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Mammootty – Love in USA


Mammootty, who landed in JFK airport was held for two hours by US Homeland security. The Indian consulate intervened and he was released. Moviebuzz is all angry .

For some bizzare reasons, Mammootty was briefly “Separated for questioning and grilled” by US Homeland security. In his passport Mammootys name is Mohammad Kutty Ismail Paniparambil. The buzz is that those who land in US with the name Mohammed Ismail are detained, and questioned at length, though no official reasons are given for it.

Anyone who follows buzz would know why this happened. Post 9/11, the passenger list is scanned for suspicious looking names — names which sound like Islamic terrorists — and they are taken for secondary questioning. This is quite normal and not bizarre. Moviebuzz says no official reason is given for it, which is sad because there is an official reason for it and it was disclosed by the FBI itself long time back.

After displaying his ignorance, Moviebuzz goes to new lows.

Remember Mammootty has a huge fan following in US, and is perhaps the best known Malayalee in the world.

The statement that Mammootty has a huge fan following in the US is totally misleading. One would think that all 306,367,000 Americans are fans of Mammootty. Maybe we understood it wrongly. Maybe he meant Indians. Indians form about 2,765,815 in number which 0.9% of the population. Assuming that most fans are Malayalis and their allegiances are divided between Mohanlal and him, the huge fan following would a minuscule number. This is why you have to be careful when indulging in hyperbole.

Now the second part of the sentence: “is perhaps the best known Malayalee in the world.” Probably yes. Probably Mohanlal is the best known Malayali in the world. Who knows. Or maybe the late Adi Shankara is the best known Malayali in the world.

The irony of it is that E.Ahamed a Malayalee is currently the Minister of State for External Affairs Government of India!

For the love of God or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, we could not find the logic in this statement. Since Mammotty is a Malayali and E Ahamed is a Malayali, this should not have happened? Or should E Ahamed have intervened? Or the Homeland security officials in United States should have known about this relation and let Mammotty go?

What Moviebuzz should realize that it does not matter who Mammootty is or how many people know him or who the Minister of State is. If they have to detain and question someone, the pedigree does not matter. It does not matter even if you are a US Senator.

U.S. Sen. Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy said yesterday that he was stopped and questioned at airports on the East Coast five times in March because his name appeared on the government’s secret “no-fly” list.[Sen. Kennedy flagged by no-fly list ]

Finally, and ironically Mammotty does not share Moviebuzz’s anger.

“Every country has its
laws and systems. We too have it. We should obey those laws. I did not
feel discriminated or harrassed when I was questioned at the airport,”
he told rediff India Abroad. “This
is not something that happened to me alone. So there is no point taking
it seriously,” he added. Even US Senator Edward Kennedy has been
stopped at airports, the star pointed out.[When Mammootty became a suspect in New York ]

Or it could be true, as MovieBuzz suggested, Mammootty is really world famous. So world famous that Department of Homeland Security  folks saw Love in Singapore and they really wanted to tell him what they thought about it.


  1. “Remember Mammootty has a huge fan following in US, and is perhaps the best known Malayalee in the world.”


  2. “Or it could be true, as MovieBuzz suggested, Mammootty is really world famous. So world famous that Department of Homeland Security folks saw Love in Singapore and they really wanted to tell him what they thought about it.”

    This was the icing in the cake!! Hilarious 🙂

  3. I thought this was a movie review forum and not any website review forum.

    vc, Moviebuzz Big time enemy?

  4. Slighty off topic, but simply loved that last dig on LIS, VC!
    That was one monstrous affair, for sure.

  5. the only odd thing is that the US immigration services took 2 hours to verify that mammootty is a reasonably well known person. if they were efficient, they could have done that much faster than that, maybe in 30 minutes, mammootty being a person who has won national honours.

    of course, it is an altogether different issue if they detained him *knowing* who he is, but yet were suspicious of him.

  6. “Mammootty has a huge fan following in the US”…That would have been awesome! Imagine regular white americans going to watch Mammootty and Mohanlal and buying Yesudas CDs! Unfortunately its only a dream.

    I think US immigration services would have identified Mammootty within minutes, not even; because if it took that long for them to figure out who Mammootty is, they are really stupid, even if they have never heard of him – just search on google…

    but they probably had to go through a lot of formalities, even if they themselves realized who he is. that’s probably what took so long

  7. They’re kissing up (Sify) because those buffoons don’t want to play with fan’s emotions. Imagine if Mentalkanth had to face the same plight, Moviebuzz(Sify) would have a field day with that.

  8. “This is why you have to be careful when indulging in hyperbole”

    VC, I want to take your attention to your statement in an article published sometime back.

    The Malayali Inferiority Complex
    “Looking for a Malayalam song or dance in such award events is like searching for a Priyadarshan movie which has not been ‘lifted’ from English.”
    What I could find using search engine was that only 9 out of 38 Priyadarshan movies were lifted from English. That’s a small number and your statement contradicts the intent.

    Off topic, but as a fan of Chithram, Kilukkam, Vellaanakalude Naadu, Midhunam and Thenmavin Kombath, I want to say that his mostly watched movies are original. [Or just as his enemies say “Google failed at identifying the original”]

    I would like to see more Malayalam-movie related articles on Varnachitram.


  9. george,

    Let us say Immigration Service identified Mammotty as a famous actor from Kerala, by googling for “Muhammed Kutty Ismail Paniparambil”, the name given in his passport. From an American perspective, why should they give him preferential treatment, something which they have denied even to a person who has been a US senator for 40 years.

  10. i think US Immigration services folks had an axe to grind with Mammotty because they watched “Dubai” where he had made the saayipp pronounce “ambalappusha”

  11. jibs,

    i think george’s point is adding to what i said earlier. it is not about giving mammootty any preferential treatment. if they detained mammootty because they don’t know who he is, and he is likely to be a threat, then they should have been able to figure him out very fast. at least, they should not have taken 2 hours for that. he is a reasonably famous person. if they took 2 hours to figure that out, then that speaks of their deficiency.

    but if they detained mammootty knowing who he is, but still wanted to do checks on him, then they are completely justified. i think it was this point that george was trying to bring up.

  12. “should not have taken 2 hours for that”

    What if they had others other than Mammootty?

    Was only one person (Mammootty) caught that day
    in an airport?

  13. Who’s the most famous malayali ? Mammootty ? Mohanlal ? Yesudas ? K R Narayanan ? A K Antony ? Sasi taroor……

  14. In terms of the popularity question… I would say the most famous Malayali in the US right now is probably Shashi Tharoor.
    Him in the TV show Colbert Report.

  15. usa fears another terrorist attack.they have doubt in all muslims and they(also other caucasian countries) prejudice have mentality that all muslims have terrorist mind.the same incident also happened to sharooq khan at the usa airport.

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