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Malayalam cinema -2008


It’s the end of the year and 2008 was not a stellar year for malayalam cinema. There were a few bright spots though. Sethumadhavan in PFC lists out what he thinks are the best movies of 2008.

2008 was a very average year for Malayalam cinema. The truly artistic movies seemed to be far and few.Hindi, tamil and dubbed telugu releases continued to flood the market in Kerala. Given below is my personal take on the Malayalam movies released in 2008-

Best Movies

Malabar Wedding- It was a small movie with Indrajeet and Gopika in the lead. Based upon a tradition called- ’sorakalyanam’ prevalent among some parts of the Malabar region of Kerala, the debutant director duo,Rajesh- Faisal was able to portray the tale in a very realistic way.Music by Rahulraj was also adequate.
Thirakadha- Directed by Renjith and allegedly based upon the romance between Kamal Haasan and Srividya, Thirakadha was a poignant tale of a young director (played well by Prithviraj) trying to make a movie based on the romance between the current superstar and a yesteryear actress. Priyamani was brilliant as the actress. Overall a well appreciated effort.
Gulmohar- Directed by Jayaraj,this movie marked the acting debut of director Renjith.As Induchoodan, a former naxalite who looks back at the earlier days of the naxalite movement and then sets forth on an unfinished mission, Renjith was clearly brilliant. Unfortunately the movie was not well received at the box office.
Twenty: 20- Yes I am being a bit indulgent here in my choice. But having all the big stars like Mammooty, Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi,Dileep, Jayaram etc in a single movie and doing justice to them is not a joke. For this reason alone director Joshy and producer Dileep deserve all the applause. ( check out my write up for more details)
Calcutta News- While this movie is not on the same level as director Blessy’s Kaazcha or Thanmadra, the movie was still reasonably realistic and had some good performances from Dileep and Gopika. It was another take on the flesh trade in Kolkata’s Sonagachi and reminded you of Kamal Haasan’s Mahanadi.
Veruthe Oru Bharya- Jayaram made a strong comeback with this surprise hit. He played a typical nagging husband who believes that his wife ( Gopika) should just be happy enough to do whatever he says. One fine day Gopika rebels and leaves home. Though the movie did not have a landmark story, Akku Akbar the director was able to ensure that the movie brought the family audiences back to the theatre.[Tamil and Malayalam Cinema in 2008-An Overview]

What is your take on the best movies of 2008. Is there any movie you think should have made to this list?

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  1. Some of the better films of ’08, at least of the ones I saw are:

    Renjith’s “Thirakkatha” (it had its flaws but better than usual)

    Madhupal’s “Thalappavu” (grt work, Madhupal should make more films)

    Jayaraj’s “Gulmohar” (finally he has come back to his territory)

  2. Can’t wait for Lal Jose’s and Hariharan’s films of ’09
    (both written by MT)

  3. It would be interesting to see MT-Laljose combo…

  4. Though ‘Veruthe oru Bhaarya’ didnt have a landmark story the s
    story was still original. Only thing is that in my opinion
    writers should have concentrated on events
    thats happening while husband tries to prove that menial
    jobs are not a big deal and wife though ‘resigned’ has not
    left the house. When she leaves the house the script jumps
    into the 3rd act and it happened a bit early.
    Because of a longer 3rd act movie drags a little in the
    second half.

  5. Heroine of Calcutta News is Meera Jasmine not Gopika.

  6. I actually had a question about a movie. From my understanding, it was a romantic movie with two new actors. It seems the guy was always on his bicycle following the girl around, (guy had a darker complexion and mustache) and …thats all I can remember. I think it takes place in some small village.

    Definitely released in 2008 with two unknown leads.

  7. Good choice James .Those three were the best Malayalam films of 2008.Sorry I couldn’t see Gulmohar;I stay in Cochin and Gulmohar was out of the Theaters in 5 days ;I believe films like Gulmohar ,Thalappavu etc may not be able to make good initials but they should be supported by the theaters so that like Thirakkatha these films can also get its viewers through mouth publicity.

  8. Good choice. I like especially the choice of “Malabar Wedding”- that is indeed a decent movie, but dont think it got the credits it deserve. “Cycle” is one movie I think miss from the list. It was a nice thriller and I believe it had a decent box office run also.

    Agree with the previous comment about “GulMohar” – I too want to watch that movie – as it looks like a promising movie- was not able to as I dont think it got released in Bangalore

    Like to mention a point about “Veruthe Oru Bharya”- Agree that this is the surprise hit of the year and happy to see Jayaram coming back with this hit, I dont think it is such a good movie. I dont see any reason why this can be such big hit, except for the great marketing (They really made use of the funny song sequence) Appreciate that innovative marketing techniques , but that does not talk about the merit of the movie

    That also is the case for other hits of the year – “Madambi” , “Innanthe Chintha Vishayam”, “Annan Thampi”

    In short, my choice of good movies of this year are (not considering “GulMohar” and “Adayalangal”- not lucky enough to watch those movies)

    Malabar Wedding

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