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A Vanishing Act, AMMA, Ammayi Amma and Other Stories

According to various reports, the AMMA management have done an Ammayi-Amma on Meera Jasmine for not finding time for their pet project. According to the new fatwa, Meera is not be cast in any Malayalam movie till the AMMA ban is lifted. Then as they say, the universe finds a way to provide justice.

The first one was for Mohanlal, who was scheduled to do the Burning Man illusion in Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium, Trivandrum, on April 27 as a prelude to the international magic festival, ‘Vismayam 2008.’ This irritated a bunch of magicians and they protested this. According to Innocent, a random human being:

I spoke to him and he said if he withdraws now it would be considered as an act of cowardice. There is certainly an element of risk in this (act). As the president (of the association) and in my personal opinion, ,he should withdraw. If not, we will take action against him”.[Mohanlal wilts under pressure, withdraws from stunt act]

So there are enough people to take action against one human being who wants to do one magic trick. In fact, the high profile stunt by Mohanlal would have given a big boost to the magic show, but the magicians are worried that if every Tom, Dick and Mohanlal did magic stunts it would lose its charm. We agree with Mohanlal when he said, “It is a person’s choice to learn and practise an art and it is up to no one to stop them.” But finally he gave into pressure and instead did a new magic trick – the Vanishing act.

So the lives of superstars are no different from the lives of ordinary people. Our lives are messed up by eunuchs from various political parties and the lives of stars are upset by dust particles. The next one at the receiving end of an ideologically motivated group is Mammootty. The superstar was in discussions with Microsoft to launch an e-literacy program and it has upset the Free Software Community in the state. They wrote a letter saying, “People of Kerala will be bewildered to see that you are lending your name and fame to support a devastatingly nefarious techno-monopolistic campaign unleashed by Microsoft in our State,” It is just a matter of time before the Communist part tells the Chairman of Kairali Channel what rights he has.

Blogger MKT wrote about this recently.

A mallu ardently believes that his is the right opinion. He thinks rest of the opinions are junk. It does not stop there. As he believes he has the right opinion he is busy convincing the next guy to accept his opinion. We would have been one of the richest nations if they were paying to watch us argue.

AMMA has an opinion on Meera’s life. Magicians have an opinion on what arts Mohanlal should learn. Free Software folks have an opinion on what Mammootty should promote. Having disagreements is fine, but using various techniques to pressurize the other person from preventing doing what he thinks is right, is like the Achyutanandan with the vetti-nirathal mentality. It is time we moved out of this cave man attitude and accepted that even though we may disagree with others, they have the freedom to do what they like.


  1. mohan lal should have been allowed to do the might be his dream to do it…there is no loss or gain from it…he is not doing it for personal gains or something (show was free)..the society should support such daring acts…in life u have to take risk to gain anything…

  2. There was pressure from several quarters. His own AMMA, Shanthakumari amma was one of the main factors in him reversing the decision. And I think he considered that. And she had mentioned that she didnt want Lal to do the act.

  3. I disagree: nobody is a victim here. We’re talking of individuals who have quite a bit of influence; if they decide to stay involved with such organisations, or give in pressure, it’s their fault. I also believe people have the right to protest (as in the case of the Microsoft issue), as long as it is within reason (Ha!). Mammootty is a grown up, he can make his own mind up.

  4. mohanlal should have done the magic show. it would have been the most entertaining thing he would have done in the past one year.

  5. First of all it was not a magic show,instead a publicity stunt by Lalettan.I am sure the ‘burning illusion’ hoax has helped to refresh the fading memories of Lal as a super-hero, in many minds…!

  6. unni – lal is having a torrid time. We see him more in Ads of Taste Buds, RamRaj Lungis, Malabar Gold, Pankaja Kasthuri, Oceanus etc. After all he as to regain the money he lost in producing movies.

  7. mohan lal and mammotty are the only super stars in malayalam and they don’t have to do any public stunt to regain stardom as there is no competition in malayalam films……

  8. @Vinay,
    Mohanlal is not any debt trap that he need to act in some ADs to get some money just to clear that.., mohanlal is approached by them becos of his brandvalue.., he is not approaching anybody to get some money.., more over do you think Antony perumbavoor is so rich so that he decided to throw some money into filmmaking?? mohanlal can never lose more than he earned (it is a 30 year long career), and except vanaprastham every movie of him was a breakeven. do u think Just onefilm not making profit will lead any “producer” to search for new jobs??

  9. Taste Buds, Malabar Gold, Oceanus – in all these businesses Mohanlal has put money. He’s not making money thru those ads, he’s helping his own businesses. Good for him 🙂

  10. @akp, heard of a movie called photographer? please tell all of us that it broke even. i saw it on the third day with four people in a theater in tvm. unless those people paid few crores each/ticket, can’t see how that movie made any money. did college kumaran and paradesi also break even?

  11. hey vinay there is no top actor in any fim industry without big flops…kamal,rajni,amitabh,srk,aamir etc they all had big flops…a film being flop is not because of a good actor…mostly because of bad script or bad direction. In photographer it was the bad direction…in most shaji films bad script is responsible…

  12. mani – i dont deny that. lal is going through a rut these days. his flops from alibhai (reason shaji kailas and stupid story), Aag (RGVarma), Paradesi (art movie), Flash (stupid story) and College Kumaran (hopeless) have made him think twice before he accepts a script.

    In his new movie Madambi again he sports a meesha pirikkal. Presumably it will meet the same fate as well.

  13. @jibs,
    are you saying photographer, college kumaran etc are produced by lal??

  14. @jibs ,

    akp was talking about the movies which lal had prodcued, photographer and college kumaran were not produced by Lal so that he would loose money, instead he earned handsome remuneration for those films, whatever be it Box office status.
    and every one knows that Antony perumbavoors film are free of cost by Lal , but again thats not a loosing proposition for Lal.

  15. @ Jibs: akp was talking about the movies produced by Mohanlal/Antony. Photographer was produced by Howli Pottur. Mohanlal only made money out of the movie.

  16. @Jibs – get your facts right pal. Photographer, Flash and College Kumaran were not produced by lal. Though these flopped he doesnt stand to lose anything

  17. Looks like lot of Lal fans are smug about Mohanlal making money even though his movies flopped one after other. Can some one calculate how many crores of rupees was lost due to Mohanlal’s careless and reckless selection of movies in the last 2 years?  How many more such flops can our fledgling industry absorb. One of the movies he produced – Alibhai- was one among these string of flops. Is it greed or is it just poor judgement? With fans like these maybe it doesn’t matter.

  18. mohanlal can never lose more than he earned (it is a 30 year long career), and except vanaprastham every movie of him was a breakeven. do u think Just onefilm not making profit will lead any “producer” to search for new jobs??

    More than 70% of the movies made by Aashirwad Films have flopped so he has lost money there.

    He has various business ventures, some of which make money, some flopped miserably. So he loses money there.

    He has very expensive ‘bad habits’ – 3000 women according to his own count, which cost money.

    So it is not just by making one vanaprastham that he loses money he made over 30 years.

  19. hey “jibs”, wat u mean by 3000 women..not even lord krishna didn’t had that much….. and aashirvad produced many big hits like narashiham, aaram thamupuran, naran, baba kalayani, rasathantram etc…..and movies like alibhai got good openings so overall aarshirvad is a profitable venure man….

  20. @Jibs,
    Sorry to say this pal , but you lack common sense I suppose. When Sreekandan Nari asked lal about having slept with 3000 ladies, Lal ironically said it would be more. If you think that was a serious confession , boy… I don’t have anything more to say.

    and about 70 % of Aasirwads movie being failure , except for Alibhai and Kilichundan mambazham , which were the other Aasirwad movies that flopped ? It had mega hits like, Narasimham, Naran , Rasatantram etc : and some hits/average movies. get your facts checked dude, or atleast say that you are a blind lal hater .

  21. Well said Unni and prior to Ashirwad movies there was “Pranavam arts”, floated by Lal and that gave a string of hits like His Highness Abdulla, Bharatham etc and as Unni said Narasimham was at the point one of the huge hits at the time (even though it was nota great movie) and rasathantram was a hit and so also naran. Lal lost money only for KC Mampazham and alibai which were cr@p

    Vanaprastham ws from Pranavam arts

    And that 3000, was just a reposte to Sreekantan Nair (or was it Jonny Lukose of Manorama) when he asked about 300 women. Surely you didnt go by that!!!!!

  22. I saw that interview with Johny Lukose, numerous clips are available in you tube. In that interview he had admitted having all the vices including womanizing. Mohanlal went on and on and on about ‘unconditional love’. So much for ‘just a reposte’.

  23. srini – the point was not about mohan lal’s vices, it was about how much he lost or gained as a producer. please read the thread carefully.

    and do you also like jibs believed lal when he replied to johnny’s comments – “why not put it as 3000” ?, when johnny referred to his womanizing!!!!

  24. Vinay – I would ask you to read the post, it was about how Mohanlal chickened out from his Magic act. Since we deviated from that topic, I guess anything is game here.

    No, I do not believe in the number 3000 like Jibs. I believe it could me much more than that.

  25. 3000! Wow! My admiration of this man has increased.

  26. Johny Lukose interviewed Mammotty and did not ask about his vices. If he asked so called ‘Lalettan’ about it, there is something behind it, and it was not a humorous question. Yes, and Lal mentioned unconditional love etc etc. So once again, it is not just by making movies that ‘Lalettan’ loses money.

    Before commenting it would be nice to read mythologies once more. Krishna had ‘pathinarayiyarthi ettu’ gopikamar. ‘Lalettan’ has lot of work to do, but looking at his script reading capabilities, he seems to be focussing on getting to at least 10,000.

  27. what johny lukose asks lal or mammotty is johny lukose’s business. “If he asked so called Lalettan there must be something behind” – Can you substantiate with proof what that something was? Again can you substantiate with proof about how he loses money making movies or otherwise?

    his personal life is neither your business nor mine. we are talking about the actor mohanlal and the movies he produced. does anybody ask kamal hasan this question about his so called affairs?

    and krishna had 10,0008 wives. and anotherthing you can read from mythologies is that a) he was loved by all b) and he had his enemies too

    and still amazed that you took lal by his word. sheesh!!!!!

    and jibs, what about your stats on “70% of movies he produced were flops” – mate you conviniently dodge pointed questions when people question them. check out your stats properly before you make sweeping comments

  28. Move on folks. We have covered Mohanlal’s personal and professional life in such detail that a Ph.D thesis can be made from it. Comments are closed. Find a fresh topic to fight

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