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Who is the hero of Twenty-20



The first posters of this movie created a furore among Lal fans in Kerala. Its a tricky situation – whoever is in the middle – the fans in the opposite camp would create trouble. We would like to suggest a way out of this mess. Put Prithviraj’s(conspicuos by his absence in the poster) picture in the middle! But this will give heartburn to Mohanlal fans.

We object to the fact that in a state where majority is women there is no woman on the poster,so in all fairness Nayantara should be at the center and this will calm all fans.

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  1. I think you have the wrong URL to the Sify article.

  2. Polar, thanks for letting us know.

  3. There is no role of women in Malayalam movies esply in Superstar movies they are decorative pieces. And who can match Sheela Sarda Jayabharathy Vidhubaala now a days. I bet this 20-20 will flop badly.

  4. I think ‘Twenty20’ is a very smart move on the part of AMMA. It is sure to get a massive initial response and the ‘all-stars’ concept has already generated a lot of curiosity. However, it remains to be seen how good the film will be content-wise. Is it releasing outside Kerala, too? Pune, for instance? And yes, I agree with you guys on the poster ‘war.’ Heh.

  5. the trailer showed mammotty punching mohan lal and vice versa.

    pacifying both superstar fans is an ardous task.

  6. ROTFL!
    Trust u to come up with such ribtickling suggestions, VC!

    Nice to see u back with a bang!

  7. Sad thing for the mohanlal fans is that he didnt even get the position of righthand man beside mammooty.:)Poor editor of the movie will have a lot of counting to do regarding the number of blows delivered to each other. Hope the fans dont make a fanfare regarding the relative impact of the individual blows.
    Will the fans be competing regarding who has got the youngest heroine also?

  8. Indians are too obsessed with stars. Thats why stars have too much influence at the box office.

    Indians don’t care about the visual medium called cinema, they just care about their stars.

    Indian cinema lacks filmmakers.

  9. i think the movie predictably will have a super initial.
    all the ingredients are there – superstars, songs and of course the Nayan factor.

    whether it sustains after that needs to be seen. if marketed well a not-so-bad movie can also achieve hit status. ex: some of priyan’s hindi movies

    templeoak – lal is shown next to mammotty in the poster.

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  11. But the poster background is a complete ripp off from the english movie “I am Legend”. Will WIll Smith’s fans protest for taking him off from it ? Or will warner bros sue Amma ?

    see original poster here:

  12. harikrishnan – I am legend poster shows will smith and a dog. how can T20 poster be a rip-off that?

  13. “WIll Smith’s fans”

    Compared to Indian audiences American audiences are not as
    star crazy

  14. vinay look at the background of NYC

  15. Really in Twenty20,both Mohanlal & Mammooty are the heroes.They are having equal importance in this movie.Mammooty is standing in the middle because he is having more than 55 years of age and he is the oldest of all.I love LALETTAN……………..Thank u.

  16. twenty twenty is not a sigle star film all star done a good job on the film

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