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Revisiting Vargam

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In our review of Vargam, three years back, we wrote

Though the story looks interesting there is nothing new in it for it is an exact copy of Devasuram, including the climax scene. The director of this movie, Padmakumar worked as an assistant to Renjith who wrote Devasuram.[Review : Vargam | varnachitram]

To which Raphel Lazar commented

The finding of Devasuram and Vargam similarity is one of the jokes of the century. If we do not like a better movie to success and doesn’t like the actor who played it then it is OK. There are 100s of differences in both the movies.[Review : Vargam | varnachitram]

So in 2009, we have Prithviraj talking about the movie — on how he and the director Padmakumar were big fans of Devasuram, on why he thinks it is one the best commericial movies ever — and in the process mentions that Vargam was indeed an adaptation of Devasuram.

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  1. Well I guess that proves it.

    This film is certainly inspired from IV Sasi’s film.

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