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Economics Lessons for Antony Perumbavoor


Mohanlal’s personal producer, Mr. Antony Perumbavoor, needs to take some economics lessons. That seems to be the verdict from the Vishu movies.

Faced by miserable flops, including a four or five by Mohanlal himself, the Malayalam movie industry decided to change the way movies are released in Kerala. Throwing away artificial demarcations like A, B, and C centers, the producers of Annan Thampi decided to release the movie in 75 centers across Kerala. Antony meanwhile decided to stick to the traditional A centers. This was a surprise move considering it was Antony, Lal and Co who pioneered the carpet bombing strategy initially. Movies like Alibhai, were released in nearly 70 centers. Maybe the box office performance of such movies made them reconsider this mass release strategy.

However, the move to remove restrictions on release centers faced opposition from theatre owners in cities, but by offering them a minimum guarantee amount, the producers were able to circumvent the problem. Within 25 days, the movie has made a profit of 2.19 crores and obviously made more money than Sathyan Anthikkad’s Innathe Chithavishayam which was released only in big cities. Annan Thampi has turned out be the biggest blockbuster after Katha Parayumbol.

Going forward, bombarding in as many theaters as possible seems to be the right strategy. Then this won’t happen for Jayasurya or Prithviraj movies as B & C theater owners may not shell out the minimum guarantee amount for their movies. In fact keep an eye on how many movies go for this bombardment release. That is people voting with their money on how well they expect the movie to do.


  1. This is going to the strategy going forward. Its been succesful in bollywood. the opening weekend brings in the maximum moolah. the day is not far when mallu movies also will be released simultaneously in the US and UK also when its released in kerala. That way the producers’ loss will be minimal because by the time the report does go out that the movie’s cr@p, producer would have made money.

    But what you said about Jayasurya/Prithvi movies is right. They cannot command such an opening.

  2. THis strategy seems to be working fine, and Annan Thambi might very well be one of the biggest grossers ever.

    But in a city like Trivandrum for instance, it was seen tht the film was pulled out of the major centre New Theatres and retained only in Kairal after abt a week. I guess this was a ploy to drive the local audiences to the B and C Class centres, since the enormous and comfy New Theatre would always be the first preference of the viewers. And as a result, there were a few friends of mine who had to see the movie all sweaty and in a mess, holed up in a C Class movie hall.

  3. Velu – Previously they released the movies only in Trivandrum city. However now they release it in Nedumangad, Neyyatinkara, Attingal etc.
    So more people get to see the movie. Its a win-win situation. And by the time, the verdict goes out, the producers/distributors would have made a tidy sum.

  4. As the quality of star films are coming down, this strategy will help to get max money in short time.

    Anan Thampi is more like a Vijay film in narration and treatment. Mohanlal’s Innathe chintha Vishayam also follows the cliched format.

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