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A New Direction


We are tired writing about Malayalam Cinema.

If you have noticed, most of our posts have become repetitive. We have been cribbing about the lack of alternatives among stars, complaining about pathetic movies that have become block busters and writing with nostalgia about the 80s and 90s.

Instead of whining constantly, we have decided to expand our vision. We will be writing mostly about Malayalam cinema, but we will also be covering other film industries as well. We want to look at the art of cinema and review great movies from around the world.

We want to write about writers, directors, musicians and cinematographers – the people behind the camera as they say. This is not going to happen instantly, but slowly over a period of time.

Hope you will like our new direction.


  1. What is you take on A wednesday? or Dombivli fast and Mumbai meri jaan? are they showing the same feelings as malayalam movie goers? what we get are all crap.

  2. Looking forward to it. Good luck!

  3. Not surprising, considering a lot of people are tired of watching Malayalam cinema.
    Nostalgia for the 80s heyday can only go so far- it may be time to give the industry a decent burial.
    Good luck with your new direction- may the writing be as entertaining as it used to be.

  4. That is sad to hear. There are many other websites covering the other film industries to the core. It is dissapointing to see from the handful of them for malayalam movies that one more is gone. I know in some sense the number of movies being produced is decreasing every year, this year especially if you think about. One site that had top 5 movies of the week stopped it for malayalam movies since nothing was coming out for a long while.

  5. We want to write about writers, directors, musicians and cinematographers – the people behind the camera as they say

    That sounds good. Looking forward to that. I would suggest that you start writing about the best characters that each prominent actor has portrayed in Malayalam cinema. How about starting with Thilakan? Analyzing the characters of an actor from the yesteryears and the present times would itself give a clear picture of what is lacking in the Malayalam cinema these days.

  6. There are plenty of great blogs on Hindi cinema from Mumbai and Delhi bloggers.

    I come hear to read on Malayalam movies. You can cover other industries but
    please dont make the mistake of losing your core audience..

  7. We would essentially focus on Malayalam movies, but occasionally we would stray – for perspective.

  8. VC

    That would indeed be one welcome change! I hope there would be occasional discussions on contemporary world cinema as well, that would perhaps serve as a pointer towards meaningful cinema being crafted all across the world.

    And if it wouldnt be asking for too much, is there any possibility of having a permanent post on VC, where readers could suggest some incredible films that they have seen over the years??


  9. Velu,

    Here is the permanent page. Feel free to break the coconut.

  10. VC

    That was pretty quick!
    Thx so much!
    Lets look forward to seeing our readers coming up with a list of real interesting movies on the forum now!!


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