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Moz n Cat – Round up, Box office verdict and Dilip’s future


Following Sagar Alias Jacky,  Moz n Cat is facing turbulent waters, like a cargo ship in Somali waters.  Cat and mouse game is on between viewers and theaters. The box office verdict is bad and reviews are brutal. So gory that we don’t want to put the excerpts on this site. But you can read them here, here or here.   A series of flops have questioned the viability of Dileep as a sale able star.  Sidique(Director of  Bodyguard)  must be a very nervous man. What does the future hold for this super star, we’re trying to do some crystal ball gazing.

Dileep looks at the latest box office reports and sees that 2 Harihar Nagar is a winner.   He would most probably come out with sequels for his successful movies. Ever helpful, we have a few suggestions.

  1. CID Moosa goes to London
  2. Lioness(Lion + Chanthupottu)
  3. Kochi Rani
  4. July 4th 2010 BCE (a period film which will be a double role film,Dileep will play hunter as well as gatherer)
  5. Sane Gopalan
  6. Commissioner Garud (with Suresh Gopi as a bird)

Only good thing about Moz n Cat is that it  would accelerate the  demise of Fazil’s career as a director. Can’t believe this is the same person who directed Manichitrathazhu.


  1. hilarious post !!!!!!

    some more suggestions for Dileep sequels:

    1. Aluva Don (sequel to Dileep’s THE DON directed by Amal Neerad in slow motion and Dileep speaking in pure Hindi)

    2. Mimicry-dhalam (Dileep’s version of Mohanlal’s dance hit, Kamaladhalam)

    3. Crazy Peethambaran (adapted from Mr.Bean, Tom & Jerry etc.. exclusively for Dileep’s Kintergarden fans)

    4. KingKong in Kochi (Dileep’s tribute to Hollywood King Kong. Minimal Make-up by Pattanam Rasheed)

    5. Valayar Singam (2 in 1 action thriller sequel to Runway & Lion. Dileep to play Kerala Chief Minister who smuggles chocolates and baby food through Valayar checkpost)

  2. Poor Guy, he thinks that every child is his fan. That’s why he comes up these mindless craps. But beware. He will bounce back. Will just go and pay some saleable director (Sathyan, Blessy, Laljose, Siddique) huge chunks and get him to direct an average grosser…….Sure he will already be running after ‘Lal’ to give him some breathing space.

  3. LOL at So gory that we don’t want to put the excerpts on this site.

    Thanks for the warning;not that I would have spent my time and money watching a Dileep movie.

    I happened to watch 2HH Nagar, how stupid can they make a character.They just screwed up Jagadish’s character.Like we say in Malayalam,over aayi poyi .
    What was the whole point of having that Atlas Jewelery clown ? And why a sub standard suspense in the end?

    It is heard that people who have watched SAJ are not owning up the fact that they watched it.Also that people who have watched Red Chillies are really happy with SAJ.


  4. Look at movie name itself, quite unlike any Fazil movie’s. Probably to meet expectations of Dileep fans.

  5. I absolutely agree with Ujwal. I saw this movie in B’lore and ws not at all disappointed. I would rather see Mohan lal do these kind of roles in Malayalam than anyother actor. No body else has that suave, polished, rich look about them. You take anybody even prithvi (horrible sense of dressing) They would look misfit and not at all confident in doing these roles. Lal manages well. Just look at those scenes in Goa where the gang is having beer, how lal performs. Imagine anybody else looking kewl doing that in Mallu land! As much as i like Mamootty, even he cannot do that. Its nature. Lal has lot of friends and has led life like spoilt brat. It shows in movies where he is at ease with stunts and when he is among the boys !..
    Remember Kaante Anybody..

    To be frank SAJ is not at all a bad film, one has to be blind to call it bad. More over can see the intention and genuine attempt by Amal unlike a Red Chillies.

    The media bashing is uncalled for and seem to have a sinster design behind it. Probably they were not paid for promotion. I have seen write superhit for Lal movies like Natturajvu, Naren and also Red Chillies (Thriller they called Phew !). It has happened in bollywod also. Film promotion requires now adays to take care of reviewers and website !!

    Calling 2HHN a good movie or entertaining and supporting would only ensure more such crap coming our way. How is 2HHN a good movie but not Thurupgulan? Finally how come a crap movie like Madambi is appreciate but not SAJ. Ask anybody would they watch madambi / rasantantram again. The answer would be No but SAJ yes i will have a DVD in my collection.

    This is the only movie of Mohan Lal which i liked in a long time after Tanmatra and Vadukknathan

  6. Forgot to add Twenty Twenty another movie which would not have been the sam without Lal.

  7. Somebody Plz tell Mohanlal fans to read the title before posting comments.

  8. “CID Moosa goes to London”

    I think a good name for the CID Moosa sequel would be “CID Moosa Reloaded” directed by Amal Neerad 😀

  9. @Sunny,

    Spare us the rest of the titles in your DVD collection.
    With SAJ leading the pack, we pretty much get a decent idea.

    Lal looking suave as the spoilt brat in the Goa scene??
    Come on, even the blindest of Lal fans can see better than that.
    There was an article that came up in the New Indian Express this weekend that put it bluntly across.
    Perhaps you could take a read.

    It has come to a point, when you could even convince the reviewers.
    But its difficult to make a hardcore fan see sense.
    Between reviewers and these senseless fans, the former ones seem a safer bet.


    Point noted.
    But I simply had to blurt out something, having seen this veneration that crosses all borders of normalcy.

  10. Aluva don…hahahahah..dude did u forgot dileeps and vinyan’s masterpiece war and love…

  11. King kong in Kochi should be directed by the India’s only sci-fi director “Vinayan Sar”. He already has experience directing Hulk in Kochi……….

  12. Its high time the so-called “kilavan” stars retired! I can’t take another Red Chillies or Mayavi or a Dileep attempt at producing and directing utter nonsense. It is difficult to beleive that these are the people who gave enamored us with their acting abilities in “Thoovanathumpikal”, “Mathilukal” and “Sallapam”!!!

  13. PDB how dare u compare mohanlal and mammooty with dileep……compareison of mammooty and mohanlal is debatable but these grt actors should never be compared with dileep….dileep should be compared with mukesh……
    has dileeep ever won any award for his acting?
    even his performance in TV Chandran’s movie was bad!
    Can dileep do a BigB or Sagar alias Jacky?

    [Various Malayalam Forum type language edited out – Ed]

  14. Big B and Sagar Alias Jacky, are not great films to be compared with…Mohanlal in Sagar Alias jacky seems wooden and unemoting. I personally would rather watch one of Dileep’s comedy movies than Sagar alias Jacky. But its movies like Amaram and Bharatham that show that Mammootty and Mohanlal are a class apart. The most intense and powerful main roles done in Malayalam cinema were played by a handful of actors, like Mohanlal, Mammootty, Thilakan, Nedumudi Venu, and Bharath Gopi.

    Btw, Dileep also had played some good powerful roles as well…Sallapam was an example…But clearly, I dont think he could have done what Mohanlal did in Bharatham for example.

  15. All these guys are gonna eat their words wen bodyguard comes out,dileep has proved that he can deliver superhits,and he is going to continue that.

  16. navee619, I admire your wishful thinking. Dilip along with Sibi and Udayan are a prime factor in dumbing down Malayalam cinema. There are two movies of Dileep which are exceptional – Sallapam and Chanthupottu. Other than those two movies, he has had many hits, but as an actor, he has not shown us anything which Jayaram or Mohanlal has shown us before. He may have hits in the future too, but as an actor, I think in the past decade we have seen everything he is capable of. He does not have any more tricks in the bag and due to his physical limitation, he cannot do any manly roles, which other actors were able to graduate to.

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