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Review roundup : Twenty 20


As circuses go, Twenty 20 seems to be a series of connected events, visual spectacle(at least if we go by one review). Fans come out satisfied, as they discovered that their respective super star’s reputation was unscathed – not withstanding poster imbroglio. As the purpose of the movie is for a good cause, we stop rambling here. is disappointed:

20:20 offers an extravagant spectacle that exudes surface luminance, but which soon gives way to a messed up interior that’s all potholes and bumps. A wannabe thriller, it scuttles along Mediocrity Highway armed with some natty twists, corny dialogue, stale stereotypes and zero exposé value.

For all the fending off, for all the blockading, there is finally an explanation. If you were like me, wondering what was so enigmatic about that plot that was being kept under wraps for ages, let me tell you we figured it all wrong. There never was a plot in the first place, folks. All those text messages and tons of vagrant news reports that claimed to have a know-how regarding the tale were no better than blank shots in a dark night – simply way off target. likes the movie(though the review does not explain why):

In the bipolar world of Malayalam Cinema, ruled by two giants — Mammootty and Mohanlal — it would be suicidal to cast both of them in a film and fail to give them equal importance. Dileep achieves this impossible feat with his trusted team of writers — Sibi K Thomas and Udayakrishna, and veteran director Joshiy.

The film is made as a fundraiser for AMMA, where every actor worth his salt makes an appearance (even if it is blink and you miss kind of role).

Now, coming to the most intriguing part of the process, that is the plot; you maybe forgiven, if you feel this is going to be run of the mill stuff in the beginning.

Berly Thomas thinks that it’s worth it:


  1. most reviews agree that the film has a) twists and turns to the plot b) equal footages to the superstar c) dileep the producer having just an extended guest role.

    it could have all gone horribly wrong. credit to joshy, sib and udayan

  2. Can’t wait to watch this movie!!!

  3. I have always liked Velu’s reviews, but for once, this Twenty:20 review of Velu leaves u a lot confused… It tells a lot but actually says nothing… Except for velu’s review all other reviews, rediff, sify, indiaglitz say the movie is good and watchable!!!

  4. The film has lived up to the expectations.I went to watch the movie on the first day itself.I was pretty much sure that the film wont be so great,coz its impossible to give equal footage to all the superstars,but the excitement of seeing all of them at the same time urged me to go for it.
    To be frank,i was pleasantly surprised coz its really good with catchy dialogues & styles & every superstar being given equal importance & footage.In short,I just loved the film & waiting to watch it again.Congrats to Joshy,Udayan & Sibi for living up to the hype.This film will always be remembered!!!!

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