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Kerala State Film Awards – 2007


Kerala State Film Awards for 2007 has been announced by a jury with Jahnu Barua as the chairman.

Category Winner
Best Film Adayalangal(Director – M.G.Sasi)
Best Director M.G.Sasi(Movie – Adayalangal)
Best Actor Mohanlal (Paradesi)
Best Actress Meera Jasmine(Ore Kadal)
Acting – Special Mention by Jury Jagathi Sreekumar(Paradesi, Veeralipattu,Arabikatha)
Best Actor(Runner Up) Murali(Veeralipattu,Pranayakalam)
Best Actress(Runner Up) Lakshmi Gopalaswami (Thaniye)
Best Film (Runner Up) Ore Kadal (Shyama Prasad)
Popular Movie Katha Parayumbol
Best Screenplay Sathyan Anthikad(Vinodayatra)
Best Story P.T.Kunjumohammed (Paradesi)
Best Song Writer Rafeek Ahmed(Pranayakalam)
Best Music Director M.Jayachandran(Nivedyam)
Best Male Singer Vijay Yesudas (Nivedyam)
Best Female Singer Swetha (Nivedyam)
Best Background score Ouseppachan (Ore Kadal)
Best Editing Vinod Sukumaran(Ore Kadal)
Best Cinematography M.J. Radhakrishnan (Adayalangal)
Best Debut Director Babu Thiruvalla (Thaniye)
Best Child Actor Jayasree Sivadas(Oridathoru Puzhayundu)
Best Art Direction Rajasekharan (Nalu Pennungal)
Best Dubbing artist Zeenath (for Swetha Menon in Paradesi)
Best Sound Recording T. Krishnanunni (Ottakkaiyyan)
Best Dance Direction Brinda (Vinodayatra)
Best Lab Prasad Film Lab (Adayalangal)
Best Makeup Artist Pattanam Rasheed (Paradesi)
Best Costume Design S.B. Satheesan (Nalu Pennungal)
Best Documentary Before the Brush Dropped(Director-Vinod Mankara)
Special Jury Mention T.G. Ravi(Adayalangal,Ottakkaiyyan)
Special Jury Mention Madhu Kaithapram(Director, Ekantham)
Best children’s film Kaliyorukkam(Director: S. Sunil )


  1. As is the fashion, let me see where I can disagree with the Jury.. 🙂 ok..

    1. Vinodayathra’s screenplay seemed to be the worst link of the movie. The basic theme and the story was much superior.

    2. Dance direction for Vinodayathra again.. The group dance was too old-fashioned and weary. “Mandara poo mooli” etc were notable for the camera work and not for dance direction. I haven’t seen many malayalam movies (and the possibly technically good dances in them)last year, but I feel even the dance direction for movies like Chocolate, Hello, Chota Mumbai, Pranayakalam, etc were much better.

    This time the controversy should be less (other than, may be for best actor: I personally think Nedumudi and Mammootty deserved it better this time; in that order. Lal’s role in Paradesi was more based on the feel of the character rather than its emoting and hence lesser scope for performance). Anyway, if you take out Vinodayathra, Arabhikatha and to a lesser extent, Ore Kadal, I bet not even 1% of malayalees have watched the remaining movies in the list, taken as a whole. So, who is there to comment with authority?

    Among other things…vc,

    Typo in Jagathi’s name in Acting – Special Mention by Jury

  2. Though I liked Rastahntram & Vinodaythra (just because of Meera Jasmine :))
    the screenplay did’nt deserved an award..ore kadal..arabikatha etc was much better!

    but acccording to jury the said that..they selected vinodaythra the only movie that can happen in real s so realistic!
    i dont knw much about that..that was the only bad! actor -murali!!
    his acting wasnt great at all..and is that an award for runnerup or supporting actor?
    it is so confusing…it must be runner up..then murali no way!!
    mammooty could have got tht..

    nd vbest actor..though being a mohanlal fan..i strongly belive tht mammooty ahould have got that award! his acting in paredshi was not that gr8, it was not his best..

    best actress – meera jasmine ! no objection (i’m a meera jasmine fan :)]

    and lakshmi gopalaswamy..she was a real threat to meera jasmine..though meera performed really well..lakshmi was also equally brillant in taniya..i jus really loved .. and in 1 point i even thght she might win the best actress award! {great job girl]

    swtha desreved an award but surely not for kolazukal..but for yamauna verude!

    and vijay yesuday..honestly i jus felt that how can a gaana gandharvan’s son can sing tht poorly..
    in the last vanitha award..he sang thirike..i just felt pity on him!…(compared to yesudas)not to younger generation..anyway as yesudas said..may the younsters get more award 🙂

    and music director..mi choice ore kadal

    its purely my opinion .:)

  3. Sweta should have been awarded for her “yamuna veruthe”. It was a marvelous performance. And for male songs there were good songs than vijay yesudas’ performance. Re the screenplay award, satyan anthikkadu scripts were old fashioned and somewhat predictable. Satyan took pen for his survival since Sreenivasan and even Ranjan pramod broke his company. In otherwords he could not get their co-operation. So he made his debut in rasathanthram and the film somehow won. In vinodayathra he improved a lot as a screenplay writer when compared to rasathanthram. But his field is direction. Now I hear he is shoving away scriptwriters and storywriters thereby reserving everything with him as if he wants a square meal. It is ok but he has to deliver.

  4. i think people should give a break to vijay yesudas.The poor guy is compared so much to his father.No one can be compared to the great yesudas,but vijay is doing extremely well for himself in tamil,telegu and kannada.All his tamil songs from bills bheema r huge hits.
    I dont feel sorry as he is compared to the greatest ,that itself is a big thing.
    he waited for 8 yrs to get this award.He surely deserves it,its about time.

  5. Mohan Lal’s movie, Pardesi, was made just to get an award. Infact Sreenivasan did a better job last year than “Fatty” Lal. There is absolutely no competition for Meera as of now, with good actress like Kavya doing good-for-nothing roles. Kavya needs better choice of movies and a good dress designer…

  6. In acting, there is no comparison between Mohanlal and Srinivasan. Srinivasan is a man with limited expressions and range, but to compare him with Mohanlal who has such great range is displaying basic ignorance.

  7. Jibs betta ! I am not comparing fatty lal with Srinivasan – all I am trying to say is LAST YEAR the laters performance was MORE worth mentioning than the former. Your fatty LAL is very insecure with lists of flops this year – where did all his wonderful choice of movies go – he was basically trying to compete with younger gens which mamooty doesn’t …. Creepy … right ??

  8. Latter’s “performance”? in what movie did he perform? I saw both Arabikatha and Katha Parayumbol and did not see any “performance”. Srinivasan did his usual stuff (standard constipated face) and even Salim Kumar had better performances than that. Pardon me, I find it hard to consider Srinivasan as a great actor. Just one performance in Paradesi is enough to equal all 25 years of Srinivasan’s acting. Oh BTW, I saw this movie called Anchil Oral Arjunan, great “performance” by Srinivasan in that.

    Lal is insecure? Why? because most of the movies flopped? If that leads to insecurity, he would have quit the business long time back, wouldn’t he?

    Mammotty doesn’t compete with youngsters? Have you see a movie called Mayavi?

  9. I think Meera Jasmine might get a national award for her Perfomance in Ore Kadal .:)

  10. Geetu mohandas could hav gotten the award for best actress for nallu penugal and thakarachenda. But, meera jasmine winning the best actress was predictable, although she deserved it though.

    The best movie was a suprise, but good choice since it won’t be too predictable if ore kadal and paradesi won. Ore kadal has alredy gottn rave reviews in festivals, so no loss there.

    Mohanlal deservd the award for best actor out of mammootty and sreenivasan. Mammooty has alrdy gotten awards in asianet,amrita t.v for his performances, and i think he will get filmfare south best actor award this year too.

    I thought the best screenplay award shud have gone to arabikatha.

    Overall, well deserved winners in all categories.

  11. I agree on what NU and Brett say.

  12. @vinod V

    this years award is far better than last year.So screenplay award to vy is gud compared to screenplay award to keerthichakra.:-).just kidding.Yup,it would have been gud if it went to some other film.Regarding best actor,i dont know as i have not sen ore kadal.Lals performance in partadesi was damn gud.In three ages,his performance was very good in recent years(film is like a drama :-)).what about ‘naalu pennungal’ and ‘akashagopuram’?answer can be politics.janapreethi aand kalamulyam.katha parayumbol got the award ,i think,becoz of that ‘katha’ in the name of film.

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