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Malayalam Cinema Death Watch (2)


A major news today was that Resul Pookutty has joined the Pazhassi Raja team. This is indeed great news and we would be able to see his magic – if only Malayalam cinema survives till the end of this year. Everyone knows that every Malayali is a revolutionary. We fight for our rights, but don’t like it when we are reminded us of our responsibilities. Especially the High Court.

The latest fun is the fight between various groups. Actually the fun was always there, but now it has taken a serious fun turn and we have reached a stage where a strike has been called. All efforts for compromise have failed. Now Pookutty can record the sounds of silence in the movie sets. Even Achyutanandan, the man with a PhD in vetti nirathal, has expressed concern.

So the right question to ask now is: Who will survive 2012?


  1. If Malayalam cinema has a death watch, then the rest of Indian cinema is very ill. Hindi simply copies Hollywood and western culture(the worst case, in my opinion). Many of the tamil and telugu movies feature superhuman “thalapathis” acting to cliched story lines. Kannada seems to simply copy Tamil and Telugu.

    When filmmakers make movies simply to gain money or fame, the result is the cliched “commercial movie.” The filmmaker seems to have no real interest in the characters or the story of the movie.

    In most of the movies that are considered “classic” or “very good” the filmmaker pays attention to these characteristics…Whether it is Padmarajan’s movies or entertainers like “Summer in Bethlehem” or “Thenkasipattanam”, there is an element of originality in the characters and the story or at least in the way the story is told.

    Every film industry had its own “Golden Age.” In my opinion, most of the Indian film industries are far from a golden age due to the commercialization of the actual making of the film. Since I am more familiar with Indian movies, I cannot say anything about other countries…maybe they are in a similar position, I dont know.

  2. Then again, all this stuff could be cyclical…During the 70s and early 80s, there were a good number of Malayalam movies that were cliched in script, or direction…But then it began to change by the early to mid 80s.

  3. i saw shyamaprasad’s latest ritu which is replete with new faces,hitherto untried millieu of it professionals placed in stark contrast to the ontemporary kerala realities.except for 2 aspects the film is worth is the indulgence in the bg score and the other sloppy establishing shots.the movie is slickly realised and whatever may be its forgivable flaws the director needs to be congratulated for making a good film minus super star antics,conventional trappings and stale humour.ritu touches vital aspects like dislocation of small and impoverished people’s land for the sake of techno sanitised spaces,the young apolitical it youngster’ disdain for traditional values…to name a few.the film looks mostly like an overstretched music video shot using current digital cameras supported by cg graphics. gbc menon

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