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Why serious movies fail


Madhu Kaithapram directed Ekantham which won the Indira Gandhi award for the first best film. It is doubtful if such movies will ever get an audience in the midst of Annan Thampi and Innathe Chinthavishayam. In an interview, Madhu explains the problems facing movie makers like him.

Is the film industry supportive towards serious cinema?

There is no doubt that everyone wants to do good films. Individually no one is to be blamed. Cinema is the culmination of the efforts put in by a group of people and this often makes it difficult to go on as per an individual’s opinions. According to me, the main problem is when certain people start making judgments about the tastes of the viewers. There are certain lobbies which are working in this direction.

Who exactly is to be blamed for this plight?

I am not going to name names. Still, the unavailability of theatres is posing a major problem especially for the serious filmmakers. This situation wasn’t there earlier. I think we have become too money minded.[Making an art of serious cinema]

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