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Why not, Baiju?


According to Baiju Kottarakkara of MACTA

  1. Reliance, Walmart and Tatas have signed up at least three top actors, including Mamooty and Mohanlal, besides 10 reputed film directors, for their coming films
  2. This will destroy the industry.
  3. Priyardarshan, Fasil, Siddiq, Joshi, Lal Jose, who broke away from the Malayalam Cine Technicians Association (MACTA) should withdraw from any agreement they have reached with the companies.

Even though people have split away from MACTA, Baiju still has the courage to suggest what they should do. Isn’t this the reason why those people split in the initial place?

Coming back to the original issue, what exactly is the problem if Reliance, Walmart and Tatas pay Mammotty and Mohanlal to act in their movies? How will it destroy the industry? In fact due to the arrival of big investors, big budget movies may get made, which in turn requires more technicians and crew. Isn’t this actually good for the film industry.

Actually there is one side effect to these companies landing in Kerala – producers like Baiju Kottarakkara will become irrelevant. What if these companies start paying twice the amount Baiju pays to his crew? Will he able to cope with it? So when he says “This will destroy the industry”, it actually means, it will destroy him.

And, that’s not really a bad thing. It is also entertaining to see the Chairman of Kairali TV, a channel owned by a party which opposes Walmart and Reliance, acting in movies produced by them.

PS: Why would Walmart produce Malayalam movies when they don’t even produce American movies?


  1. When I heard this news on TV some days back, I wondered if they actually meant Walmart. They have no clue what Walmart is, trust me.

    Its like, Mohanlal calling someone bourgeois in a movie, and when asked what it meant, he said that he jus’ knew it is a derogatory term 😀
    Same situation with Baiju Kottarakara.

  2. 1. Walmart producing movies was news to me also. That speaks for the Intelligence of the MACTA guys especially Baiju K. I dont even think Walmart has ANY presence in India for that matter.

    2. And the even funnier part is that nobody from the rival camp has refuted that claim as may not even know what Walmart is.

    3. Lal Jose in an interview wondered how Baiju/Vinayan could say they received “bribes” from Reliance etc. The director merely receives his reumuneration. Period

    PS: The last place Sam Walton would look to invest money is in Kerala and that too the Malayalam film industry..pffffffff.

    Also another possible allegation that Vinayan can come up with is that Walmart has agreed to market Lal’s Taste buds Pickles and masala powder.

  3. Nikhil – Did you mean Mohan Lal abusing Kothuku Nanappan “scoundrel” in Nadodikattu (The cycle-car accident scene) and Sreenivasan asking him what scoundrel meant?

  4. @Vinay
    No dude!
    There is a movie in which he says “Anger oru bourgeois aanu” Then someone asks what that means
    Lal says,”ee virodham ullavare ellarum vilikkunna oru peranith..artham onnum arinjuda”

  5. It will enrich malayalam filmdom as corporates are entering the scene. And it will put an end to the ‘one man show’ of all superstars and superdirectors since these corporate giants wouild make everything in black and white so that these people would be forced to adhere to some code of conducts laid down by these corporates. High time some discipline has to be here. High time someone should reign this chaotic field. Hope some fresh talents will be introduced. This will result in the completion of a movie within the stipulated time. No more foul-plays, no more production executive games, no more crying producers. This reminds me of the golden period back 25 years where the producers had an upper hand. Thank God, that era is coming back. And we are again being going to be ruled and exploited by the foreigners. It is the another side of the coin.

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