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Priyadarshan is going to remake Katha Parayumbol in Hindi with Ifran Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. In an interview with Shobha Warrier, Srinivasan explained that Priyadarshan first did not understand the story initially.

Priyadarshan  was another one of the few people I narrated the story to at the very outset. I expected him to make some suggestions to improve the script. His response to the story was silence — a silence that went on for several minutes. Then he started talking about something completely different. Then, I understood that he did not particularly enjoy the story. I was a bit worried by his reaction. I didn’t know why he responded differently from the others.Once we started shooting, Priyan visited me. Then, I asked him to peruse what I had written. He then said, ‘This is amazing’. Three days later, he gave me a ring and said, ‘Even now, the story and that scene haunts me. I have a request. I would like to have the rights to remake this movie in Hindi.’ [How Sreenivasan conceived Kadha Parayumbol]

Getting Shah Rukh Khan to act under his direction must be the highest point in Priyadarshan’s Hindi film career, but people are not taking kindly to him.

Mathew writes

The Wikipedia article about him contains detailed descriptions of all his plagiarized movies. His modus operandi consists of picking a classic comedy movie, preferably one by Siddique-Lal, changing the setting to Mumbai and throwing in a few songs in exotic locations with skimpily clad females in the background. He has brought shame and embarrassment to all movie-loving Mallus and for this reason, I confer upon him the van Kalip Demerit Thorn.

George Thomas says

Sanjay Gupta looks across the seas, but as long as the Malayalam film industry continues to thrive, the patriotic furacious filmophagous purloining P continues to be faithful to God’s own country; if he had to remake a foreign flick he’d try and find a Malayalam remake of that flick (either his own doing or someone else’s) and thus continue to remain faithful to the frond. Malamaal Weekly proved to be an exception only because the responsibility of remaking it in Malayalam seemed to have fallen on his trusty shoulders and our Arabian sea-facing Atlas shrugged and decided to do the Hindi remake first.He makes no mistake this time. He chooses last year’s hit Kadha Parayumbol, ropes in Irrfan to replace Sreenivasan (who also wrote the original) and HamStar Khan himself to substitute for Mammootty. The name’s Billo Barber and it promises lots of laughter. kisii ke waade pe kyo.n aitabaar ham ne kiyaa, wrote Sahir. I agree.


  1. Even though we are not feeling good about Priyan copying most of the good classic, still he gives credit to the original author. But this is not the case with other Hindi film makers. They only get “inspired” from other movies

  2. Suresh, he doesnt always give credit to the original. Most of his malayalam hits of the 80s have been copies from hollywood and even hindi cinema. Never once has he given credit to the original. He even claims the credits for the story apart from the screenplay. A small list

    Boeing Boeing – English movie, same (he was lazy to find even a original name)
    Kilukkam – one flew over the cuckoo’s nest (My all time fav english)
    Mukuntheta Sumitra – Katha (Hindi movie)

    A few more are there but I dont remember of the top of my head. I once heard in a TV show that sreenivasan left Priyan camp and teamed up with Sathyan because Srini was fed up with Priyan’s copying ways.

  3. happy it was Thalavattom which was a copy of “One flew…”

    go to
    to see the list of movies he has directed and their originals

  4. Ninnishtam Ennishtam- Copy of “City lights”

  5. priyan is a copycat yes. but look at his bollywood records – he has delivered quite a few hits. Remeber not many South Indian directors have consistently delivered hits in Bollywood – remake or no remake. And customising a malayalam movie to cater to Bollywood tastes in India and to NRI’s all over is no mean achievement

  6. Priyan not only copies movies, but by tailoring the movies to bollywood standards and tastes lowered himself more and more in the muck. Only silver lining I see is that he’s staying away from Malayalam. I pray that he’s very busy in Bollywood. Good Riddance.

  7. Dude, Thalatom seems to be a remake of Milos Forman’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” starring Nicholson.

  8. Yeah guys, I knew Talavattom is the remake. Its just a mistake. Anyway, thats not the point. This guy has a flair for slapstick humor. But thats it. Steals stories left, right and center and gives the story credits to himself. Being a director, he can credit the story to the original. There’s nothing wrong in that. But he’s so stupid to think that only he watches other language movies.

  9. I have been a reader of this site for the last many years.frankly i thin all are out of subjects. All of your favourite bunny is priyadarshan. I dont know why..but everybody want to dump their frustration on him. But as far as i am concerned, i like him.very much. First of all he is a good director. all of you who says “Ihave seen tht hollywood movie” ..have you seen it before priyadarshan?? y did u see it now? becos u heard and seen the malayalam version by u undestood the film better. Priyan have seen it and appreciated way before any malayali did and he remade it and said openly tht it inspired frm tht movie. rt? If you are now seeing and appreciating mallu comedy films.., and it is making the insdustry still is because of him. If more and more corporates are coming into bollywood and more and more talents are getting induced into hindi movie.., it is because of him. Bollywood was hanging aroud some chopras and johars and churning out “hum aap hai kaun”s every year.. and money was centered aroud some people.., no appreciation ever got from abroad.., what is happening now?? he has shown the formula.., he started making films around common man ..he made co-actors valuable..he is the turning point. his herapheri was the turning point. Do you think any of the films he made in malayalm was compromising on quality?? never. everbody else was making ‘drama’s tht time..inside scren or inside stage? both were similar in kerala. if sibimalayil, shaji kails, kamal etc can be termed as great who never written any screenplay..PRIYADARSHAN is the greatest in malayalam cinema.

    expects comments

  10. btw.. the “writer”sreenivasan is gift from priyan to malayalam cinema. if u have doubts ask sreeni itself.
    finding the real talented people is one of the best talents of priyan

  11. I saw Waking Ned Devine before i saw Malamaal Weekly and I saw Katha (Hindi) before I saw Mukundetta ….(which was written by Priyan’s ‘gift’ to Malayalam Cinema. I dont know how you can idolise such parasites.

  12. guys let us appreciate for what priyan has contributed to malayalam cinema. ok he copied. but what did he gives us. some of the best evergreen comedies of all time..kilukkam, chitram, thenmavin kombathu. has any other director in malayalam given us such unforgettable movies – the best comedies of all time in malayalam..some of the best evergreen comedies in malayalam are from priyan. I mean lot of jokes from his movies are even part of our daily conversations – “onnugil otty allengil chatti” “sreehallilekkulla valeee”, “main aur joji jhadgda”

    he hs contributed quite alot to malayalam cinema. his Kalapani was a great movie and it set great standards in film making.

    let us appreciate him for what he has given us. he has his faults but let us not run him down like this. i think its a typical malayali mentality to snigger and pull down any malayali who comes up.

    Even the great Maniratnam couldnt come up with so many hits as Priyan had in hindi.

    And another thing – these hollywood movies existed long before priyan made his debut. why is that nobody copied it. if copying were that easy, each and every movie priyan copied would have become sureshot hits and that didnt happen.

    how many of you on this forum have watched boeing boeing, chitram, kilukkam , themvanin mokbathu and felt that these were bad movies because priyan copied them?

  13. The Malayali mentality is not to snigger and pull down any Malayali who comes up – the Malayali mentality is to admire original thinkers and writers like Padmarajan, MT, Lohithadas etc. Then depends on whom you want to admire – some people like Shakeela and some like Meera Jasmine. Whom you admire just shows your taste and there is nothing wrong with it.

    You are absolutely right that Mani Ratnam could not come up with as many hits as Priyan. Usually Mani Ratnam makes a movie in a year or once in two years because he spends lot of time writing original scripts. If he wanted to pimp English movies, he could have made 10 movies/year, but i think that man has some self respect. Also another thing – Roja, Rahman, Nayagan – Mani Ratnam can stop making movies today and no one will ever forget him.

    True, Hollywood movies existed long time before and we wonder why no one copied them till Priyan came along – maybe the people before him had some bit of honesty in them. Again it is not as if people did not copy before Priyan, but no one has made a career just by copying like him and hence the antagonism. He is seen more as a quack rather than a film maker.

    Stealing is not a virtue – admiring thiefs is one notch above that. As a Malayali I would admire original writers and thinkers any day.

  14. dear joseph – where did anybody justify priyan for copying? nobody did. all what was mentioned that despite his plagiarism his contribution to malayalam cinema is by no means small. he really kick started the comedy genre in malayalam cinema with poochokkoru mookkothy, boeing boeing, kilukkam chithram etc – movies which are evergreen comedies to this day – even after 15/20 years – so much so that people even quote lines from these in their daily conversations – that much impact these films have upon us – Joseph i noted that you havent even touched that point in your reply. And Joseph, Priyan also delivered 2 really good original movies – Mithunam – which is one of the best family classics to date and Kaalapani – which when released 15 years ago had high class production values and was indeed a great movie. During this period, as someone said, he gifted a great writer to malayalam – Sreenivasan. And Priyans most memorable movies have script by Sreenivasan.

    Comparing Priyan to Shakeela and MT/Padmarajan/ Lohi to Meera Jasmine is laughable. We malayali’s have proved that we like all types. If that shows OUR taste, then you and i as malayalis should feel bad.

    About Maniratnam he is a class apart and he is another league altogether. Having said that , His Nayagan was inspired from Godfather (Mani himnself admitted that). Roja was a blockbuster more for Rahman’s superb music, the debutante Aravind Swamy and not for the movie. But again hes delivered a few duds in Yuva (some said it may have been inspired from City of Gods) , Dil Se. Guru was a really good movie and a hit.
    Even if Mani delivers consecutive flops too, all the A grade actors would still queue up to get a movie from him. Such is the aura of that man and deservedly so. No two ways about that.

    Priyan struggled initially in Bollywood. And his turning point was Virasat – a good remake of Thevar Magan. After that he delivered hits like Hera Pheri, Garam Masala, Hulchul, Hungama, Malamal Weekly, Dhol, Bhool Bhulaiiya etc. All of these have malayalam originals but customizing them to suit the bollywood audience requries some skill. Added to that a malayalam movie has a maximum of 4-5 crores as budget, whereas in Hindi money at stake is more and comes to 40-50 crores. At the end of the day, Priyan has made money for his producers and entertained the masses also.

    To the last point, yeah he has made a career of copying. So what? You can always snigger and call him copycat. But as a movie watcher who looks to 2.5 hours of entertainment, Priyan has delivered the goods.

    So Joseph, you can chose the moral high ground and choose to watch Original (hollywood) movies whereas some of us malayalis, who dont mind a little bit of plagiarism, will continue to watch un-original movies.

    PS: Priyan has just completed a period movie “Kancheepuram” starring Prakash Raj and Shriya Reddy. Its not a copy according to him. But looks like a great movie going by the stills.

  15. @krishnan..cheers
    he is mainly “director”priyan. and he is superb in it. when he adds some script writer to it.., this remakes comes into picture. it is not a bad thing to admire priyan as good director. But as writer also.., he had given kerala more good scripts than anybody else. In india,anybody can make banana chips, it is not copyrighted by somebody.., but if they can make it with all good taste and colour by which people like them..,then only it will come out victorious in the market.

  16. dear joseph – where did anybody justify priyan for copying? nobody did.

    @krishnan, you did. here are your words.

    guys let us appreciate for what priyan has contributed to malayalam cinema. ok he copied. but what did he gives us. some of the best evergreen comedies of all time

    you said you enjoy porn (both priyan and shakeela) and in that statement implied that rest all are like you. this is probably what you mean by your own words

    i think its a typical malayali mentality to snigger and pull down any malayali who comes up.

    some of us do not encourage such thiefs and that is the respectable position to hold.

  17. Well he is a very good director no doubt about that. Especially comedy. But I basically have two grudges against him.

    1. Not giving the originals the credits when remaking and sometimes taking the credits himself! Thats lying! For e.g he has given the credits of maalamal weekly to himself! As far as I am concerned an artist loses all his credibility when he copies and then lies about it.

    2. Bad remakes of some timeless classics. Look at the mess he created with Ramjirao speaking, Godfather (Mal) and In harihar nagar. And Manichitrathazu remake was a joke. Aniyathipraavu was such an each subject to remake to hindi, the movie sank without a trace. Fazil showed how remakes are make – tamil version was bigger hit than malayalam.

    Some of the hits that he has in Malayalam, the credits have to go largely to Sreenivasan’s creativity(holds true to Sathyan Anthikaad also) and to a large extent, great actors like Jagathy and Innocent, who have to ability to make pedestrain stuff look good with their improvisation.

  18. @jibs.., You please come to mumbai and tell some producers that you have seen so many malayalam movies and you can make some recent comedy hits into hindi. You can consider Mayavi or CID moosa.., by some mimicry show directors from kochi.

  19. jibs dear – please do not twist people’s words to your advantage. if you read carefully you will see that i have not justified priyan. all i have meant is that DESPITE his copying skills, he has contributed quite a lot to malayalam cinema and i stand by that. and i am not alone. a large number of malayalis (NRIS included) have watched priyan movies and ENJOYED them thoroughly and his movies are hits because of THEM and i fall in that category. i dont carry the scorn/bitterness when i watch a Priyan movie – Oh so this is a copy. So I am not gonna enjoy it. My dear Jibs, can you put your hand on heart and say that you havent enjoyed kilukkam/chitram/boeing2/thenmvain kombathu/mithunam? Jibs, it is possible to enjoy cinema without feeling any bitterness towards the director even if he copied.

    As regards Shakeela, again you choose to distort my words. I said MALAYALIS enjoy both Shakeela and Meera Jasmine movies. Did I say I did? Maybe you do because among a lot of points mentioned in the post, you just picked this one up.

    Nobody is encouraging thieves here Jibs. People want to have a great time when they watch a movie. Priyan has done that. Fortunately the vast majority of malayalis dont think like you – ie they judge a movie by the quality not by whether the director copied or not. And these vast majority of malayalis (people who are not “respectable” according to you”), made Priyans movies hits because they enjoyed his movies.

  20. HappyGoLucky – If only more people had balanced views like you.

    By credits do you mean the credits when the film starts or credits given to the original script writers through media? I belive for most of the remakes Priyans producers had shelled out a substantial amount of money to the producers of the malayalam originals. Sunil Shetty who produced Bhagam Bhag (Mannar Mathai Speaking) had to shell out 75 lakhs to Mani C Kappan who was producer of the original. Similarly for Lesa Lesa (original Summer in Bethlehem), Priyan finally gave money to Siyad Kokkar. Ditto for Manichithrathaazhu when he compensated Appachan for the remake (evn though Priyan himself had directed part of it).

    Bt I Agree, he should have acknowledged the contributions in film credits when he remade these to Hindi.

    Now about the quality of remakes, Happy – I have watched almost all of his Hindi remakes and None of these are a patch on the original malayalam movies. I agree. You can never replace guys like Jagathy, Innocent, Pappu with Rajpal Yadav or Paresh Rawal. But Priyan has cleverly gauged the pulse of the Bollywood audience and these remakes contain slapstick that appeal to the Bollywood audience. And these movies became hits.
    If Akshay Kumar (who always sports a “palaka” expression), has anybody to thank for reviving his career, it is Priyan.

    However just take a look at Priyans contribution to malayalam. He came up with these classic comedies – albeit copies of Hollywood. But these are evergreen comedies unlike the mimicry stuff that comes up these days. Also Priyan sets high standards in film making. Thenmvanin Kombathu and Kaalapani were visual delights too.

    And then again the 100% original Mithunam. What a superb movie that was. It was shown umpteen times on Cable and still its a classic. Ironically this original movie was not a big hit with the audience.

    I have high hopes for Priyan’s Kancheepuram going by the stills abd two fantastic actors in Prakash Raj and Shirya Reddy

  21. @Vinay

    You could go on justifiying theft with all your might, as long as you can, but the man still remains a hardocre ‘lifter’, who has no professional ethics whatsoever.

    I would also like to invite your attention to a hoarde of recent crap films as Chandralekha (which was again a real bad remake of While You Were Sleeping), Kakkakuyil (a real disgusting version of A Fish Called Wanda), and the utterly unbelievable Vettom. I dont know if you were having ‘a great time’ watching those – I sure wasnt.

    So coming back to the point, I am amused by your argument that stealing doesnt matter much; what matters is that we have a whale of a time.

    Do not cry hoarse the next time someone picks your pocket. He was, after all having a real good time.

  22. Vinu – Brilliant reposte. You conviniently dodged the list of movies I had mentioned and instead chose to focus on Chandralekha – which my dear Vinu – was one of the hits of 1997 – and Kakkauyil which was average and Vettam that flopped. Sir, what do you have to say about
    Kala Pani, Thenmavin Kombath, Midhunam,
    Advaitham , Kilukkam, Akkare Akkare Akkare,
    Vandanam,Chithram, Mukunthetta Sumitra Vilikkunnu
    Vellanakalude Naadu, Cheppu, Hello My Dear: Wrong Number, Ninnishtam Ennishtam, Thalavattam,
    Aram + Aram = Kinnaram, Boeing Boeing and
    Poochakkoru Mookkuthi ? Do you count these also in the list of his flops? LOL. FYI, Priyan has directed close to 30 movies on malayalam at least 20-22 of them were hits, which is close to 60-70% success. Or do you attribute it to the ignorance of malayalis who didnt know what good cinema was?
    My dear sir, nobody is justifying Priyan as I said above.

    And sir, I can take care of MY pockets. You better take care of YOUR wallet.

  23. The circumstances under which Sunil Shetty paid Mani C Kappan for Bhagam Bhag is well documented. It took a bit of coercion for the money to leave Mr.Shetty’s wallet.(

  24. @Vinu, you are absolutely right. Now as people are becoming more and more aware of Priyadarshan’s ‘creativity’ his crown as a ‘quack’ film maker is getting confirmed. When he was stealing films, we only had Doordarshan and most people did not see those original movies. Now with a proliferation of channels, we have a wider exposure.

    People who still watch Priyan with wonder eyes need to watch more world movies, but then no point in preaching to people who admire ‘lifters’.

  25. @Jibs – Poor unrespectable and unlucky people of 80’s and early 90’s who were subjected to the stolen movies from Priyan. What is the conenction between Doordarshan and Priyan movies. There was something called all along and its here people watched hollywood movies AND priyan movies. Its not as if they were “attapaadi” and didnt have any access to any english movies to know the difference between an original and an inspired movie. In fact In Trivandrum Sreekumar/Sreevisakh/New theatres had english movie releases on a weekly basis even in that times – ie 70’s, 80’s etc.

    People who watched priyan movies knew they were not original but they looked for entertainment . they got it and the testimonial to the fact that they enjoyed his movies is that his movies were HUGE hits ( @Jibs/Vinu – Why do you ignore THAT point in my post? You always carp on his (un)originality. You never mention about his HITS).

    “People who still watch Priyan with wonder eyes need to watch more world movies” – You dont need to watch Stanslowski or Fellini movies alone (forgive the spellings)to enjoy cinema. You can watch mallu movies movies also.

    Can you please also explain why these cable channels (who according to you exposed Priyan) show Priyan hits again and again? its these movies that bring in Ad Revenues because they are evergreen classics. A movie like Mithunam can bring in more moolah than an art movie

  26. ..there was something called THEATRES all along..

  27. A vast majority of Malayalees don’t live near Sreekumar/Sreevisakh/New theatres. Some of us only had a TV with one channel at that time.

  28. @anjali
    thank u for ur information., but what do u mean??
    u r not a blind “priyan hater”?? or somethng else..?

  29. anjali – i just mentioned the case of trivandrum. am sure there would have been english movie releasing centres in other districts as well during the 80’s. and people surely would had the opportunity to see them.

    What i just wanted to point out that implying that the people of 80’s were dumb and so they didnt know priyan movies were copies and so they made it a hit which i strongly disagreee.
    irrespective of whether they knew it or not, these movies would have become hits

    but again like jibs if you chose to be “respectable” by not watching his movies…..

  30. @Vinay,

    In case you havent noticed, I was talking about a steep decline in Priyan’s career, especially discernible in his last releases in Malayalam cinema. I am not talking abt the so-called hits that he might have had in his ‘inspired prime’, if you might call it that. There is nothing wrong in suggesting that they were hits, but it doesnt help much to speak of them, especially supreme crap like Hello My dear wrong number, Boeing boeing, and Akkare akkare akkare as if they are yardsticks in Comedy Movie history.

    Its not that we (allegedly myself and jibs) are ignoring your “very valid point” that Priyan had hits. Lets get this straight here. What we have been trying to say is that Priyan had hits, YES, but these HITS are straight lifts, and this Lifting is WRONG; as far as the man doesnt have the u-know-what to acknowledge that he has been ‘inspired’, he remains as plain a lifter as a petty thief.

    And this is very important. We are not here to discuss Priyan’s hits. if you are talking about hits, it shows that YOU ARE THE ONE whos wavering off topic. the topic, by the way is about ‘lifting’. I hope the point is clear.

    Apparently I dont think we can have a discussion on the quality of these movies either, since you talk of Mithunam as if its a flawless classic. You need to face it, that this film was a whiner at the box-office and that its no trend setter or even a trend holder by any chance. It was a boring movie that met with a deserving end.

    [quote]Can you please also explain why these cable channels (who according to you exposed Priyan) show Priyan hits again and again?[unquote]

    What sort of a question is that? These channels air movies like Saywar Thirumeni and Mayapponman ‘again and again’. I dont remember these films having run for more than a week. Are you trying to relate the hit status of these films with their channel runs? I guess it shud just be the oppsoite, since hit films arent randomly shown on TV. The ones repeatedly shown are the ones that come disguised as ‘blockbuster chalachitrams’, and you very well know to which category they belong.

    The wallet again, was an analogy. I am sorry and cant help it if you took it literally.

  31. vinay – i appreciate your post since its to the point and i will answer one by one

    1. hello my dear..and akkare akkare may not have been the best of priyan hits but Thenmavin Kombath,Advaitham , Kilukkam, Vandanam,Chithram, Mukunthetta Sumitra Vilikkunnu, Vellanakalude Naadu, Cheppu, , Ninnishtam Ennishtam, Thalavattam,Aram + Aram = Kinnaram, Boeing Boeing and Poochakkoru Mookkuthi ? were hits. you cant deny that. these were released in the 80’s and eary 90’s. some of these are inspired and nobody denies the fact. but these movies after customization to malayali audience offer unadulaterated comedy sans any double meanings and they have stood the test of time as people still nostalgically recall the comedy of those times (sathyan and srini were also there i admit) and bemoan the mimicry stuff being shown these days. Priyan undoubtedly is the king of comedies in malayalam, albeit slapstick. Then again talking of originality – advaitham, midhunam, vellanakalude naadu were not lifted. Proves that he can survive with original stuff also.

    2. where did i say mithunam is a flawless classic? it is a very good movie which portrayed the helplessness of a man sandwiched between his attemots to eke a living and his family problems. it was not a big hit but defintely it had a lot of comedy. the jagathy-innocent, innocent-lal scenes were hialrious

    3. about cable channels – if you read jibs comments he implies the people of 80’s were dumb as there was only doordarshan and no cable tv. but people then also knew what was good and what was bad. there were english movies released in kerala then too. now about sayvar thirumeni and mayaponman – asianet shows priyan hits like kilukkam, chitram, midhunam, advaitham etc umpteen times almost once every 2 months. comapred to that, the frequency of sayvar thirumeni and mayaponman is very less. The TRP ratings always shoot up when a hit movie is shown. the “blockbuster chalachitram” phrase is nonsense, i agree but in the case of priyan movies shown again and again it is because they were genuine hits and not pseudo hits.

    4. Its not that i didnt take the analogy. I had a point to prove.

  32. @Vinu,

    Saywar Thirumeni and Mayapponman shown ‘again and again’?? i have not seen these films more than once or twice in these channels.., but if u see other hindi movie zee cinema, star gold etc,(and all local cables across mumbai) u can see atleast one film of priyan on every 2 days.. , his films are family films. which every normal middleclass man in india likes. at least he is not going for item girls and showman heroes like evryother directors.but sticking onto good stories as the soul of a film.

    @jibs, looks like u have taken this comments as personal. Please dont do that. nobody here have problem with anybody. and moreover, we both have similar likes for meera jasmine..:)

  33. @akp – heye am another huge fan of meera. just back after watching Innathe Chinthavishayam..meera’s character is getting repetitive..the same old..poor girl with financial problems working in city falling in love.

    how do you guys compare meera to manju warrier? i feel meera is more talented than manju bcos shes more spontaneous than manju.

  34. hai vinay.., cheers. I couldnt see chitavishayam since i am out of kerala. But have seen some scenes in TV. tht scenes were good. as far as the character in the film.., we cannot question the sincerity of Sathyan anthikad. and he cant write roles for some heroines. He only can think of stories/messages/ideas and create the characters through he can convey the ideas. He is using the character to take us to another arena where something else which needs to conveyed is happening. So making the background of a character more “intense” drives the story more than a rich/no-probs role. May be it tests the actor or it may not. But Meera can be happy at the end of the day that she is part of a good movie.If she only wants to do roles which will win her an awrd.., no body can predict which one will bring tht and the wait may be longer which will push her out of the industry.

  35. and Manju v/s Meera.. I dont prefer comparisons of any kind. but even then I felt Meera is better ( sometimes over the top- which all other heroines are).Manju too was good but i have always seen her in some roles which most other heroines normally does. in tht generation of heroines she was the best.

  36. @AKP

    Priyan not going for item girls in his Bollywood films??? Gimme a break! Almost every Hindi film of his has the staple element of skimpily clad girls prancing around in mini skirts. I hope u have seen Garama Masala for instance, the infamous Boeing Boeing remake??! Since you were talking about merit, I just couldnt help commenting.

    And there needs to be a very imperative correction in one of your statements. Its not “sticking onto good stories”, but “sticking onto good stories that arent his own.”

    Again, you have deviated from the topic as well. We arent here to discuss the number of television runs a Priyan film has had, (I am sure they are huge favourites in the ‘Mumbai circuit’ as you claim) but rather on the ethics of ‘creative lifting’.

  37. I can’t believe Arabeem Ottakom P. Madhavan Nayarum is a remake of Nothing to Lose (1997) starring Martin Lawrence and Tim Robbins. Priyadarsha… ripping off people’s money by stealing some one’s else film with out even the legal rights to do it. You are the biggest bullshit “artist” in Indian cinema.

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