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Mohanlal’s 18 year old itch


If ISRO asked Malayalam movie industry folks to recommend a volunteer for their moon mission, the unanimous choice would be director Vinayan. Since that did not happen, the next best thing — something which has not happened even in our vibrant political landscape — has happened. MACTA has become Humpty Dumpty.

The funny part? One group has only Vinayan in it. (Yes, we are exaggerating). Even K M Mani, P J Joseph and Balakrishna Pillai will be laughing at this.

18 years back Vinayan made a movie called Superstar. Contrary to the name, it had no superstars. It did not even have asteroids. Since Mohanlal did not give him dates, Vinayan found a look alike and make the movie. With such a Big Bang, Vinayan arrived on the scene and entertained us for two decades with Kunjikuruvi to Athisayan

Still the karma produced by Superstar has been hanging around the ozone layer for more than two decades and thanks to global warming and depletion of the ozone layer, it has landed back on Vinayan himself.

Superstar Mohanlal, fresh from holy city of Kashi, spoke with the soul of Suresh Gopi.

”AMMA will never support any one or any organisation which always tried to call bans and prevent film-makers from producing cinema in this crisis-plagued film industry.This is one organization which even created a lot of problems to films like Calcutta News which was shooting in difficult conditions among floods in Calcutta.We are supporting the directors who have come out of MACTA and the producers’ association who has announced its wholesome support to these directors,” Mohanlal revealed. [LINK ]

Vinayan, in polite language, asked Mohanlal to mind his own business. Mohanlal in turn asked Vinayan to create an organization in which everyone is well behaved. Thilakan meanwhile said “teacher, teacher, Nedumudi Venu pinched me”, but no one cared

Mohanlal’s wish for Vinayan has come true. Now Vinayan can do a Dasavatharam in his organization and discuss various issues. The first avataram can ban avataram No 2 and 3 for appearing on stage shows. It will be fun and if it is broadcast as a reality show.

With various organizations blooming in the cinema field, it has reached a stage where the organization has become more important than people and the craft. Instead of producing entertaining movies, their activities themselves have became entertainment. Instead of helping the industry, organizations became dictatorships telling what people should and should not do. They thought Kerala was Cuba.

One of the best things to happen in this asteroid-hitting-planet-malayalam-cinema event are some new guidelines in the new organization. There will no LKG style bans, discriminations or boycotts of human beings. No longer will one man be able to control the lives of other human beings. It is indeed heart warming to read that the organization honchos have realized that every human has the right to earn a living and the only laws that matter are the ones made by an elected government.

Then Vinayan is not going to keep quiet. His next movie is a Tamil one with Sanusha as the heroine. Before you know, he will be directing Vijay or Ajith and those movies will run for 100 days in Kerala knocking out M&M movies. This is what our lord, Suresh Gopi, meant by “Cosmic Law” in Chintamani Kola Case

PS: And as all this thamasha is happening Kamal Haasan’s Dasavatharam, Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar Raj and Vijay’s Kuruvi are running to packed houses with tickets being sold in the black market for Rs. 500.


  1. vinayan came with ‘aalilakkuruvikal’, not ‘kunjikuruvi’. And his last film is not ‘athisayan’. It is ‘hareendran oru nishkalangan’. The mohanlal look alike’s who starred in ‘superstar’ was madanraj. It come to my memory madanraj had painfully commented he had lots of ‘paaras’ from an actor from his locale. Since madanraj’s locality is kuttanadu and the only famous actor from that vicinity is nedumudy venu. Seems that nedumudy helped mohanlal to scratch his itch.

  2. seriously theres so much happening in malaylam film industry these days. News channels are having field day with statements from MACTA and AMMA and AMMUMMA organisations.

    And on top of that Thilakan interviews are shown on channels ad nauseaum. And invariably he says Nedumudi Venu pinched that role from me. He prevented me from going to Canada.

    Its getting so childish and so predictable. Dunno if its a coincidence. There has been no notable malayalam movie release in the last 1 month or so.

    Dasavatharam is a huge huge hit in Kerala. Kamal always has a great fan following here. Kuruvi is out of the theatres and even in Tollywood circles is a less than average movie.

    Sarkar Raj is worthy watching. It has a theme which could have worked in Malayalam with Power packed characters.

  3. How about Thilakan as Subhash Nagre, Mammotty/Lal as a slightly old Shankar Nagre

  4. Vinay, I saw most of those programs. If these people used this energy for writing good scripts, our film world would be saved. Right now everyone is looking like crab preventing other crabs from escaping.

    This Onam season is going to be pretty bad. The superstars don’t need any money to feed their families. Looks like the MACTA folks will have to eat their ideology for Onam Sadya.

  5. Jibs – yes. evryone wants to pull the other one down.

    The people of Ernakulam are lucky. They get to see all these drama as all this action is happening there and once it gets over they get to taste items from Vinayan’s thattukada in Palarivattom.

  6. “Organization is more important than movie”, this reported statement from Vinayan shows the level of degradation we has reached. Not just in movies but in all aspects of Kerala where politics has been able make an impact.

  7. Let them make organisations and fight…. By the time, Tamil films are sweeping away all the money.

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