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In an interview with Nikhil, Sanjay of Bobby-Sanjay script writer duo describes his script writing process.

Q: Can you please describe your writing procedure of the script.

A: First of all the story discussion will take place after getting the main thread. This part is very important. My ideas and director’s ideas get exchanged and we develop the scene-order. In this discussion, the plot gets a full form and we fixes the scene order. That time I make some rough notes. But the rough notes are not necessary. Casanova is having 60 scenes. Without referring anything, I can memorize all these 60 scenes right now. So when the scene-order is complete and fixed, I starts writing scenes from the beginning. It include the dialogs also. I write a scene, by speaking the dialogs myself and self analyses the dialogs whether it suits the mood and situation. After writing the particular scene, I re-write it by omitting and adding some points. Then writes that scene once more. In total, I write a scene three times. The same procedure will be followed for all the scenes in the scene-order. If I feel a scene is boring while writing it, I stops/give up that scene right there and tries for another one, may be written only after discussing with the director. All writers are not having identical methods, there will be changes in the procedure.

Some time back we had talked to Sibi K Thomas and Uday Krishna script writing duo, Here’s what they had to say about their style: Since there are two of you, how do you divide the work. Does one of you write the comedy scenes and the other writes the serious scenes?

SKT/UK: No, No. First when we get a thread we try to see how to expand it and in what all directions it can be taken, how humor can be added and form it into a story. Then we come up with the scene order and a one liner for each scene. We discuss with the director and incorporate his good suggestions. After that we write the dialogue. Sometimes one of does a set of scenes and the other person does the remaining scenes. We review each others dialogue and suggest improvements. Some scenes are written by both of us. The final result is our screenplay.[Interview: Sibi K Thomas , Uday Krishna]

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  1. Does Udaykrishna-sibikthomas ever wrote a script??
    i thought they always wrote the dialogues for a comedy show. Wht they wrote in paper will look the same in screen and also stage/video or even aakashvani. They consultingwith Dilips date changes the location of shooting and the dialogue will be slightly modified..thts all.

  2. I have directed one documentary Darsanam under my script whcih got Kerala FilmAudience Council script writers award 2010. I have also got award for best script writing for the documentary on mathematics in nature “Prakruthiyude Sukrutham” released by Dr.A.P.J.Abdulkalam in 2008. I have also written scripts for telefilms “Purushasooktham” (got award in Kerala Govt.Children’s film fest 2010), “Jyothirgamaya”, “Ketavilakku” etc. and written Lyrics for “Navamrutham”. What I follow is expanding the idea in mind as much as could be and noting the main points and finally joins these points in a simple way by writing in a paper in consultation with the director and cameraman so that any complicated scenes can be avoided at that time. I have a variety of film scripts also ranging from a folk loving comedy to highly serious investigations in a new style.

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