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After Malayalam, Bhagwan to punish Tamilians, Kannadigas and North Indians


Just when we thought the running battle between Reviewers and Bhagwan was won by former, Bhagvan strikes back.

Bhagawan, the Mohanlal-starrer directed by Prashanth Mambully is all set to be re-made in Tamil, Kannada and Hindi too.

The film, which made news on account of being a full-fledged commercial movie shot in a single day (17 hours to be more precise), has already been released, on May 15. Prashanth Mambully, who made his directorial debut with ‘Bhagawan’, will himself be directing the re-make versions. While it’s Arjun who will be acting in the Tamil version, Shivaraj Kumar will be the hero in the Kannada version and Sunny Deol will play the lead in the Hindi version[Bhagwan to be remade in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada].

The director, after psychologically scarring thousands of movie goers, delivers the final blow:

He clarified that the Tamil version will be shot in 5 days, since the film has got to match up to the standards there, on all terms. Prashanth said that Shivaraj Kumar has expressed his wish that the Kannada version may be shot in just one day, like the original Malayalam version. Discussions are going on about the same, said Prashanth. The Hindi version will be shot in ten days[Bhagwan to be remade in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada].

Director implies that Kannada has same standards as Malayalam, Tamil is 5 times better and Hindi is 10 times better – even with Sunny Deol as hero. That’s pretty damning.

In case you escaped the torture, but fancy self mutilation or doing a penance to please the Bhagwan, read the review here.


  1. Bhagwan is a total crap…
    But bollywood will accept it bcz thats their standard… 😛

  2. “bollywood will accept it bcz thats their standard” 😀

  3. I wonder what Prashanth Mampully thinks about his own movie…maybe he just wants to set world records

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