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How to resolve Adoor – TV Chandran Fight


Adoor’s new movie Oru Pennum Randanum has a straight forward narration compared to his previous movies like Anantharam.

The film consists of four segments  The Thief, The Police, Two Men and a Woman and One Woman, Two Men. The first story is about a thief who, by force of circumstances, is unable to renounce his only means of livelihood and is punished by his disgrace more than by law; he loses courage to face his proud son. In the second story, two corrupt and wily police men – the ‘grassroots’ representatives of the state, systematically rob an honest rickshaw puller of his savings and also freedom. In the third story we find a youngster wavering between ‘obligations’ to his family and society, and the love he feels for his servant whom he impregnates. It is the ‘law’ of what he is expected to
do versus the ‘justice’ of what his being yearns for. The fourth story, the most sensuous among the four, has a beautiful woman at the centre inviting lovers and inciting stories. Panki Amma is an enigmatic woman to whom men are attracted; she rejects none and seems to offer love to all, may be of different kinds. [The work of a master]

The Kerala State Film Jury thought this was the best film of 2008, better than TV Chandran’s Vilapangalkkapuram. TV Chandran meanwhile thinks Adoor’s film is a TV serial.

“This time the award for the best film has been given to a TV serial and not a film. Last year his film was not given an award because the then jury felt his film was a serial,” Chandran told reporters here. [Adoor’s film is a TV serial: T. V. Chandran]

Adoor meanwhile thought that since the accuser was ‘TV’ Chandran, he would know something about ‘TV’ serials.

Commenting on the same Adoor said that those who think his film is a television serial is “ignorant of what a TV serial is and what a film is”.[Adoor’s film is a TV serial: T. V. Chandran]

We understand TV Chandran’s frustration. He tried to make an award movie with Dileep as the hero – Kathavaseshan – which was equivalent to making a dragon fly lift Sai Kumar. It did not win any awards. But when Adoor was not in the picture Chandran’s movies have won national acclaim, like the brilliant Padom Onnu, Oru Vilapam.

Both these two are great directors and it becomes a problem when both have movies together. To resolve this, we should change laws so that they alternate each year. When Adoor makes a movie, TV Chandran takes a break and vice versa. If they don’t listen, we think, whatever movie Vinayan makes that year should be given the best picture award. That should teach everyone a lesson.


  1. I don’t think any others, in India, put as much importance to awards as Malayalees.

    We all know that it is not about deserving, but other politics, in this sort of cinema awarding. It is not like getting exam marks and scoring first. So peace.

  2. The sad thing about the whole issue is the common man almost never get to see an Adoor movie so one doesn’t know how much he has progressed since Vidheyan or Mathilukal. It’s surprising that the mainstream TV channels too doesn’t show any interest in bringing his pictures to the mass.

    Maybe I should do a search on Youtube now! 😉

  3. I don’t think any others, in India, put as much importance to awards as Malayalees.

    very true…

    an interesting question to ponder…

    would any one even still remember about these films
    50 years down the road?

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  5. @James ,no arguments but i think Adoor’s Swayamvaram(1972),Kodiyettam(1977),Elippathayam(1981) K G George’s Yavanika(1982),Swapnadanam(1975),Ulkatal (1975) are still the most discussed films when we talk about path breaking or good malayalam films,So i think there are some good films by these directors that has stood against the test of time.
    Regarding awards,according to what some jury members tell there is so much politics involved in all the decisions based on region,language etc.There are instances when Thilakan lost the best actor award to Ashok Kumar purely based on that and MGR getting national award for best actor etc.So i think the frustrations of good directors are understood.

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