was good.

  6. a great director said’the right face means half the characterisation is achieved’.nothing could be truer if one watches any of mammootty’s movies.for me at least none compares with him in the sheer power of presence, among the heroes.thilakan murali rajan p dev et al are the other faces which follow the dictum.mammootty never had any godfather and of course no group of friends to titillate his ego.he looks like someone with great self esteem always seriously articulate offscreen too.mammootty it seems doesn’t have to emote or gesticulate since his face or a glance catches the spirit of the moment.he is perhaps lucky to have been utilised almost completely by leading directors.often we hear of actor’s talent not fully utilised and stuff like that.even years down the road mammootty’s face is likely to linger most in the malayali brain map.g.balachandran

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