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Review Roundup : Love in Singapore.


Lollipop has company. Dud after Dud!

Sify call the movie a travesty:

Rafi and Mecartin have delivered a dud with Love in Singapore. The title itself is a misnomer as there is no love in the film! It is unbearable and hackneyed and very difficult to sit through this travesty.

It is obvious that Mammootty has not read the script, as there was no such a thing. There is not even a basic one-line story in the film! The directors known for their humorous comedies has made Mammootty, Salim Kumar, Nedumudi Venu and Sooraj Venjaranmoodu (He is intolerable) to do some mimicry, as the audiences in the theatre hooted in disgust. didn’t find any love in Love in Singapore:

This is a rare category of a movie, that could perhaps be termed a bleak comedy. It is hardly stenciled as a story, the romance never gains a head or a heart and the dénouement is far from involving. It’s a bit too light and frivolous and never really precise either.

If there’s something or rather someone here that should allure you at all, it’s none other than Mammootty. The man is pure wine that simply gets better with age and if one manages to drive through this dissonance without getting hurt, it’s thanks to him. The charming actor looks quite suave and elegant and lavishly flaunts his magnetic appeal.

Supposedly a laugh-a-minute rib tickler that should have split your sides, Love in Singapore turns out to be a tragic debacle that doesn’t even have a clue as to what it needs to deliver. How low the mighty have fallen!

Rediff asks us to avoid Love in Singapore:

Mammootty has touched a new low as far as his selection of roles is concerned in Rafi-Mecartin’s latest Malayalam film Love in Singapore. Here he plays a a rags to riches scrap dealer Machu.

So, how does the plot unfold? Our man Machu, who started out as a rag picker, makes it big. He lives in a posh house in a posh locality and drives a fancy SUV. He desires to marry a beautiful girl, the ones you see in soap and talcum powder commercials (sic)! To fulfill his dream, he follows the advice of a neighbourhood business consultant Pereira (Nedumudi Venu), who suggests that he invest his earnings in stocks.


  1. this is a gud movie…..hey guys the websites are trying 2 degrade the movie..cmon guys rafi-mecartin never lets u down….!!! shame on sify and nowrunning…

  2. We all are fools . Or that is what our film makers think about malayalam cine goers . We have seen enough of mockery attempts from Mammotty in the recent years – and we all half heartdely justify – after all cinema is a business too and Mamootty can do those movies as there are fans loving it. This holds good till “Love in Singapore” – probably one of the most idiotic movie of recent times. It is a horrible attempt and cant think any reason why Mammotty agreed to do it . Pathetic attempts of comedy, horrible performances and What was there to comment on – Only probable reason I can think of is Mammotty secretly loved to walk in a ramp – man, self confidence also has it limits !!!!!!. Mammooty, please try to do justice to your talent – and stop thinking we all are fools

    My dear friends, before all those ‘die hard’ mammotty fans started bashing YET ANOTHER LAL fan( I have seen this happening with both Mohanlal and Mammoty fans whenever someone commented against them in many forums), please understand these are the comments from a real frustrated movie fan who watched the movie on the first day . I dont expect to see a classic on a Rafi-Mecartin flick – but was expecting an entertainer on a friday night -on the lines of “Hello”, “Thenkashipatanam” and it turned out to be a night mare

    God , help malayalam films!!!!!!!!!

  3. who told u that its a dud…. do u know the effort taken to create such movies. y the hell r u destroying malayalam film industry with such unneccessary review.Its a nice watchable movie.. definetly it didnt reached to the expectations like punjabi house or thenkassipattanam but what family and other film lovers needed r there. MAMMOOTTY has started his year 2009 quiet well… 2nd half has some arrogant scenenes else its a better entertainer. Never again try to comment so timidly fools…

  4. All these reviews are a DUD! The movie is surely worth watching. Looks like these “reviewers” were not paid enough to write good about the movie. You shouldn’t really expect a storyline in a movie that is nothing by comedy

  5. I just watched the movie; I feel extremely saddened to think that the same Mammootty of Thaniyavarthanam and Amaram ends up acting in terrible movies such as Love in Singapore.

    I think it is the superstar status that might be the problem. Mammootty and Mohanlal, are the finest actors in India, but the directors bring the superstardom into the movie itself. No longer can we see the simple Mammootty of the 80s and 90s. Instead, we see a “demigod” who can fight 10 people at once, and drives in an expensive SUV with the latest clothes, etc.

    Sometimes these characteristics are important..But when it shows up in every new movie, it just shows the sad fate of Malayalam cinema.

    Of course, this was supposed to be a comedy movie, but even the comedy movies of the past had a story line; Naadodikattu for example.

    Hopefully, Mammootty will do better roles in the future..Looking forward to see Pazhassi Raja

  6. This has to be one of the worst movies ever. I didnt laugh once during this comedy movie..actually correction.I did laugh when I saw Mamootty dance!..What kinda crap are they producing in the name of movies these days. And people actually like movies like this?… Malayalam movie standards really has gone downhill

  7. My friend’s grandfather used to say when he did mischief that a hot iron rod should be put on his ass (the typical malayalam language is known to all)…Same should be done for Mammooty, Mohanlal, Shaji Kailas, Suraj Venjaramood etc….

    Man the quality of films nowadays…just saw half of the movie “red chillies””///HOw on earth could that idiot (i am using dignified language here) Shaji Kailas direct such a stupid movie…


    If produccsers have too much money they should consider throwing it in the river rather than make such movies…

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