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Recently Mohanlal was made a Lt. Col. in the Territorial Army. It is not a movie, but volunteer reserve force created to protect India. This move was after Mohanlal acted in patriotic movies like Keethichakra and Kurukshetra.

We commend Mohanlal on this move – in taking up this position and serving the country. This also brings up the 200 kg question: what about Suresh Gopi.? In various police roles, adorned since the time of Marthanda Varma, there is no crime he has not solved and no politician he has not bought to justice. He made the state 100% English literate(meaning every Malayalee know at least one English word – shit), but no one has given him even an honorary constable title. Then people like him, who walk in slow motion with theme music, don’t wait for favours. They just get it. In the new movie, he is an IG, you know, just like that.

This also brings up a 60kg question. What about Dileep? If two army movies can win Mohanlal a Lt. Col title, what title should Dileep get after Kallan Gopalan and Meesha Madhavan?


  1. The real 200kg question is whether Mohanlal will be able to move his 200kg body and do something if he is in actual combat.

  2. he was not given that title for just his film, but the territorial army itself was made to popularize army.

    I am not sure if there any such section in kerala police to meet a similar purpose.

    Although not a Mohanlal fan he has been the best in his profession, and i wish we see him as an actor alone and not the roles he enact.

  3. enjoyed the funny lines 🙂

  4. Do you have any concerns over Kapil Dev, then? He is also part of the Territorial Army.

  5. Most of the people trying to act smart propagating negative comments on this situation, is because of ignorance.

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