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Indian Panorama – Malayalam movies galore


Amidst the bleak landscape where mediocrity is being celebrated, 7 Malayalam Movies were able to rise above the ordinary and make it to the Indian Panorama section of International Film Festival of India, to be held in Goa in December. Malayalam movies constitute more than a quarter of all the entries.

  • Pulijanmam
  • Oru Pennum Randannum
  • Akasha Gopuram
  • Vilapangalkkapuram
  • Adayalangal
  • Gulmohar
  • Katha Parayumbol

Pulijanmam got an automatic entry, as it was the National award winning feature film. Katha Parayumbol’s entry took us by surprise – pleasantly though.

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  1. There should be an option for “None” in the polls.

  2. vc, here is a conjecture from someone who doesn’t know a lot about malayALam cinema, but would still like your opinions.

    The conjecture is that the growth of tamizh and most other cinemas is what market-mechanism ensures when fueled by the inflow of money and the absence of impedance from AMMA-type gundaism. In contrast, the growth of malayALam cinema during 1980s was due to the presence of a tiny bunch of talented, yet not other-worldly ( in the Aravindan/Adoor sense ) directors/technicians/actors – I mean bharatan, padmarAjan etc. – whose sheer talent and appeal were powerful enough to uplift an entire movie industry – in other words, it was rather fortuitous coincidence that this small bunch were born in Kerala and managed to get together. Once these people passed away/aged/entered a creativity-drought there was none left to pull the rest up, and things went back to where they would have been if the geniuses didn’t exist and unionism existed.

    I am not saying that the rest in the movie industry aren’t talented – but that the culture set up by bharatan-types was what created the milieu where the talents of others such as Sathyan Anthikkad, Mammootty, Mohan Lal etc. could blossom to this extent – the reason they didn’t meet the fate of talented artistes/directors in many other languages.

    Is that true?

  3. Yes.

    Detailed answer coming up in a while.

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