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Loli just popped

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Pritviraj’s Shafi directed Lollipop is turning out to be not a sweet experience for its distributors Mulagupadam Films. The climax of the film was changed, a day after its release!

The audience’s reaction to the film which released on Friday (December 19), was very bad. They just could not digest a ghost (Jayasurya) narrate the story in a flashback. By evening Shafi and co decided to change the climax.[Lolipop climax changed!]

So, what’s wrong with Malayalam Cinema?

One Comment

  1. and its not just commercial cinema, art-house and indie films
    are in a similar situation.

    its the business aspect of cinema that’s destroying Malayalam cinema.
    Producers want to make money hence they look for the run of the mill films, and remake it over and over again. With the same situations, same characters, and settings. There hasn’t come anything new since the end of the 80s. We need new and better filmmakers and scriptwriters to try something different and good.

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