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Look who’s Laughing all the way to the bank


Two long years in making, too many delays, too many egos to pander, no movies to act, pouring money into what seemed to be a bottomless pit.¬† Many of us were laughing at Dileep’s dilemma thinking that the actor has bitten more than he can chew. Finally, Twenty 20 got released and is on the way to make box office history – if not already. The movie already collected Rs.12 Crores and eventually will earn close to Rs.25 Crores. Then there is audio, video and satellite rights. After taxes and some pocket change to AMMA – after all it’s AMMA’s charity – Dileep would still pocket a fortune. All this while¬† fans and their bosses were fretting about position in the poster or who gets more punches or who gets to deliver punch lines etc. Remember the proverb about Mindapoocha and Kalam?


  1. yeah there is another reason for Dileep to laugh. He had made a fool of the audience. Nowadays its like that in Kerala. The harder you mock the common sense of audience, the richer you get

  2. I heard that Innocent had initially approached our superstars including the 2 Ms with this idea. When they didn’t show any interest, he went to Dileep. If that’s true, then Dileep deserves it.

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