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Review Roundup: Lollipop



Sreeram says that this Lollipop sucks:

Lack of originality in script, repeated comic sequences and dialogues that irritate, boring songs and dull song picturizations, overacting by most of the cast (Salim Kumar and Jayasurya are the saving grace), shoddy editing, tacky art direction and outrageous props- these are only some of the drawbacks of this listless enterprise. One can only feel sorry for the young brigade of Malayalam Cinema- if these are the kind of scripts that the youngsters are going to choose, this industry will be ruled by the 2 mighty superstars till they die. Shift your attention across the border guys- let us look forward to the theatrical release of Abhiyum Naanum, Villu and the like- they will definitely entertain us better! writes that Lollipop is a loser:

The film is a no-life zone of hideous magnitude that deserves nothing more than yawns and groans for the two and a half hours that it runs. There is neither a balance between wit or tension and not even a far-off sense of astuteness to be seen around. There’s little consistency between scenes, which doesn’t matter ultimately since it gradually proceeds from the familiar to the annoying to the truly maddening stuff.

This is no sugary candy on a stick, let me tell you. Flip your tongue over this Lollipop in all eagerness, and you would wish you had sunk your teeth deep into a raw bitter gourd instead.


  1. a prithviraj movie and a dud?

  2. Lollipop sucks:

    I like your humor 🙂

  3. the fault mainly lies in the script…

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