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Gods of small things


Recently most superstar movies have been boring – the same cliched stuff repackaged, like the old Lux soap in new cover model. It seems other stars too are acting in movies, but apparently no one cares. In such a situation the movie associations have decided to provide the required entertainment.

The latest one is the split of MACTA, based on the feud between Thulasidas and Dileep. Vinayan, the MACTA honcho, got involved and now there are two MACTAs. After Vinayan abused director Siddique, most directors who have given hits walked out of the organization and are expected to form MACTA 2.0.

In fact this is the most exciting news to come out of our film industry since Mohanlal acted in Photographer. And unknowingly, this is Dileeep’s greatest contribution to Malayalam cinema. We hope the new MACTA also splits, like how the USSR split into various Republics. As we go along, let MACTA 2.0 split into more and more units, resulting in many organizations with a strength of one.

Finally one day a film maker will be able to collect such individuals get his movie made without having to pander the egos of the gods of small things.


  1. its vinayan vs the rest. Maybe he should seriously think of opening his thattukada in palarivattoom, something which he said hed do later if left with no films.

  2. We should be happy. Finally malayalam film industry is becoming truly Indian in blood, soul and spirit. It wasn’t in 80s & 90s. It was then above Indian in spirit and so showed up like a projection on to the Indian mental plane. Now finally it came back to where it should be. We should be proud of this organisation now.

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