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The Revival

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Very often we have lamented about the sad state of Malayalam Cinema where only superstar movies provide guaranteed return. Why don’t Malayalees encourage youngsters or why don’t we have great scripts like the ones seen two decades back? These are questions we always asked.

Most often we hear the response that the “taste” has changed and film makers are just trying to cater new delicacies that tickle the palette. While that is acceptable, what we would like to see is film makers, who go against the convention. Now if you look for film makers like that there are plenty, but their movies remain in cans and you hear about a few of them when they win awards.

Real success is when you make an off beat film which is accepted by the masses. So it brings great joy to us to see Thirakkatha complete fifty days. The success of this movie is a tribute to Ranjith’s skill as a writer and if he is able produce occasional movies like this in the midst of his Narasimhams it would do good both for the industry and the actors involved.

We know that one swallow does not make a spring, but at least the success of this movie  shows that Malayalees are willing to give good Malayalam movies a chance so long as the movie has something fresh and is well made.

Here’s couple of reviews of this movie:

IndiaGlitz says that the movie is Thirakkatha – refreshingly different

The highlight of the movie is definitely the exquisite script work by the director, telling the plot as monologues of different personalities involved. This juxtaposing of stories between past and present may sound very complex and confusing, but in reality ‘Thirakkatha’ is one of the simplest stories you will ever see. The complexity comes from the depth of the characters, the strength of the script, and the extra investment that every single actor brings to their roles.

The story offers a lot of curiosity about whom on which the movie is based. The makers have placed the late actress Sreevidhya, directors Bharathan and Padmarajan on the posters and presented the movie as a tribute to the late beautiful actress. The movie also shows striking similarity with many actual incidents that happened in the eighties like the film ‘Kazhinja Manjukaalam’ that introduces three stars -of which the villain later turns out to become the superstar. The movie also shows the sets of ‘Rudhiram’ (or is it Roudram?) where the super star even behaves like a police officer even in his own circles, outside the film’s sets. says that movie is ‘Quite Good’:

Director Ranjith has gone to tinsel town for his new film Thirakatha. It is about the importance of a script in filmmaking and how it evolves. But what makes this script more interesting is that the main characters are from the show world.

It is his pursuit for a new theme that takes director Akbar Ahmed (Prithviraj) to the tragic affair between Malavika (Priyamani), a yesteryear heroine who has gone into oblivion now, and the evergreen hero Ajayachandran (Anoop Menon).

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  1. “off beat film”

    I don’t think there is any other
    country where films are categorized so much.
    In India we even have a term called “middle-stream”…
    Its quite strange. Is it the caste system influence?

    Looking at this Renjith film, it seems like a mainstream film.
    Ok, it doesn’t have any “Rajamanikyam” or “Narasimham” narrative
    style to it, but that doesn’t make it “off-beat”.

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