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The AMMA Mafia



What India got on August 15, 1947 was political freedom, sadly economic freedom and the freedom to do as you please are still a dream. While economic freedom is stifled by the goverment, which is hell bent on sustaining poverty, personal freedom is limited by various organizations, which for lack of better word can be called only mafia.

Vyapari Vyavasayi Association which is a perfect example of such mafias. There are many others such as that of movie producers, movie technicians, etc. etc. The idea is to prevent new entrants in the field. Consider for example, the group called GTEC in technopark. GTEC is a group for the IT companies in Kerala. Their main aim is to restrict employee freedom by having an understanding that no one will hire another company’s employee! It is against constitution of India, but hey who cares?[The magic controversy – why we malayalees never learn!]

We have always maintained that organizations like AMMA which invent arbitrary rules for Malayalam cinema are unhelpful. Right now they are making a movie, Twenty 20, starring almost everyone in the Malayalam cinema. Meera Jasmine was supposed to star in this movie, but now has expressed her inability due to other commitments.

AMMA has reacted, as expected, by putting a ban on her. She is not to be cast in any Malayalam movie till AMMA lifts this ban. For getting this ban lifted, she would have to please the AMMA bosses and get humiliated.

Few years back Nayantara walked out Joshi’s set and much noise was made over it. But when Nayantara landed in Kochi recently, all the AMMA bosses were doing everything they could to make her happy thus proving that if you make more money than the AMMA members, they will do anything for you.

We have one advice for Meera. Don’t apologize. This is a great opportunity for you to get out of the hands of this mafia. Also realize that the superstars need you in their movies more than you need them.


  1. The Amma ban on Meera may well be a rumor as no dependable media (that class is facing extinction; still) has reported this. My strong view is that VC should not write up articles on top of such unconfirmed pieces of information. Nevertheless, the views in the article may still hold merit. My disagreement is with the premise on which those were brought out: the fictitious Meera-Amma fallout.

  2. if you think logically , it could be true. After all the hard time Meera gave to Dileep and Blessy during Kolkotta news, the Executive producer of 20-20 has to give something back in kind. If there is such a ban , then Dileep’s hands would be behind it.

  3. i agree 110% . these organisations have never made anything in kerala which betterments the life of people in kerala. from 70s itself, it started to mask the peope from reality and made false arguments making the peoples life worse. no personal freedom is there in kerala. Even at the times of AMMA v/s producer/film chamber war it was evident. only one was brave enough to say the truth PRITHVIRAJ. and they tried to make his career suffer. But he reinvented himself out of kerala and now they have added him as their collegue. mohanlal and mammootty acting with him in two difft films! it is high time to open our eyes..

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