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Why not in Malayalam?


After watching Myshkin’s Anjathey, a flood of thoughts entered our mind. The first and foremost was – why was this film so creepy? Second, why didn’t Myskin hire an editor? The most important thought percolated up a bit later: Why aren’t Malayalam producers casting Narain in hero roles?

In this movie, like in Myshkin’s previous movie — Chittiram Pesuthadi — Narain is a revelation. In this movie he changes from a street rowdy to an angry police officer, thus transitioning from the anamala of machoism to Mount Everest. In between he handles romance and comedy as well.

We think he is the best person to take over the mantle from Suresh Gopi as the angry-about-everything-man. Malayalam cinema always needs an angry young man and most of our actors have graduated through that path. Young Prithviraj had three such movies with Padmakumar and now a days he is busy doing comedy. Dileep tried being an angry young man in various movies, but they turned out to be comedies.

Producers know Narain’s talent, but they are sceptical about his saleability in Malayalam. Thus they cast him in miniscule roles in Classmates and Ore Kadal, and when they make him the hero it turns out to be a low level movie like Panthayakozhi.

We hope our producers watch Myshkin’s two movies one after the other and create a real angry young man image for Narain. The best thing: you only have to pay him the same amount it costs to make Suresh Gopi look young.


  1. “you only have to pay him the same amount it costs to make Suresh Gopi look young.”

    Lol too funny but probably true.

    Doing the same role over and over is what led to the end of Suresh Gopi’s career intially. I thought when he made his second come back with Bharathchandran I.P.S and then did Makalkku that he had learned his lesson. But it has turned out to be the contrary , he is churning the same mediocre action movies over and over with different names and sets more than ever. Also thinking just by using english names for all his movies will somehow help it do better.

  2. Narain is a good actor.. good looking too.

    Mohanlal and Mammootty should limit their number of releases. Like Kamal and Rajni, just do 1 or 2 significant movies a year..

    We desperately need new blood in Malayalam cinema… Who want to see 56 year old Mammootty in “Love in Bangkock”? 🙂

  3. Lets not ruin narein by typecasting as an action hero. He can do much better character roles.

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