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Malayalam Cinema death watch


One question we usally worry about is not if Malayalam cinema will die or worse become Kannada cinema, but when it will happen. Last year among the 60 odd movies released, only 5 made money. This year Moz n’ Cat saw film makers like Fazil dumping a brain dead script on viewers and Mohanlal sleep walking through a sequel. The sequel of Hariharnagar was not great but since the competition is Sagar and Moz, it is minting money.

Bad movies will kill the industry only slowly. To accelerate the death, you need unions and we have that in plenty. Then unions too have certain limitations, so Malayalam unions have aligned with political parties to kill the industry as soon as possible.

Mollywood is finally getting over – politicised, with the leading
associations in the business pleading important political parties, to
support their causes in the on goings scuffles between them. While
MACTA (Malayalam Cine-Technicians Association),has already acquired
the support from the CPI, the leading group of filmmakers under FEFKA(
the Film Employees Federation of Kerala ) is before the CPI(M) leaders
for help.[Mollywood faces over- policalisatio ]

Politicians know only one thing: destroy something. So now they have decided to apply hartal/bandh and such creative processes to film making.

MACTA (Malayalam Cine Technicians Association) members, headed by its
general secretary Baiju Kottarakkara who had held a march to the
location of Dileep’s movie ‘Bodyguard’ at Varikkassery Mana in
Ottapalam on Saturday, again made similar protest by barging into the
location of Mammootty’s ‘Daddy Cool’ in Muhamma on Sunday. The
protesters which included AITUC members also were resisted by the a few
police man initially, but when Mammootty’s supporters and DYFI
activists tried to protect the star, a tense atmosphere remained in the
location for many hours.  The shooting was disrupted for some time in
Muhamma. [MACTA march to Mammootty’s location ]

It cannot get better than this. State of Malayalam cinema industry is no different from other industries in Kerala. In shambles. For a industry in which the chance for success is 8.3333% only thing lacking was these trade union activities. Do politicians and perpetrators of recent actions ever imagine what would happen if they close shutter on this industry? (Answer: The next generation will learn five languages: English, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu).


  1. Very sad indeed…God’s own country’s very own curse: Political Parties. Its ironic that some of the filmmakers who have directed political satires in the past are part of this movement.

    “Mohanlal sleepwalking through a sequel” – Very funny, but true description indeed of SAJ

    However, I thought 2 Harihar Nagar was a breath of fresh air in these times…Mookilla Rajyathu Murimookan Raajavu, as the saying goes. Unlike the Dileep comedies that we see today, 2 Harihar Nagar actually had a plot, despite being molded on the old one. And in this time and day, that is rare for a comedy movie.

    Hopefully the success of 2 Harihar Nagar will cause filmmakers to actually try to put in a story into comedy movies in the future.

    It could help avoid the trend of mindless item numbers and things that are slowly finding its way into malayalam cinema.

  2. Thanks to Vinayan, at least there is some action in the industry. Well how long will the protests go? It is obvious that people with Baiju are never going to win the battle. It will just let them spend their time n energy. Also don’t think malayalam would go the Kannada way. Movies in Kannada are the worst craps made in the name of cinema anywhere in the world (Except for one or two in 5 or so years)

  3. Just read through this post and was looking through my latest desi CD purchases. About 2/3rds are Tamil(and I swear I’m a Malayali). I see how you worked out that closing line. Sadly true.

  4. Surprising that so many people say good things about 2 Harihar Nagar (and making it a big hit in the process). I felt the movie was a disaster in most terms – no believable plot, no original comedy, no great songs, terrible loopholes in the climax, Jagadish’s buffoonery (and he’s supposed to be a doctor!). Too many cliched scenes from Siddique-Lal’s old movies (like the childhood friends) … the list is long.

    Honestly the only thing I liked was the title animation.

    But then, I haven’t seen SAJ, Love in Singapore (wasn’t that the name) and other masterpieces. Maybe people are just comparing the movie with those…

  5. Compared to things like Moz and Cat, and Love in Singapore, 2 Harihar Nagar is a very good movie…But it is definitely not good when compared with In harihar nagar, godfather, mannar mathai speaking.

  6. Pazhassi Raja should be a very well made movie…MT Vasudevan’s script and direction by Hariharan. On top of that, I think Hariharan has been making and polishing this movie for more than a year.

    If this movie does not become a hit , then Malayalam cinema will be dead for sure (assuming that Pazhassi Raja does live up to these expectations)

    Note that when I say hit, I dont mean recovery of investment. But instead, that people will go to the see the movie. Perhaps, a hundred day run or something like that.

  7. If Pazhassi Raja has to attract people, then it needs to be marketed very well. Unlike the other so called super-star movies, it may not bring fans to the theatres. So it is upto the producers to generate interest in commoners. It’s early days but still i am not sure whether the common man is aware that such a magnum opus is getting ready in the industry. Marketing failures have haunted the industry in the recent past. Of course marketing does not ensure that the movie goes on to become a hit.

    Promos from SAJ and 2HHNG are prime examples of misconceptions that are thrown at people. SAJ promo did look fantabulous prompting people to go and have a look at it in the theatres at least i the early days. But the 2HHNG promo was pretty boring instilling fears that the movie had rehashed old comic craps with the Jagadeesh bufoonery (not entirely untrue). But in the theatre, within the crowd, the bufoonery kept people in splits and thereby we have the first superhit of the year.

  8. Very true; Sagar alias Jacky, which has generated a lot of bad reviews from critics and regular people alike, has made a lot of money this way. And of course, there is always brainless fan following for these types of “stylish” films. A lot of these idiotic fans will have no real basis for not seeing a Mammootty movie if they are a Mohanlal fan, and vice versa.

    As long as they see their favorite superstar wearing 10 different cooling glasses throughout the movie, fighting 10 people at once and saying some bombastic dialogues, they are happy.

    Sadly, a lot of good films have flopped in the past due to terrible marketing strategies, and partly due to these fans; Hopefully Pazhassi Raja does not take this path

  9. all anthony movies make money because of the hype….even naturajavu(kind of avg) and baba kalyani made money….if instead of mohanlal anyone else acted it would have bombed…..i think even alibhai made money because of its initial hype…..ashirvad can be all the yash chopra film makers of malayalam.

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