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Bhoomi Malayalam


Often we complain, after being subject to torture like Sagar alias Jackie and Love  in Singapore, that why don’t we make some decent movies? Apparently we do still make decent movies. At least 10 Malayalis can vouch that Bhoomi Malayalam is watchable.

Bhoomi Malayalam is good, fast, at times a little too ‘painkili’ emotional(that would be there, frickin women! 🙂 ), but highly watchable. It is not much of a thought provoking movie, but one those ‘reminding’ movies which reminds us of things. Then, atleast the ten people who watched “Bhoomi Malayalam” wouldn’t go home complaining about the sorry state of Malayalam cinema.[T a l k i e s » T.V. Chandran’s Bhoomi Malayalam]

But 10 people is an insufficient number to stop the Death Watch.


  1. I’m looking forward to Ranjit Shankar’s “Passenger”…

    I hope it will turn out good!

  2. “Not because the film itself is exceptional, but because it reminds one of Panahi’s ‘Dayereh’ that had mesmerized audiences worldwide.”

    by VN from

    2/5 rating.

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