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Story of Twenty-20


Apparently there is huge amount of speculation going on about the story line of AMMA’s all-star movie Twenty-20.

With  a big movie like ‘Twenty:20’, expecting to grace the theatres in a week, S M S and mails are spreading far and wide about the plots of the movie. The creators of the messages are also asking the recipients to forward the messages to each of their friends so that they also get an idea about the movie.

The movie makers, who were trying everything to keep the storylines in check with out being publicized, are a little astonished with the sudden dispersal of the plots. But they are not reacting to whether the spread plot is true.[‘Twenty: 20’ storylines on air]

We think that the story would be about characters with competing interests finally uniting for a common good or to vanquish a common enemy.  Sounds familiar? What do you think the story of 20-20 would be? Anyone willing to hazard a guess?

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  1. well i got a forward a few days ago on the story. not sure if its a hoax.

    prithviraj/kunchako get killed. lal is the suspect. mammoty is his advocate and suresh gopi is the police guy investigating. Mani is the witness. Dileep is a college student !! and bhavana is his love

  2. jeezz..such idiots..even i got these SMS’s..just marketting gimmick..make people talk abt the movie..shit..idiots

  3. what about Jayaram?

  4. so prithvi and kunchacko have sideline roles?

    like what kunchacko had in “Harikrishnans”…?

  5. According to wiki Dileep was born in ’67.
    His BD was recently, this 27th.

    So he’s 41!!
    I don’t think its right to put him in the “young guy” group…

    he’s 7 years younger than Lal and pretty close to Jayaram

  6. “characters with competing interests finally uniting for a common good or to vanquish a common enemy. Sounds familiar?”

    reminds me of the x-men

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