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Review roundup: De Ingottu Nokkiye


Then came the ‘intellectual films’ — which ended up alienating the audiences altogether. With all due respect to the late Mr Aravindan, who was one of the leading practitioners of ‘intellectual films’, let me tell you that I couldn’t digest a single one of the films he made.

I saw his film Esthappan recently on television, and thought it was a bad films. In fact, I would go further and say that these ‘intellectual films’ also contributed to the decline of our standards. [I love the films of Sixties and Seventies ]

That was Balachandra Menon speaking in 2001. Yesterday Aravindan sent this message to Menon, from heaven: fun is on you. Reviewers have trashed De Ingottu Nokkiye like anything. calls this movie a Mockumentary:

You need to hand it out to me for attempting to craft a story here. I would rather be frank, and confess that I was busy making notes all the while, frantically making an effort to connect the disjointed bits that lay all around. At the end of it all, here I was, with a messy scrap full of crisscrosses that made no sense whatsoever and looking suspiciously like an abandoned cobweb.

It doesn’t take long before you realize the implication of the film’s slightly bizarre title. Menon has quite a lot to tell, and he wants your attention right here. And hence De Ingottu Nokkiye. You look, and see a film that’s stranded half way between a fictional documentary and a factual feature film. Perhaps Menon would have had a Mockumentary in mind, but the essentials are sadly missing. He starts off with a visual commentary, and drags us into a story that we fail to make head or tail of, and keeps on pitching in the social critique bits. says:

Anyway, coming from a living legend (the film’s small print does say that this is ‘A Political Striptease by Balachandra Menon’), you are led to believe that the film is indeed a satire.However, nothing makes much sense after watching this Malayalam flick. This may be the most incomprehensible film made in the recent history of Malayalam cinema with no cohesive link connecting the events that unfold on the screen.

The scenes and plotlines are picked up from sources ranging from Kamal Haasan [Images] starrer Indran Chandran to the appearance of Gandhi in Munna Bhai.The only positive thing (if we are desperate to find one) may be that the protagonist of this excuse of a film is veteran comedian Jagathy Sreekumar, that too in two roles (not exactly a double role).


  1. The worst Malayalam movie I have seen. The only factor that prompted me to go with my friend who watches movies on the first day itself, was the name Balachandra Menon. But I felt that he had just forgotten everything about film making. He has made an ass of himself, he has fooled his actors and then the poor viewers and now I feel really sorry for the producer now.

  2. I had some hope with this movie.
    That too gone.
    God save Malayalam cinema.

  3. I feel sorry for the actress who is a new face. Her career is gone for sure. What ba waste of money, talent and time! I doubt if there was any screenplay at all. Maybe he made up these nonsense from the spot. The film looks like directed by the sort of foolish,good for nothing directors we see in some films. Pity them, who wrote, directed and who were misdirected towards watching this junk.

  4. “With a good script, a good director can produce a masterpiece. With the same script, a mediocre director can produce a passable film. ”

    There are many mediocre directors from Malayalam who
    have made decent films on the strength of a strong script.

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